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[Hero Techniques] Masha guide

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Masha, thecheetah

She is nota bear, not strong or slow. She is from the cheetah tribe, you don’t need rapidboots with her, no one will ever catch you because of your first skill (noteven Fanny), the boost speed. Its better to get the swift boots for a little extra speed.

But letsstart from the beginning, the draft pick, because you shouldn’t  choose Masha just like that. She is the mostunique hero so far, she has a new role. She is not a fighter, not assassin andnot support. She basically is not in the game. For the enemy it feels like theyare winning the 5 vs 4 teamfights but somehow they have less towers than theother team. Masha is a jungler or a pusher, that’s why your only emblem can be JUNGLE with the extra damage on turretsand lord.

Masha canonly shine if your team has a strong team fight heros, lets say Leomord, Chang,Granger, Khufra. These four are scary because of their range and power. Theywill not die if you don’t join the teamfight. Don’t expect them to win either.If one of your teammates gets a kill, the enemy is basically giving you atower. But that only happens when your enemy is weak, in this guide I want totalk about 2 normal experienced teams.

-Don´t pickMasha if you have a support, it would basically be 3 vs 5.

-Don’t pickMasha if you have an assassin, UNLESS you trust this player. Rule number onefor Masha, like in the ancient Asian martial arts is “One punch, one victory”,but for Masha it translates to “One kill, one tower” (when your team gets akill, you MUST get a tower). For this to work, you need ARRIVAL, no other spells are needed.

-PickingMasha depends on your team, not on the enemy pick because NOBODY cant counterMasha.

So, you gotMasha in the draft because you had a steady team, jungle emblem, arrival spell.As soon as the game starts your first item is the wooden mask. You need this roaming item because you want yourteammates to handle the teamfights without you, so help them mid with the firstwave, help them with the left buff (because its harder to get than the right one),ignore the minions top, give your carrier the jungle monster and the crab. Thenarrive mid or bottom, depending where you are needed. So far, your carrier hasmore money than the enemy carrier, or the same, but there is no way the enemycarrier can have more money than yours. Now the game really starts, this is thefun part.

Masha doesn’tneed to go back to base NEVER, because of her auto healing skill. You don’t needto use your regen green botton, NEVER, if you do it you would just be wastingtime. Masha is always in a hurry, its really stressing to play. Maybe youshould go for someone slow and tankier like Minotaur or Uranus. Only adrenalineaddicts pick Masha.

Early gameyou cant really steal enemy jungle, don’t try it; its too risky. Focus onhelping your carrier with buffs, clearing minion waves and using arrival spellto defend your towers or to destroy enemy towers. I call this “towering”. Sheis the only hero who can destroy a tower in the very first minion wave, but youneed a teammate to help you, and only if you two are fighting one. This happensa lot, many players go straight for the buff, they don’t clear the first minionwave, so if you notice this, HURRY! Get that tower in the first minion wave. Whenyou are “towering” (attacking the tower with your mininons), you need todestroy it, even if you die. This is rule number two. Doesn’t matter if youdie, doesn’t matter if you have 0% hero damage, your yellow line will be full(I usually do between 60% and 100% of the towers, but because of my low herodamage and no assists, I always get the lowest score in my team).

When youare towering, unless there is a teamfight somewhere else, chances are enemiesare coming in any second, probably just killing the closest monster. You onlyhave about 3 seconds to attack the tower, but that’s all you need. When you aretowering, don’t push, just destroy that one and run as fast as you can becauseyou are getting killed for sure. Towering is like soul-poking the enemy.

So youbought the wooden mask, then swift boots and your first item should be windtalker or corrosion scythe. I prefer the first because I prioritize movementspeed and attack speed, but its up to you. The second item is Demon hunter sword and the last item isBlade of despair. There is nodefense in this set because you auto heal with your skill, and when you arefighting you just need demon hunter to punch hard and lifesteal. The last twoitems are not needed. Maybe immortality toplay more aggressively, or Berserkersfury to hit harder. If the enemy has strong mages, get one or even twomagic defense items.

You arealways in a hurry, but patient. You cant really get towers or steal junglebefore mid game. You need at least windtalker and demon hunter sword to feelconfortable when towering. Before this two items you need your team to get akill or the enemy to push one of your lanes. Patience is the most importantthing with Masha. You are always watching the minimap while running, and you areready to use your arrival as soon as the enemy gives you the chance.

Turtle andLord? Sure, why not, go for it. But be aware you can get these in 3 seconds,like the towers. You need to have one kill in your team, or enemies distracteddefending the three lanes you pushed so far. I would recommend get more towersinstead of going for lord.

Stealingjungle is fun, but you choose to get a tower instead of an enemy buff. Ifpossible, give the enemy buff to nearby teammates. YOU DON’T NEED THE MONEY ORTHE EXPERIENCE.

Many of myMasha games ended with the enemy surrender, it was so annoying and impossibleto win, even when they had more kills. I had only seen this with greatassassins like Fanny or Gussion, who have more than 10 kills at minute 6:00. Itgives the enemy the same feeling, but with towers, not kills.

You must readcarefully and understand the 3 different Mashas, because she changes in each ofher 3 bars. Basically when you are full, you are slow and weak. When you losethe third bar, you get an attack speed buff, and when you only have one bar youget a lifesteal buff. This means DON’T HAVE 3 bars, unless you are defending atower. You should always have 2 bars or 1, this is when you can get the towersin just 3 seconds.

That’s itfor Masha. If you want to play her as an assassin with execute spell, youshould pick helcurt or Karina, they are better are getting kills. The only wayshe can skill execute an enemy is with low health, but why would anyone dothat? If you pick karina, your ultimate is available after each kill. Helcurtcan silence the enemy and kill easily with 5 stacks. Play Gussion! He is thebest and strongest assassin. Assassin Masha is a waste, she is not as strong asothers.

The otherway of killing is when you face a fighter or a tank, but you need to be 1 vs 1because there is no way you can fight 2. And even then, you are not as strongas they are so you will lose for sure, unless you are at least 2 levels aheadof them. For this to work, you need to gank and attack first. You are in thebushes and you engage with your second skill, after that just punch them todeath. This only works with mages and marksmen, don’t try to gank figthers ortanks because they can easily escape and you are just wasting time.

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After this masha guide, many will become pro masha for sure. And we might see suggestion about nerfing masha lol. joking apart, very good guide with in depth introduction of the role of masha. Thanks for your guide.
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thnaks for sharing
Post time 2019-12-6 02:47 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide, I'm maining Masha now.
 Author| Post time 2019-12-13 12:41 PM | Show all posts
MakiNish replied at 2019-12-6 02:47 PM
Nice guide, I'm maining Masha now.

I love her too, but as you read here, you cant be main masha unless you play with Friends. And even when you are with Friends, the enemy migth have too much mobility, so other options would be better. I recommend helcurt, cause he is fast as well. Terizla is the fastest at clearing minions (but low tower damage). Zilong?? Maybe even a second marksman.
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