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[Official Forum Event] Valentine's Day ❤ CONTEST [CLOSED]

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WINNERS of this Valentine's Day CONTEST :

Penthelisea - Please contact me on private for more information
Blu3Wind - Please contact Ncup.Ajh in private for more information
jingasenpai - Please contact Aly Aoi for more information
Xielian - Please contact imAldric for more information

Please know that all stories were really good, it was hard choosing the winners.
Thank you all for participating, there will be other events on the forum in the future
so stay tuned !

HELLO, HELLO! Another Cool Awarding Contest organised by our Awesome Forum !!
As we all know, Valentine's Day is near !
So us, Forum Team made this contest happen, in order for us to have fun and win some awesome rewards!

Yeah, I know, too much chit chat

So let's get on to the important stuff.

For this Contest, there will be  4 WINNERS .

Each winner will be awarded with 1 VALENTINE'S DAY SKIN !

Note : Winner can choose the skin, but it can only be a Valentine's Day skin !


This time, we want to see your imagination run wild, we already saw some of you guys make awesome lores and stories in the Creative Section.

TASK : A VALENTINE'S DAY STORY that involves 2 (or maybe more) characters from Mobile Legends.

DO :
The story can be funny !
The story can be romantic !
Let your imagination run wild !

We won't take into consideration stories that contain pornographic content. These will be deleted and the user won't be able to participate to the contest anymore.
Don't participate with short irrelative stories.
"Inspired" content from Saint Google won't be taken into consideration !
Don't use characters/content that isn't mobile legends related!


Starting February 2nd - Ends on February 14th.

So 2 weeks to get inspiration and surprise us !

This Contest is supported by the Forum Team.

Prizes will be given by the organisers.

As you know, there is a 7 days gap untill skins can be sent after we follow each other, so you will find the ID of the organisers bellow.


shinee. ID - 7947670

Ncup.Ajh ID - 999999

Aly Aoi ID - 75740297

imAldric ID - 103821831

After you post your story, leave your ID in the same comment, so we can follow back !


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Night was falling in the Land of Dawn, the taverns starting to get busy with the arrival of tired customers after a day at work. Alone in a corner of one of these taverns, was an elf with blue hair and a badly looked face, sipping the last sips of her drink. A hooded stranger approached her desk, and even without looking directly, Karina sensed that she was on the way to get trouble. Through the peripheral vision and the stranger's movement, the elf knew that it was a woman. And the stranger didn't hesitate before sitting gracefully in the empty chair, as if she were an old friend. Only then did Karina look directly at her, watching while the stranger removed her hood and revealed a young face with delicate features and long curly hair. She was facing Guinevere Baroque.

“You are younger than they say out there," said Guinevere, breaking that uncomfortable silence between them. “It doesn't surprise me. Men are always distorting our images.”

But Karina didn't answer it, remaining silent while she waited for the bourgeois to cut the small talk and say what she really wanted. Knowing her own fame, Karina already figured out what would come next, she was bored. The elf's silence seemed to bother Guinevere, she was used to people wanting to impress her and get her attention and not the other way around. It was uncomfortable.

"I have a job for you," Guinevere spoke.

Karina sighed and finished her drink before answering:

"Whatever it is, you're wasting your time trying to buy my services."

The answer had been like a punch to the young Baroque. Guinevere was astonished for a minute, her eyes wide and a slight anger rising through her body.

“You have no idea who you're talking to. I'm Guinevere Baroque”, she replied dramatically, hoping that her words would have an effect on Karina. But the elf just kept staring without showing any emotion. “Money isn't a problem to me, just give me your price.”

This time Karina reacted, but not as expected by Guinevere. The elf laughed melodically, as if listening to a hilarious joke. This left the young Baroque disconcerted, and his desire was to blow everything up with her gravitational magic.

“You, rich people, are all the same. You think you can buy the world because you have a name and live in a castle. The answer is no, princess.”

Karina's voice was convinced, Guinevere felt stunned. In her entire life, it was the first time she had received a “no”, and even worse: from an elf without a surname and value!

With her ego injured, the rich girl stood up abruptly, clearly angry with the other.

"You'll regret this", were his final words before leaving Karina alone again.

When Guinevere sought someone to find his brother, no one accepted the service, everyone was afraid when they learnt that the skilled Lancelot had disappeared in battle. It was like a light at the end of the tunnel when Guinevere heard about Karina, a mercenary who was always willing to challenge her own limits to fulfill her goals. So she went after the elf that night, but now not, she not just wasted time, but she had also been shamelessly affronted by the woman. "Despicable elf!"

The days passed, and Lancelot had not yet been found. Guinevere felt his heart sink when she thought about it, no matter how hard she looked for, no one accepted the job of seeking Lancelot. To make her problems worse, her father was increasingly susceptible to agreeing to the Paxley's terms, which would force her to marry someone she didn't even know. Guinevere wouldn't give up her freedom and independence for an alliance, and to get rid of it, she needed his brother.

The thought of going to Karina again disturbed her, but soon Baroque realized that she would have to swallow her pride and look for the mercenary again. It wasn't hard to find her, she just needed persuasion and a few coins in the right hands to get the information she wanted. The really difficult part was taking the first step a second time, and doing this right after being mocked by the elf.

