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[Hero Techniques] Yun's Guide to Granger (Part 2)

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Edited by Yunozaki at 2019-12-7 02:58 PM

Welcome to the second segment of Granger's guide, in this guide I will be showing you guys the spells, emblems and a list of equipment that I've used and tried.
I also have a challenge section for myself where I've tried building a certain combo of items, and hopefully, you guys can try it out!

So let's start with the huge list of spells.

My top three spells that I've used so far are: Retribution, Purify and Flicker

The explanation here is simple:

1. Retribution allows me to get a better hold of my farming speed. It also correlates well with Rapture Machete.

2. Flicker enables me to get a grip on my range, I'll use it IF the enemies are the type to approach close.

3. Purify works in many situations, but I mainly use it when enemies are full of CCs.

Challenge: Now, I haven't tried unusual spells such as Flameshot and Arrival.

However, I have a theory on this one in particular.

Flameshot may be able to deal an extra after using Rhapsody (S1). Or as guarantee aiming mechanism.

Arrival is helpful for quick transportation to open turrets and team fights. In addition to that, his ult can be prove useful in this situation.


I will not be extending this part of the guide too much, but I'll share as much emblem builds as I've made.

So there are three possible emblems that Granger uses: Assassin, Marksman and Fighter

Starting from the most used emblem, Assassin.

Assassin emblem focuses more on dealing damage and gaining kills. Which is a very strong point for heroes such as Granger as he doesn't need attack speed to be lethal, only damage as well as good sustainability.


For Assassin emblem, I'm more focused on giving Granger movement speed bonus and physical penetration. Most of the time I took Bounty Hunter as a talent because based on my skill, I'm confident enough to get as many kills as I can during the mid and late phase. However, if the enemy drafts are tough targets to kill, I'll immediately change to another talent. High and Dry helps me deal better to any lone targets, and that makes things easier when it comes to planned ganking. Killing Spree was meant to used as a speed booster after gaining a kill, mix well with speed based builds.

So how about Marksman?

Due to the emblem not providing any movement speed bonus, I had to prioritize my survivability over Damage. I have two different emblem builds and I only use them for fun (Damage dealing). Or for the sake of dealing a ridiculous amount of damage to a team of tanks. Though it may sound convincing, I only use Assassin emblem in ranked matches.

Marksman (1).JPG Marksman (2).JPG

Starting from the Weapon Master talent, I took full levels on Crit Chance as well as Crit Damage. This gives Granger a huge damage buff if farmed well, at the cost of his movement speed of course. This has correlated well with surprising burst damage such as Heptaseas and 6th Bullet. However, you are at the highest risk of getting outrun by speedy enemies. This can be countered, however, if you use items such as Hunter Strike and EB in one set.

As for Electro Flash talent. I put all my points on critical damage bonus and physical attack. This enables me to run away better every time I hit an enemy as well as getting a consistent amount of heals based on a percentage of my physical attack. This works perfectly with huge damage items and you can even use this to better your distance by simply attacking your enemy once. Timing is important, as you may have to use movement speed and dash one by one otherwise you wasted your running potential by gaining movement speed but dash at the same time.

Challenge: As I've said, there are builds that I haven't tried out. And that emblem build would be Fighter emblem.

Fighter (Festival of Blood).JPG

This is the one talent that I've thought it could prove useful for Granger.

The Festival of Blood increases Spell Vampas you gain more kills throughout the whole match. That means it will benefit both of your damaging skills. This one, however, will be reliant on how you're going to life steal your way to victory. One thing I can think of improving this Emblem build is based on your Granger's playstyle.

My solution: Use CDR.

This emblem doesn't provide any CDR, but your items surely do. If built correctly, you're most likely don't need critical items to be lethal. But you will be agile thanks to how fast your items are cooling down. Items such as CDR Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Endless Battle and Hunter's Strike will surely maximise your life steal output. The remaining two items will all be based on your intuition.

Item Builds (IB for short)

List Build.JPG

I'll be naming the builds from the top row using my own code. Starting from the top you have IB No.1 to the most bottom, IB No.2 Anti Tank Mine.

IB No. 1

This is my regular build in most of the matches. I'll use it only when my team is dominating the whole match and it ends during the end of the mid-game phase. This is commonly used by a lot of players and it has proven to be very effective in terms of dealing damage. However, it has a certain drawback against an enemy team containing more than one tank.

IB No.2 The Cannon

This is my newly created build that was meant to exceed more than 3k damage. (3.3k if Weapon Master Emblem is used). This gambling build will all be based on your luck. Because Blade of Heptaseas has a cooldown of only a few seconds, by the time it's ready you've already reloaded a new set of bullets. This item deals a ridiculous amount of damage onto one target and it has proven useful against squishy enemies. As I've mentioned this is a gambling bullet. The first bullet shot will be your temporary 6th bullet (With <30% chance of crit). I'll only use this build either for fun or if I have to kill a very dangerous target.

IB No.3

This a slightly defensive build. Only use it when my enemies are getting slightly stronger during the late game. It's possible for you to sell it and replace it with Immortality, but if you were to sell your other items. The damage will be lost and you'll have to deal with them slower than ever.

I'll only use it when the game extends far too long.

IB No.4

This is a build meant for speedy situations, it correlates well with Killing Spree talent and has consistent CDR as well as movement speed bonus. It is by far the only build that has the most CDR in my list (30% CDR) and provides the most movement speed bonus in battle thanks to Hunter Strike. While it may have lacked some defensive traits, you can still improve this along the way by selling one item and change to another.

IB No.5 Anti Tank Mine

This is the one build I've tried that was designed to kill any tanks with the help of pure true damage and physical penetration. I'll only use this when my enemies contain one more tank and those tanks are ridiculously strong in comparison to others. This particular build relies solely on your Basic Attacks instead of your skills. Meaning your usage of both S1 and S3 will be optional because they won't be able to deal as much as you hit. One challenge in this build is the fact that this build can only be used on a single target situation. Since there are two tanks and three other heroes, it's best to consider which one you should prioritize in killing first.

Note: These aren't compulsory builds, you have your own right to build your own. Whether or not your build works is based on your intuition and how you're using those builds. I have mixed these builds countless times and will continue doing it until I'm done with this hero.

And that's the completion of my Granger's build. I was planning a Part 3 where I will explain how to synergize Granger with other heroes and other teams as well as how to play WITH a Granger. But sadly, players now are still far from getting into the level of acceptance so in the meantime I'll put this part 3 within a draft.

Have fun.

If you haven't read the first part of the guide, click here!
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i also think of using this. But one thing for sure, he will loose some movement speed. Now i want to know your feedback on using fighter emblem. thanks for the guide.
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