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[Service] Punishment on Misbehaving Player and Matching Systems

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Edited by brontokbro at 2019-11-19 07:11 PM

Punishment on misbehaved player need to be more severe as this kinds of player spoils the game and make the game unenjoyable. This can harm the game in the long run where most good players will leave the game because of these toxic people. My suggestions is the punishment for players that has lower than 90 or 80 credits to be matched with players with the same group of credits score.. This will make their Matching time increased that can make the punishment more punishing. This also make player with good behaviour that is good for Mobile Legends overall feel mobile legends is the better game as good people will always matched with good teammates and people will feel that the community of Mobile Legends are good people. There is no need to keep the toxic players stay playing the game eventhough they are a paying users because Moonton will be at lost in a larger perspective and in the long run.

EDIT: Also I stumbled upon many posts saying report system is not very effective as many players just spam reports out of saltiness after losing a match. The simple solution to this is limit every player with 5 Reports per week and reset every week along with BP limit resets.. (Also other suggestion if this is implemented. The Credit Score page should be more useful. Include amount of succesful reports count and BP limit gauge. Currently credit score page is just a waste of page just to inform about credit score make it more efficient.) Also every succesful reports will cause thep layer to get back their report bullet. Meaning if the player reports correctly they have unlimited amount of reports. This surely will reduce the amount of false reports EASY GAME GGWP..

Post time 2019-11-19 08:14 PM | Show all posts
i suggested not able to play rank matchmaking without 110 credits. only pure non toxic and non reported player will be played against each other. This is also a good suggestion.
Post time 2019-11-19 06:54 PM | Show all posts
Just ban these toxic players. I don't want them to even be able to login their account.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-19 07:05 PM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-11-19 06:54 PM
Just ban these toxic players. I don't want them to even be able to login their account.

Yea.. If only that could happen... But at least we hope Moonton implement what is possible and the best solution.
Post time 2019-11-20 06:25 AM | Show all posts
The problem is moonton doesn't want anyone to quit, toxic players buy diamonds too.  I've been sticking to my no diamonds protest for 2 months now, I don't think moonton noticed to be honest haha but I feel better about myself
Post time 2019-11-20 10:36 AM | Show all posts
is actually going to work with the score system if moonton willing to adapt it. just like BD said, only 110 scores players are able to play on Rank mode. anything lower means you been doing something wrong and must play classic or brawl mode in order to gain back the score to 110.

sometimes it really hurts when you are fighting for star to climb and some how meet with toxic or AFK players in the mid game.

last week i was so hard climb to Legend I 5 stars, just one more game to mythic, and you know what happen ??? that game on my team have one AFK players in the mid and end up we lose the game. start from that i was so angry and keep losing. zzzzzzzz

 Author| Post time 2019-11-21 07:06 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-11-19 08:14 PM
i suggested not able to play rank matchmaking without 110 credits. only pure non toxic and non repor ...

If only 110 Credit only can play rank, it will make classic the worst place it can be, as many salty players who are mad they cant push ranks are there... and this will kill the game even faster than the old system. maybe only 95 and above assuming the current credit increment and penalty system stays as it is. We have to consider players who missed to accept match also can reduce credit score, and these players are not toxic most probably.
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