That time, Karina was camped in a forest outside Moniyan, and was very surprised to see Guivenere approaching. Mistrust spoke louder and the elf displayed her blades as she stood up, expecting Baroque retaliation. But the young mage tried to alleviate the situation, gesturing for her to lower her weapons. She wasn't there to fight, no matter how much she wanted to throw Karina up and knock her out with his powerful Violet Requiem.

Karina was ready to deny her request once more when Guinevere interrupted her.

“Okay, I understand. You're a dark elf from a poor childhood who achieved your fame through effort, and you wanted to teach me a lesson because I was born rich, beautiful and talented. I will not judge you, I would also be envious of myself. I forgive you. Can you hear my offer now? ”

Disbelieving Guinevere's narcissism, Karina had no reaction but to laugh, shaking her head. She had never intended to upset or irritate Guinevere, but it seems that the girl had taken it personally. The elf felt that she needed to clarify that.

“Hold on, princess. That's not why I denied the job, even though your ego is reason enough”, Karina started, with some amusement in her voice. But soon his tone became serious. “I don't do that kind of job anymore. I can't erase my dark past, I know, but that's not me anymore. I won't kill anyone else, no matter how much money I am offered.”

The explanation surprised Guinevere, who didn't expect such a sincere and personal reason why the elf had refused to work for her. Although self-centered, Guinevere knew how to read people, and she was certain that Karina was being honest with her. She wanted to know which were the reasons to Karina drop out of killer services, but she chose to remain curious. It wasn't her business.

Guinevere then clarified to Karina that his offer didn't involve murder, but that she needed someone brave enough to find her brother, because everyone she had tried to hire was too afraid to go through with it. Those words seemed to mess with Karina, the elf was thoughtful.

“Your brother?” She asked.

It was inevitable for her to remember Selena. Her heart was still breaking every time she thought of her younger sister, that was a wound that would never stop bleeding.

Guinevere acquiesced in response, noticing how suddenly the elf looked shaken. But soon Karina's confidence returned and she took a deep breath.

“Fine”, she replied. She accepted the job.

Satisfied with Karina's positive response, Guinevere relaxed, now more relieved. She hadn't like the elf's temperament and behavior, but her reputation preceded her, and Guinevere had no doubt of the assassin's competence. She was intrigued by the sudden change in her decision, but not enough to ask questions.

The young Baroque remained for some time, discussing the known details about Lancelot's last known whereabouts, Karina absorbed as much information as possible. She would need that to have a point to start. When everything was discussed, the two separated, Guinevere returned home and Karina started work.

Days passed without any return from Karina, and Guinevere was already getting distressed again when she received a note through a messenger. Karina had returned and was inviting her to the old camp site, apparently with news about Lancelot. Young Baroque's heart was filled with anxiety, and she could barely count the minutes until she managed to escape her parents' watchful eyes and head to the meeting place.

A cheerful smile lit up Guinevere's beautiful face when she found Karina, waiting for positive news or even her brother's presence with her. But the elf's serious countenance soon ended her joy. Something had happened to Lancelot and Guinevere felt his heart break.

Karina told her that she had found clues from Lancelot, and that there had been a bloody fight. She didn't find Lancee's body, which might be a good thing, but there were pieces of her clothes on the floor, and she was sure he was hurt. Karina followed the boy's tracks, but was unsuccessful in finding him.

The elf could see Guinevere's disappointment. She was hoping she would react with frustration or anger, but instead, Guinevere looked stunned, her eyes watery and she got unusually quiet. Karina knew that feeling. The pain and despair of losing someone she loved. But she wasn't sure if Lancelot was dead, she could still find him.

“If what they say about your brother is true, he is smart and strong”, Karina commented, hoping that those words could lift Guinevere's mood. She realized that she preferred a narcissistic Guinevere over a sad Guinevere. “I will find him, princess. I promise.”

That didn't improve Guinevere's mood, but the girl was comforted to learn that the elf was still willing to continue the case. But now everything had changed, Lancelot was probably injured and a fight broke out. She couldn't sit with her arms crossed.

“I'm going with you”, Gui decided. Karina agreed, because she would do the same.

They both set out on a quest to find Lancelot, starting with the place where the boy had last fought. Seeing the whole scene of death and blood, Guinevere showed concern, which didn't go unnoticed by Karina. The elf tried to assuage the gravity of the situation, but Guinevere soon put on her harshness mask again, letting pride speak louder. She wouldn't accept the pity of that insolent elf.

“My brother is the best. I know he is fine”, was her reply when Karina tried to speak some words to comfort her.

There were clues to be followed from there, Karina noted, and they continued on their seek. Guinevere was surprised by the elf's tracking skills, it was no doubt that she had been the best killer of her people in the past, which made Guine even more intrigued about why the elf abandoned that path.

Most of the tracks led to dead ends, the days were busy and started to get tiring, in addition to the fact that Guinevere would soon need to return home. Her family would sooner or later realize that she wasn't where she said she would be and that would be a big headache. But despite her frustration and countless failures to find Lancelot, Guinevere found herself satisfied with Karina's company.

