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[Test Server] The meta is shifting. But is it for the better or worst?

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I now seeing a pattern on how Moonton is reworking heroes. All of these has to do with pushing this "snowballing" meta.

1) Diggie and Kaja were reworked with massive early game pressure.

2) Moonton reworked Valir's overall unity. But for most of the part, to advance his early game.

3) Pharsa rework now has stronger early game in exchange for a weaker late game.

4) Bruno rework scaling is like that of Claude. While keeping his absurd late game.

5) Belerick rework has the same wave clear potential as Grock, massive early damage, and sustainable weaker late game.

These aren't even including the many possible hero adjustments. Some like Cyclops and Vale had their base damage buff.

I know its necessary, and I commend Moonton for adjusting late game heroes who are struggling. But really, heroes like Pharsa and Belerick lost their former identity to suit the meta. We may even see a "early game" Layla and Aldous soon. I absolutely don't want a change in Layla's specialty. At this rate, they will be no late game heroes existing. More and more heroes are losing their identity/speciality because of higher early game demand. You see what happened to Valir? I know the old one was bland, but he was unique. The newer one? Just another poke mage. You know what happened to Pharsa? Yep! She's a Aurora 2.0.

The game is already bland with the low amount of valuable, diverse choices. Why add more heat to fire?

I'm all in for any changes. But as of recent, something just feel very off.

Pretty soon. Games will be ending in 5-6mins maximum, nuff said.
Post time 2019-11-3 03:07 PM | Show all posts
You do have a point there. To be honest i don't like to finish my match in 5 minutes xd i don't get to farm..reach full build or any objectives. A 5 minute game is not enjoyable to anyone..Except for those who push ranked. Valir is not that suitable now to be honest...people have learned how to counter him..But you're right there..he is now just a poking mage xd To be honest i liked his old ultimate better. I don't know what to say about the others..they just needed some freshness i guess. These changes don't bother me. People did the same back in the days when devs changed names of heroes and their skills xd It's possibile to see some touch to Layla and Zilong as there were so many suggestions about it.
I do agree with you on the identity issue. I believe heroes can be reworked without changing their uniqueness...
Post time 2019-11-3 05:50 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2019-11-3 05:53 PM

Yep....people still don't realize that reworked Pharsa is just Eudora, Aurora with different skin and skill effect.
And Moonton don't realize they just killed the only tank killer killer (Belerick) in ML. Belerick now is just like other tank, with different skin and different skills. Just a breed of Hanzo and Hanabi.
Post time 2019-11-3 05:53 PM | Show all posts
I do hope that late game & early game heroes are balanced. Not a fan of early game meta...
Well Ling is a late game hero...
Post time 2019-11-4 01:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Well, that's exactly the same reason why Gusion, Esmeralda, Harith, Granger(if aimed correctly) is always a must pick if available, it's because they can snowball easily with just a few kills.

while heroes like let's say, Hayabusa, or Moskov, hell even Martis which is known as the early game king in earlier season is kinda pointless to use right now because he can't really snowball, while he can get kills, that is all he can do, and i think that is balanced.

unlike an Esmeralda who grow stronger even by just 1 kill in early game, late game with snowballing she basically become CJ from Gta San Andreas with invincibility cheats.

But if it's the meta they wanted, then it's the meta we will get.
Post time 2019-11-4 03:46 PM | Show all posts
I only complain about pharsa, sun and old belerick rework. If you look closely, new belerick has same old passive but his ultimate now has massive cc and damage. as a belerick main user, i am too much excited to see this new belerick and cant wait to play him.
Post time 2019-11-5 09:45 AM | Show all posts
this game is already weird typing i guess.
if they reworked tank why they always buff the damage? why didn't make them more sustainable? like srsly? they're tank. they're not supposed to be high damage champion.
and even assassin have aoe damage here. weird.
same with mage and support. brust type shouldnt have any CC compability. vice versa. that's why we must have 5 heroes in a team. to complete each other. but now i think some heroes have anything to carryu the game. look xborg. he has almost everything. CC, high damage, sustainability, build in purify, dps output, brust output, escape skill. he's just more illogical than Gen 1 harith.


Very well said!  Post time 2019-11-6 09:53 PM
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