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[Hero Techniques] Layla guide by Gunslinger** ( updated x3)

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Edited by Gunslinger03 at 2019-11-26 11:27 PM

Whats new?
- My third equipment setup is critically modified again.

Welcome, today im in a good mood and im willing to share how i play Layla. Well, to be honest Layla today is no more a good marksman to use and play in this meta just because of extremely low mobility to avoid enemy burst plus very slow farm speed. However we will make some adjustments with the emblem and unique item build setup, here we go.

Im 4000+ matches with 54.6% win rate, indeed due to variation in personality, all my content may not fit for all, anyway here are my build and emblem setup.
Screenshot_20191126-201251.png Screenshot_20191122-001013.png Screenshot_20191124-210951.png

First lets talk about the three equipment setups ie. Glass cannon, Jungle set and Durability set.

1. Glass Cannon - This is the most destructive build for Layla, if completed, base damage reaches 721 and ulti damage reaches 1881 and a boost from her passive skill ie. 130% we get 4326.3 ulti damage. Further more from the passive boost from bod ie. 25%, damage is boosted to 4796.55 if used on enemy hero whos health is below 50%. Thus, 99% ulti kill gurantee if enemy hero hp drop below 50%. If enemy hp drop below 50% they will never have 4000 hp, so finish them with a surprise torch beam. Purify, aegis or flicker spell is compulsory for this build.

A note for those who wish to use inspire with my glass cannon build

Inspire combined with glass cannon build is like a nuclear bomb, but this nuclear bomb will detonate before it reaches the ground if it get hit by anything in mid air. This nuclear bomb takes some time to reach the ground thus, needed to be protected. I hope you got my example. In late game just one normal critical hit exceed 2000 damage, yes 2000+ critical damage. Wow isnt it? With inspire spell this build can easily wipe the whole enemy team.

Extra information - ok, so in order to kill an enemy whose hp drop below 50% with just one ulti shot do we need the full item build? Well the answer is NOPE!!! Just the "bod" and "malefic roar" is just enough to vaporise most of the hero with -50% hp if you manage to build both without dying or before the mid game. You also need to utilise the full passive skill ie. 130%.

The first skill ie. Malefic bomb damage reaches 6607.52 with critical hit and all passive boost.

As you see its very destructive, but it comes with a heavy price. This is a real glass cannon build and you need someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for you the entire game but its almost impossible to complete this build. But if you manage to complete it well congratulations seriously. You can deal 10,000+ damage just with the first skill and ulti. High chance to turn the game around.

Notice - the calculation are done without any damage reduction from armour as i didn't get any information about it. But dont worry it has malefic roar. Plz use the damage up from your marksman emblem instead of critical up for this build.

2. Jungle set (most useless) - This is the most useless build for Layla because in Layla's case she dont get any advantage by having her lvl more than her enemy eg. If layla lvl is 10, any enemy hero whos lvl is 9 or 8 can still easily kill her, so useless isnt it?

3. Durability Set (my favourite) - This is the most balanced and also the most powerful build for Layla, this build can fit in almost all conditions without much visible weakness. I even call this build as the fearless build. With this build no one can kill you easily if Queen's wing is completed. It has lower damage compared to Glass cannon build but with this build you can't be killed with one combo thus, Gives you more chance to win almost all fights. Purify spell or inspire is compulsory in this build.

This build also prevents your opponent to obtain proper life steal thus, they will die soon if they fight you. If you use this build you dont need to fear any type of assassin.

If you wish to use my Durability Set, you need to use the atk speed setup in your marksman emblem because in this build you are not gona carry any critical hit items.

Now lets talk about the emblem and battle spell. Well, marksman emblem is always the best emblem for Layla and i prefer purify spell, purify because she mostly die from cc heros ( no joke ) moreover this spell gives you more chance to win over cc heros eg.

Other information - As you see there are no "Boots" in my build and it has a heavy reason. Ive replaced the boot with one defence or atk gear. Indeed boots makes us move and lane faster but i play Layla differently. I let her move slow but i make sure she breaks every wall that blocks her way, i hope you got what i mean. Ok, let me make it more clear, if we play costom match 1vs1, Layla 1 vs Layla 2 and if Layla 1 is carrying bod and malefic roar as first two item, will she lose to Layla 2 who is carrying a rapid boot and bod?

Special survival tips - Never push tower if enemies are missing. Never defend the tower if your alone against more than one enemy pusher, if you continue to defend in this condition you will just die at the feet of your own tower. Use your ulti to kill the coming creeps against two or more enemy pushers, if the creeps are killed they won't tower dive.

Plz be regular in visiting this guide, i will keep on modifying according to the current META.

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Thank you for sharing this guide, I still cant belive that someone has 4k+ matches with Layla :O
Also if you are i terested you could take part in our Forum Guide Contest
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Good work with Layla, it must’ve required you a very good tank to defend you. I could hardly imagine a marksman without Swift Boots. The reason why I say that is because you must’ve had a tank to protect you very well since you didn’t require boot as a part of your build. In pre-game, I use swift-boots typically because it helps with Layla’s attack speed. Purify may help, I’m not really sure how that would help you when there are just too many CC heroes on opponent team. For instance, you encounter Selena, Kaja, and Franco. They’d try to ambush you, which is pretty hard to get away from them without flicker. I’d personally use flicker first and then have my tank (Tigreal and Minotaur is more preferred in this scenario) to use their ultimate, and so I can stand behind the tank and fight back.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-22 11:03 PM | Show all posts
Wow views are just increasing, ive never expected. Anyway guys if you see any error or needed some modifications plz let me know. Bdw i think my content reached the maximum number of characters and i cannot add more info.
Post time 2019-11-23 02:07 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing such awesome build. You played more than 4k matches with layla. No doubt you are layla master. I like the glass canon build although 3rd one is more balanced.
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