In the first days of camping together, both were always alert, Guinevere couldn't sleep at night, but as she had been living with Karina, she felt comfortable and safe under her protection.

The elf had an almost always frowning and somewhat coarse manners, but she was a more pleasant companion than those who surrounded Guinevere during Moniyan's famous balls of the nobility. Karina was sincere and wasn't afraid to say what she really thought, regardless of how much power or status the young imperial woman had. Guinevere liked that more than she wanted to admit.

As time went on, provocation exchanges were no longer teasing and became a fun joke between them. But the elf never let anything slip about her life, and that increasingly piqued Guinevere's curiosity. One night, while camping, the girl realized that the elf's mood was susceptible to dialogue, perhaps because of the beautiful Full Moon that lit up the clearing. The crackling fire and the sound of wild animals created a peaceful melody. Guinevere sat next to Karina, remaining silent for a while before deciding to clear up her doubts.

“Why did you change your mind?”, Gui asked. There was no need to elaborate the question, Karina understood perfectly what she was referring to.

At first, Guinevere thought that the elf would not answer her question, and was ready to give up waiting when Karina took a deep breath.

“I had a younger sister. Her name was Selena.”

All Guinevere's attention was turned to the elf, she was curious, excited and eager to finally get to know something really personal about Karina. She waited for her to continue.

“She was my only family. The only person I ever loved. But dark elves have an evil that I was never able to see until it was too late...”

Karina then told her about her childhood with Selena and how sweet the young elf was despite being born among the dark elves. The former hired killer used the money she earned to provide her and her sister a decent life, until the day a tragedy struck. Selena was taken by the fanatics of the community to be sacrificed to demons of the abyss, and Karina watched completely horrified and panicked as her sister was chosen for that wicked ritual. The elf was already visibly shaken by that point, her voice weak and broken, and Guinevere had no words to describe how bad it felt to know about it. If it were with Lancelot, Guinevere would never be the same.

“I tried to fight, the gods know I tried”, continued Karina, not daring to look directly at Guinevere. “Only the gods know how many of my people have fallen under my blades. But they were too many... They... I... I wasn't strong enough to save my sister...”

With an impulsive gesture, Guinevere's hand rested on Karina's, squeezing it firmly, his body getting closer to hers. She was sad. Guinevere had thought that Karina was just an egocentric and selfish mercenary who would do almost anything for a lot of coins. Now, she realized that she had a broken heart, and behind all that strength and pose, there were sincere feelings and real trauma.

To her surprise, Karina returned the gesture, placing her free hand on Guinevere's as well. She never talked about that with anyone. The young Baroque had won her trust in a short time, in a way that was natural to open herself to her. She felt lighter for talking about it, and Guinevere felt good for being able to relieve that pain, at least a bit.

“I couldn't save my sister, princess, but I can help you find your brother.”

Now everything was clear to the mage, Guinevere felt something change at that moment. Her heart opened for Karina, and the elf's for her. The rest of the night was silent, with few words exchanged between them, but there was a comfortable companionship to it. They both felt safe and well with each other.

The next day, Karina was sure she was on the right path to find Lancelot, she just hoped he was alive. If something had happened to the fencer, Guinevere's heart would break just like hers own, and that was a pain that Karina would hate to share with the mage.

The tracks led them to a lake in the mountains at south of Moniyan, Guinevere was dazzled to contemplate the beauty of that magnificent place where the swans seemed to call home. Karina's breath seemed to be missing when her eyes landed on a beautiful building in the center of the lake, as if a huge swan had emerged from the middle of those magical waters. It was a castle, and it was definitely not abandoned, as Karina saw movement in one of the windows.

At first, she was afraid that the swan castle guards would start a fight with them, but instead, they just escorted a beautiful golden-haired woman to them. Accustomed to dealing with the nobility and with political and diplomatic issues, Guinevere took the lead there, introducing herdelf to the beautiful woman and inquiring if she had seen a man with the characteristics of her brother.

To her surprise, a radiant smile opened on the blonde's lips, as if genuine happiness had come over her. Lancelot was in the castle!

Those words made Guinevere's heart race and her muscles relax, and if she wasn't so proud, she would have cried in happiness. Karina sighed with relief at the good news. Se succeeded. Se found Guinevere's brother. Both were invited in by the beautiful woman, who now knew her name was Odette, and were leaded to Lancelot. Karina was right, there was an ugly fight and he was hurt, but Odette was taking care of him. Lancelot was immensely surprised to see his sister there.

Gui threw herself over his brother and hugged him tightly, not bothered by the presence of others in the room, but was forced to walk away when the older one moaned in pain. Despite this, Lancelot was smiling and happy to have been found by his younger sister. He loved her.

“How could you scare me like that? Who else would be my guinea pig if you died, Lancee?”, Guinevere said, but her attempt to joke was clearly false, since Lancelot could see his sister's teary eyes.

He felt guilty for causing that fear in her, if he had not been so reckless and arrogant, he would've avoided the whole situation. But he wouldn't have met Odette either. Lancelot looked at the blonde, feeling his heart race. He was in love.

