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Is a specialty given to heroes that deal continuous damage, which can kill enemies rapidly and precisely.
It’s mostly Marksmen who have this specialty as they can deal constant damage especially in the team fights.
Other hero roles have Reap as their specialty like Mages such as Kagura and Chang’e.

Regen heroes are the healers of the game, some heroes who have Regen Specialties tend to Regen your and yours teammates health, and some heal only themselves to survive or to become more tankier. Regen Heroes are mostly Tank, Support and Fighters.
Tanks due to their High-HP regain, Supports can heal allies around them and Fighter with high Spell vamp or Life steal.


(Commonly shortened to CC) Slow, Stuns, Knockup, other Displacement abilities - everything that prevents you from moving normally. The more of those abilities a hero has, the more CC he offers. CC Heroes are mostly Tanks, Fighters, Mages and Supports.


  • All of Tigreal, Franco and Gatotkaca's skills have CC ability.
  • Balmond and Hilda are the only Fighter/Tank Hybrid Class heroes, and some of the few heroes that can heal themselves (but not their allies) with their passive and skills.
  • Bixi/Baxia is a tank that his passive can anti heal enemy heroes.
  • Esmeralda can have a full shield hp.


  • Alucard and Ruby are the only fighters with large lifestealing abilities (not given by equipment or emblems)
  • Balmond, Hilda, and Masha are the only Fighter/Tank Hybrid Class heroes in the game. Additionally, they are some of the few heroes that can heal themselves with their skills without specific equipment, along with Alpha and Dyrroth (through 3rd basic attack).
  • Jawhead is only the hero can throw any hero (allied and enemy alike), monster or minion (excluding Turtle and Lord).
  • Roger is the only Marksman/Fighter Hybrid Class hero, meaning he can play both defensively and offensively.
  • Sun is the only hero who can summon clones of himself.
  • Bane is the only fighter, as well as the only hero in general, whose ultimate skill can damage a defensive turret.
  • Freya and Lapu Lapu are the only heroes that switch to a different weapon when using their ultimate.
  • This should not be confused with Roger and Selena, which entirely switch form.
  • Leomord is the only hero who can change his mode of moving by executing his first ultimate skill. He is also the only hero to have different abilities for him and his steed.
  • Guinevere is the only Fighter/Mage Hybrid Class hero in the game.
  • Masha has three health bars.


  • Karina, Selena, and Gusion are the only Mage/Assassin Hybrid heroes in the game.
  • Natalia and Lancelot are the only assassins whose first skill can be cast again if it hits an enemy.
  • Lesley is the only Marksman/Assassin Hybrid, which gives her a deadly advantage due to her longer range than regular Assassins.
  • Zilong, Alucard, and Lapu-Lapu are the only Fighter/Assassins in the game. This gives them more survivability than other Assassins, but more damage than Fighters.
  • Fanny is the hardest hero to handle because of the complexity of her skills, with 100% difficulty rating, but is also considered one of the strongest heroes. She is also the most agile hero in the game.
  • Natalia and Helcurt are the only assassins who can silence enemies.


  • Mages have the most number of heroes, with 25 heroes of 6 categories (namely Mages, Mage/Assassins, Mage/Tank, Mage/Support, and the only Fighter/Mage and Marksman/Mage).
  • Karina, Selena, and Gusion are the only Mage/Assassin Hybrid heroes in the game. They are also the only melee mages in the game including Guinevere,a Fighter/Mage hero.

    • Selena is also the only one who can transform in early game and change her mode of attacking.

  • Zhask and Lunox are the only heroes with more than 3 abilities in a singular form.
  • Cyclops' Saber Squad skin and Gord's Legendary skin are the only mechanical mage heroes in the game.
  • Kimmy is the only Marksman/Mage Hybrid in the game while Guinevere is the only Fighter/Mage.
  • Pharsa was temporarily banned from Brawl games because she gave an unfair advantage to her team with her ultimate skill. Now, her ultimate skill's CD is increased from 8 to 30 seconds for that specific game mode only.

    • Because of this, she's the only hero to have ever been banned from an official game mode and the only hero with a skill modified exclusively for a single game mode.


  • Roger (Fighter/Marksman), Lesley (Marksman/Assassin) and Kimmy (Marksman/Mage) are the only Marksman hybrid heroes.
  • Irithel is the first Marksman, and the first hero in general, who can move and attack at the same time.

    • Only other Marksman is the Kimmy, who can move and attack at the same time.
    • Leomord can also move and attack at the same time in his mounted state.
    • Harley can move while attacking with his first skill.

  • Yi-Sun-Shin is the only hero that can change the Base's model.
  • Miya is the only Marksman who can go invisible, by using her ultimate skill.

    • Lesley can also go semi-invisible, but she can be detected by distortions in the field.

  • Moskov and Clint are the only Marksmen whose passive lets their basic attack penetrate through targets in a straight line.
  • Layla has the lowest durability of any hero but has the longest basic attack range in the game, enough to destroy a defensive tower outside its range.
  • Bruno is the only hero who never use hands in any attack.

    • He is also the only hero with sport-related mode of attacking.
    • He is the only mechanical marksman in the game, having mechanical legs, although his other skins are human.

  • Marksman is the only category of heroes that exclusively features Human or Humanoid heroes, with the only possible exceptions being Karrie, having non-human legs for being a Yasson, and Roger in his wolf form.


  • This class has the least number of heroes with only eight heroes in four categories (namely Supports, Tank/Supports, Support/Fighter, and Mage/Support in the game).
  • Lolita and Minotaur, Tank/Support hybrid heroes in the game, both wield a hammer as a weapon.

    • Kaja was also a Tank/Support, but he was later changed to Support/Fighter.

  • Rafaela, Diggie, Angela and Estes are only true Support heroes in the game.
  • Nana is the only Support hero that doesn't give an ally a shield or heal them. She is also the only Mage/Support hero in the game, although most of the Support heroes are magic based.
  • Angela is the only hero who can possess an allied hero even though he/she is far away. When she possesses Jhonson in vehicle form with a passenger, he will have two passengers.

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Nice well informed guide. I guess Bane should be included in Regen Category too.
Post time 2019-12-10 09:07 AM | Show all posts
Wow! Thanks for such an effort post. I think Reap is more of like a "Burst" Hero Role.
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"Nana is the only Support hero that doesn't give an ally a shield or heal them"

hello you forgot  kaja and faramis


Nana is in a secondary category while kaja and faramis in primary  Post time 2019-12-10 09:03 PM
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