That stare didn't go unnoticed by Guinevere. The youngest arched her eyebrow at him questioningly. She was dying of fear and worry, while he fell in love with that woman!

”Well, it looks like my job is done here”, Karina's voice interrupted them.

Guinevere felt herself shudder to hear those words, and only then did Lancelot notice that someone else was in there. Gui walked away from her brother and went to Karina, not knowing exactly what to say. She didn't want to say goodbye to her forever, she realized.

“To an elf, you kind of did a good job”, her words sounded like a friendly provocation, and both had to restrain themselves from laughing.

Guinevere hesitated for a moment, but in the end, she took out his bag of coins and held it out to Karina. The elf shook her head. She didn't do that for money.

“Save this. You just owe me a favor.”

Guinevere felt sorry for a moment, fearing that her gesture had offended Karina.

“See you around, princess.”

And all the fear dissipated. Karina smiled at her and Guinevere understood the meaning of those words. That wasn't a goodbye, but a “see you later”. She watched as Karina left, already excited to the day when she would see her again.

Lancelot watched them during that interaction, and when Guinevere turned to him, there was a condescending smile on her brother's lips.

“It looks like you found someone special too”, he said.

Guinevere felt heat rise over her face when she blushed. Lancelot was right.


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Sword and Shield

One day Hilda heard that her old friend Franco was recruiting people for his crew, she decided to go after him. Knowing about Franco's influence, Hilda offered to her friend a desperate proposal: she wanted him to help her to find a land for her tribe to prosper, since she had been looking for a long time and never found it. Franco agreed to the terms, after all he needed a crew.

At the sea, it wasn't long before they found Bane. Franco started the fight using his hook to pull Bane's crew and Hilda attacked them with her powerful Power of Wildness. Together they made the front line, protecting their own soldiers at all costs who finished the enemies without hesitation. But suddenly, Bane's people came from everywhere invading the ship and surrounding them, for one moment Hilda thought the battle was lost because they were at a complete disadvantage, but a flash came from the sky and everything changed.

With a glorious and fatal jump, Freya appeared. Her sword and shield acted in perfect harmony, killing anyone in front of her. Hilda had never seen anyone fight like her. Bane realized that he would have to eliminate Freya to bring Franco down once and for all, and for that reason he launched himself into the sea, disappearing from everyone's view.  Everyone was distracted in their own battles when suddenly, Bane emerges from the water, throwing a deadly blow on Freya's back. Seeing Bane's move, Hilda had no other reaction than to throw herself between the blow and Freya, taking all the damage for herself.  Before losing consciousness, Hilda managed to see Freya's sword and shield become just one while a glorious pair of wings appeared on the valkyrie's back, she leaped towards Bane with the weapon raised and Hilda blacked out before she could see the ending of that fight.

When Hilda woke up, she noticed that someone was watching her. It was Freya. She waited all that moment to thank Hilda for her gesture. But one thing that Freya did not understand was why Hilda did that, after all she is a mercenary.

“You know... Money is not everything for me. I don't like this life and I understand Franco's motivation. It's for Nost Gal. I would do anything for my home, for my tribe. Franco promised me land for my people as I promised to help him on this like no one had. I swore I would  protect the crew with my life and you became part of it as soon as you got on that boat and fought alongside us." Hilda explained with determination on her eyes. "What about you? Why did you helped us? Who are you?"

Freya was impressed by Hilda's bravery and honor. These were the kind of people the goddess wanted around. She smiled before answer Hilda's question, it wasn't common people do not know who she was.

"My name is Freya. I already saved Franco once, he didn't told you? He was not ready to leave this world. Not with Bane around. Nost Gal needs him more than never, since... Well, let's talk about something else. Do you wanna know how that fight ended or not?"

The truth was that Freya didn't want Franco to feel alone on that journey and she felt responsible for him like the queen never did. But after all that Aurora went through, Freya didn't blame her. Well what could she say? Freya sympathized with Franco's cause after seeing so much destruction caused by Bane. Knowing that Hilda was also on a mission for her people guaranteed Freya's empathy, who soon sympathized with that cause too. Hilda looked so tough and yet so sensitive. Freya wanted to know her.

They both started seeing each other constantly, the connection that the two had was notorious. All the joy and companionship that Hilda and Freya had was incredible, all the synchrony and they way of fighting when together was just uniquely. Hilda used to say that her weapon was Freya's shield, since she always took the front line no matter what the circumstances. There was a connection between both of her.

"My heart is on my sword and both belongs to you." Freya said once while watching the waves of the sea, on that day Hilda wanted to talk about Freya''s duties. The worst fear of the two was to disrupt the duties of the other. Freya would not give up what she had with the Hunter and was more than willing to reconcile that with her routine. Freya said she would love to live with Hilda in a small wooden house in the middle of the forest. Hilda just laughed, was that serious?

But one day the destiny of dreams collapsed with reality. Franco fulfilled his part of the agreement and found a safe place for Hilda and her tribe. The promised place was far from Nost Gal for Hilda's people to prosper far way from imminent dangers. It was now Hilda's duty to go after her people and guide them to their new home. Freya could not go with Hilda as she also had duties on Nost Gal. Both knew that it was time to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye was difficult, slow and painful for both of them. As much as Hilda wanted to stay, she needed to lead her people, after all she was their only and last hope. The hunter tried to stay strong, and after one last goodbye kiss, a tear slipped out of her. She could feel that Freya wanted to say something, Hilda also wanted to say that but no one said it in the end.

"My sword will always be with you." Freya said at last, and Hilda knew perfectly well what that meant. Her heart was filled with joy.

"We will meet again." Hilda guaranteed it.

The journey in search of her group was long and loneliness but Hilda was hopeful that she would see Freya again so she could say how much she loves her.

As time passed in the new land, Hilda did indeed prosper with her tribe in the new camp, but there was not a day when she did not stop thinking about Freya and how much she missed her. After much thought, Hilda finally decided to elect a new leader. It was when the new leadership emerged that Hilda felt free to go in search of Freya and say what she felt. Her mission with her people had been complete and now she could be side by side with her love... well that was the plan.


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The Two Greatest Inventions

Dumpsite for Laboratory 1718, Land of Dawn.

“Alpha... Alpha..”

Everything was pitch black. Only the faint call of a familiar mechanical voice was being registered as the core on Laboratory 1718’s prized creation blinked like a flickering light bulb, gradually increasing in speed.

“Test. Alpha is online.”

Finally, systems were at full throttle as the joints and compression points of the cyborg’s meteor clad figure perfectly lit up in a bright blue. As his vision was finally restored the first thing that came into view was a fellow cyborg. Despite the dark of night, his mechanized vision remained bright and the identification ring locked on to the visual.

A list of information appeared in his peripheral, but even without it the familiar silver hair and blue armor that matched the lights on his own suit were unmistakable. It was Saber, his predecessor turned saviour. He didn’t know what made his system forcefully shut down, but that was the least of his worries as he finally came to, realizing that something was amiss.

He scanned his surroundings once, and then one more time having not seen what- no, who he was desperately looking for. Saber knew immediately, but hesitated to be the first to speak as he watched Alpha search frantically, standing up mound from the junk he had shut down in. Panicked, Alpha easily overlooked the doll-like being that was barely a yard away.

“Where is Beta?” Alpha’s usual innocent-sounding voice hardened as he asked Saber regarding the whereabouts of his twin, his eyes never stopping their search.

Saber dared not speak, only lifting his hands to show his fellow cyborg the only part of Beta he had managed to salvage in the chaos of their escape. Alpha looked down to see a mechanical arm. His first instinct was to reach for it, but before he could touch the remains of his brother, he stopped, his hand lingering just above it.

His eyes were not visible, but the sorrowful aura that protruded from his otherwise robotic body gave it away, “Why must people… hurt each other?”

Saber silently lifted his hands further, allowing Beta’s arm to meet Alpha’s touch. He knew that there was nothing he could possibly say or do that would be of help in the situation. Even though their emotions were subdued, they weren’t completely heartless after all.

“Excuse me,” the solemn mood was broken by a particularly cheerful voice.

The two males turned to look at the owner of the voice. Alpha’s identification ring locked on to the visual of the girl dressed in pink and white where the blue accent bows on her outfit matched the glow of Alpha’s core. From the information he saw in his peripheral, she was one hundred percent machine. But oddly, she seemed more life-like than Saber or himself.

They watched as she struggled to free herself from a web of strings to no avail, “the strings of my puppet got tangled up. Can you help me with that?”

It was an untimely request, but Alpha’s conscience wouldn’t allow him to reject someone in need, regardless of his own grief. He gently took his brother’s arm from Saber, and picked up his light spear that had been laying among the experimentation waste. He wrapped his twin’s fingers around the weapon in a tight grip before making his way toward the girl.

Just as he activated his weapon, the girl shouted in panic, squeezing her eyes shut as she threw her hands in front of her face like a wall of defense, “Wait! Don’t hurt me!”

A small zap was heard and the strings constricting her body fell off like spaghetti. The girl cautiously peeked out of one eye. Seeing how she had been freed, she looked up at Alpha with her wide bronze eyes sparkling in awe and gratitude.

“Thank you so much!” she smiled, standing up to formally introduce herself, “My name is Angela. Doctor calls me his little angel! But… I can’t fly.”

She giggled sweetly at the thought of her creator, “Your name is Alpha, isn’t it? I heard that mister call you that.”

“Alpha is not my name, but only a code,” he spoke honestly.

“Then what is your name?”

The boy got lost in his thoughts for a split second as he pondered on the question, but he snapped himself out of it and simply decided not to answer her question. His silence did not waver her.

Saber had been observing from afar, when he noticed the puppet lying next to the girl. He didn’t know why he hadn’t made the connection when he saw her. Her puppet looked just like her. The moment of revelation had him dashing to their side in an instant.

The cyborg in blue stared at the girl who stood around the height of their shoulders before starting, “You are the one who saved Alpha.”

Angela shifted her gaze between the two cybernetic organisms standing in front of her, noticing how the younger male had turned to look at the older. To her amusement, the questions were written all over his mask-covered face.

Without a moment to spare Saber began his explanation of how Angela had saved him. As the three cyborgs set their escape plan into action, they were already expecting waves of security to obstruct and threaten their safety, but never would they have imagined the core melting weapons that threatened their lives.

Alpha had been running ahead to clear their path with his light spear, but right as the trio were about to break through the last line of defense, Beta was hit by multiple of those weapons. It was Saber who desperately tried pulling him to safety but he only brought with him what was left of Beta as he charged toward the exit.

Alpha was their next target, but just as their weapons were about to make contact, Angela’s puppet appeared, shielding him and wrapping its strings around the attackers, immobilizing them long enough for the pair to flee. Alpha had already shut down when the puppet attached itself to him, forcing the puppet to lug his hefty build out of the building. Saber could only think that perhaps it was the neural connection they shared as cybernetic twins that transferred the mental shock Beta was experiencing to Alpha causing him to shut down.

After hearing the entire story, Alpha seemed to be at a loss for words but his curiosity had to be fed, “Why did you save me?”

She did not have any obligations to him or his brother or even Saber for that matter. Saving them didn’t benefit her in any way, in fact, it just put her in unnecessary danger.

Angela looked at him, her eyes wide. For her it was a given, so she giggled at the query that she found to be quite amusing, “It’s my job to help people!”

That was the first time. The first time Alpha had met a machine that wasn’t made with the purpose to destroy. One ingrained not with calamity but serenity. There to help, not to hurt. She did not possess any organic properties, but she seemed so real and far more human than any of the actual people that worked in Lab 1718. They seemed more like monsters in comparison.

“Was he somebody you loved?” Angela asked, pointing at Beta’s arm, “Do you hope to see him again some day?”

Another first. Love? Hope? Those were foreign vocabulary to Alpha. He lived in a world where hate and despair were two domineering feelings. But if ‘love’ and ‘hope’ were what made Angela the way she is, then he wanted to learn about what they meant too.

Before any lessons on humanity could begin, Saber brought them all back to reality, stating that they were barely off enemy territory. They had to leave - but where could they go? What would they do next?

“We should meet Master Rooney,” the girl’s melodic voice chimed in suggestion, “He’s a master machinist, maybe he could do something for Beta! I was on my way to meet him when I sensed that you needed help. He is at the magic academy not too far from here!”

“Lead the way,” Alpha said without an ounce of hesitation.

The three had walked for close to an hour, leaving the unruly dumpsite. They had finally stepped into Elf Forest which connected most of the major cities in the Land of Dawn. The Magic Academy was only a matter of a few hours away from there. Nothing three cyborgs couldn’t handle.

It was the burning curiosity within himself that Alpha couldn’t take. Angela had been skipping along the moment they reached the forest, admiring the flowers and sparkling insects. He had been trying to ask her for the last hour, but his constant hesitation kept leading to failed attempts.

As he was trying to conjure up a plan in his mind, Angela skipped up to him with a flower in her hands. With a bright smile, she extended her hands towards him causing him to pause in his tracks. He turned to Saber, wondering how to react, only to see the assassin simply walk past, continuing on the trail to their destination.

When he didn’t move, Angela’s smile turned into a small pout. She grabbed his free hand that wasn’t holding his light spear, putting the flower in and closing his fingers around it.

“It’s sad when somebody you love isn’t around,” Angela said, her voice a little more down than usual, “I felt that way when I had to leave Doctor Gogh. But there is still hope!”

There those words were again. It was finally Alpha’s chance to relieve the burn in him.

“What is love? And what is hope?”

Angela gasped. The question shocked her at first but after a little thought, she understood why he would not have known. They were created and trained under different circumstances.

The doll-like cyborg sighed dreamily as she brought her hands into a clasp by her cheek, “Love and hope are the two greatest inventions!”

Alpha looked at her attentively as they continued their walk, following a little distance behind Saber.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” Angela looked at him with a cheeky smile.

Flustered, the boy faced away, looking straight ahead as he stammered in reply, “No but sometimes, I think about… girls.”

Angela giggled at his innocent reply that didn’t suit his outer appearance, “Are you happy when you are with Beta?”

Alpha nodded.

“Do you feel angry when someone tries to hurt him?”

He nodded again.

“Were you sad when you found out that he got hurt?”

The boy seemed like a bobble head at this point as he nodded once more.

“That’s what love is like! It’s when you care for someone, worry about them and you’re happy to be with them.”

Alpha registered the new information, carefully taking note of it, “Then what about hope?”

“If you wish that Master Rooney will be able to do something for Beta, or if you’ve always had a desire for a brighter future outside of that lab, then you already know what hope is,” Angela smiled at him.

He already had hope in him without even knowing it. The corners of his lips began to react in a way they never had, curling up slightly for the first time ever.

Angela couldn’t help but smile wider seeing how his lips curved awkwardly, “Keep on smiling! It’s important!”

Alpha gazed at the girl, thankful that she had sparked realization in him. The feeling of knowing that he had always had love and hope with him made him feel more life-like already. He felt like he was one step closer to being free-spirited like she was.

After hours of walking, they eventually arrived at the Magic Academy. They were greeted by huge wooden doors that slowly opened upon their arrival. Through the crack they saw the grand buildings and the magnificent botany of the school garden that welcomed them.

Angela approached the first student to walk past them. The girl was dressed in a beautiful purple dress and her hair was in neat curls, half put up with a large bow that matched the rest of her outfit. The clicking of her high heels stopped when Angela blocked her in her tracks.

“Excuse me…” the shorter girl searched for a name, her eyes landing on the name on the student’s textbook, “Guinevere, can you lead us to Master Rooney? Doctor Gogh sent me here to find him!”

“Of course!” Guinevere looked at her proudly, “I am the top student of the academy after all. I know exactly where he is.”

Guinevere led them to a garage, that looked much too fancy to be one. There, a man with a welding mask covering his face was welding together some metal pieces, sparks flying all around him.

“Master Rooney, you have visitors,” Guinevere announced their arrival before taking her leave.

The man in the garage stopped whatever he had been doing, taking off the welding mask and approaching the three mechanical specimens that interested him to no end. All his questions were saved for another day when they explained what had happened and asked for his help to restore Beta somehow.

Without a moment to spare, he set up a living quarters for them and got to work

Three days later.

While Saber was off learning a new form of swordsmanship from Gusion, Angela and Alpha were visiting the garage for the third day in a row. Alpha was hoping - yes, hoping - that Master Rooney had managed to accomplish something amazing to bring his brother back. He had searched Alpha’s system and extracted data days before, and it was finally the big reveal.

Master Rooney first hooked Alpha up to his computers to give Alpha an upgrade. As the cyborg shut down, his default rang, “Time to upgrade the system.”

Angela watched on in sheer anticipation as the master machinist worked his magic.

“Test. Alpha is online.”

When Alpha’s systems restarted, the first thing he noticed was the little drone that was hovering right by him. It was his first time seeing the drone, but he could feel it. It was Beta.

“You and your brother have a neural connection. A part of his consciousness was in you, so I transferred that into this drone made of his remaining mechanical arm,” Master Rooney explained, proud of the feat he accomplished.

Try as he may, Alpha failed to hold back the smile that immediately grew on his face as he looked at his brother. He turned to look at Angela who seemed just as ecstatic to witness the reunion of the twins.

They exited the garage never losing their smile, especially happy when Beta trailed along beside them.

Alpha grinned especially wide as he looked to Angela and said, “Now, wherever I go, Beta follows.”

The girl smiled at his sincere happiness, unaware of the incoming danger that approached from behind her. Alpha however, didn’t miss it. He instinctively grabbed the girl, pulling her to his chest as he moved them both to safety, out of the way of a deck of flying cards that were travelling fast enough to pierce through metal.

Out of harm's way, Alpha looked down at the girl in his arms to check on her well-being. The synthetic skin on her cheeks had turned a different color which worried him. He glared in the direction of the attack, but all that was left was a hat on a magic wand stuck in the ground. It angered him that somebody almost hurt Angela.

He was so grateful to have met her, and he had come to believe that he had to protect her just like she protected him when they first met. He owed a lot to her because Angela helped him experience a lot of firsts. Perhaps she was helping him experience his first love too.



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I'd like to apologize if this is a little too long but I hope that you enjoyed reading!
This is my first time writing an MLBB fanfic and it was so much fun~
Also, hopefully it wasn't too dark for a Valentine's Day story xD
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"Home is where the heart is"
So many battle has pass yet silvanna's love for her brother never fades away. Homes burnt to ashes, Every life involved in wars was wasted tears, grief and sadness all over around the empire. But Silvanna still wants and believes that she can recover back her only family left which is dyrroth. From the last battle on the moniyan empire silvanna's connection to dyrroth has never fades she almost got back his brother but the demon inside dyrroth manage to took him back in the darkness. One day their is an occurence that always happens every leap year on the day where power of love is strong and where the moon shines bright a Holy light for an hour where the moons on its peak which weakens darkness and make those darkness and demonic creatures to hide as their demonic and darkness weakens as the light from the moon hits them. Silvanna knows this event and yet managed to track her brothers whereabouts when the scout reported to her she secretly went to her brother whereabout and tells the scout not to tell anybody as she doesnt want anyone to be in danger as bringing many soldiers will be alarming and the movement will be big that the demons will notice them.
Silvanna is very determined to reach her brother even knowing she is gonna be in danger as demons hide deeper on the caves during this events. As the moon slowly reaches its peak silvanna almost reaches the depths she became emotional as she goes deeper she met those demonic guards that is guarding the deep cave. battle were done swiftly as silvanna doesnt want to alarm those other demons. As she reaches a room where dyrroth and other demons stays silvanna's emotion went burst as her tears drop down the demons on that room notices her... she fights so bravely and trying to reach her brother. Brother its me silvanna im your sister please remember me as dyrroth notices her dyrroth attacks silvanna and silvanna swing her spear to sway away also those demons attacking her resulting both of them hurt. The confrontation begun As the moon shines on its peak silvanna throws a magical items that opens a connection to the outside of the cave and channels thru the holy light that happens only once in a leap year. Tho the magical item will only last for a few minutes silvanna's determination to reach her brother was so strong that even in a few minutes she will gamble. As the magical item started to channel the holy light demonic monsters started to flee on that room leaving dyrroth alone.
As dyroth is in pain " Ahhh the demon inside him turns to fade away as the demonic powers weakens a sweet voice is calling.A sweet smile from the prince brightens Sister its me." Silvanna burst emotion made her cry more and said brother i will save you no matter what one day we will be together forever i will promise you that.
The prince hugged her sister i miss you i wanna be with you im sorry for what ive done.
Silvanna replied its not your fault one day i will defeat the demon inside you and set you free. The prince replied thank you sister. Silvanna felt the warmth of her brothers hug and felt the peace within her making her smile even tho she was crying. I love you brother i will find a way to bring you back i love you. The prince replied i love you too sister as the time went fast the magical item started to weakens and the light started to weakens the prince felt pain as the demon inside him is regaining its consciousness. Dyroth said now go sister i dont want to hurt you please go as the prince burst with tears. Silvanna replied i will be back and when that time come you will be back for real and be with me forever. As the magical started to run out silvanna make runs her way out when the magical item runs out the demonic monsters tried to catch silvanna but silvanna reached out the cave where the holy lights from the moon still shining the demons stop and never continue their pursue to catch silvanna.
As silvanna went home she felt happiness and is more determined to save her brother.


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Failed again.

The entire room was covered in pink smoke and fuschia splatters, signs of her spell gone wrong. No matter how many times Nana had tried, the spell never worked.

“So,” Harith began, wiping the goo off his face, making a face as he watched it dangle from his fingers. “What exactly were you trying to accomplish?”

Nana pursed her lips together. “It’s a spell that’s supposed to make me as strong as Granger, as fast as Gusion, and as sturdy as Grock.”

Harith squinted his eyes, scratching the side of his head. He couldn’t imagine the cute, pink-haired girl transforming herself to be as sturdy as Grock. He shivered at the image.

“So it’s a transformation spell?”

“Yeah. All I can do are transformation spells anyway,” Nana sighed, plopping down to the ground in defeat.

Her gift was more of a curse than a blessing. The only transformation spell she had mastered was the Molina Smooch, a skill that turned people into Molina for several seconds. At first she thought it was brilliant, but others always brought greater and stronger skills to the battlefield. Her transformation was childish in comparison.

“What’s wrong with that? Transformation spells are great if you know how to use them, and you’re the only person who knows how to use them,” Harith said. He always wanted to tell her that she was perfect the way she was, but he didn’t have enough courage to make such a bold confession.

“You don’t get it, Harith. You’re so good at magic that people fear you. They even ban you from battling together.” Nana‘s voice drifted into a low whisper as she hugged her knees to herself. “No one fears me.”

Harith scrambled to the floor, sitting cross legged across her. He never knew what to say in situations like these, only knowing that he hated to see her cry. “Being feared isn’t a good thing.”

“But only the powerful are feared, and power is always a good thing,” Nana argued.

“Not always.” Harith repositioned himself besides her, leaning back on his hands. “Look at Khufra who desired power. He was so keen on destroying the world that Esmeralda, his own lover, had to lock him up forever.”

Nana blinked, wide topaz eyes glazing with residue of tears that was either formed by her misery or the lover’s depressing tale. “I never knew about that.”

“Yeah, it’s tragic.” Harith nodded, biting his lower lip as he sneaked a few glances at her. “And I really don’t want to lock you up if you lost control like that. Esmeralda could do it, but I don’t think I could live a life… without… you.”

His entire cheeks suffused with color. This was not how he imagined confessing his feelings to her. He always thought it’d be more romantic, with Gusion helping him conjure flower petals from the sky, or asking Valir to light up heart shaped candles for her. Aurora could even make ice sculptures of them, which Nana was bound to love.

“If you lock me up, I would transform myself into Molina and squeeze myself out,” Nana joked grimly, making fun of her own abilities.

Clearly, she hadn’t paid attention to Harith’s confession, and Harith didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad about it.

“The Amazing Nana, the professional escapist!” She suddenly shouted, making him flinch in place. “I wonder if people would fear that.”

“If you escape I’ll just have to catch you again,” Harith said, grinning at her. “I’ll even do it without Johnson’s help.”

“As if you can do that,” she laughed.

“Sure. I’ll hunt you to the ends of the world if I have to,” Harith said, realizing that his words sounded like another confession.

“Is that a challenge?” Nana asked instead. She strived to become a formidable mage, and hearing those words coming from one of the strongest mages sounded like a clear taunt. She got to her feet and placed both hands on her hips. “Okay, Harith! I will take on your challenge. Let’s go for a walk and play tag.”

Before he could decline or remind her of her unfinished experiments, she had already dragged him out by his arm.

“The rules are simple. We can use magic and drink our potions,” Nana was speaking in one quick breath as they entered the forest behind her house. Her earlier worries seemed to be forgotten now that she had something else to focus on. “Whoever catches the other person first, wins.”

“So we’re both the tagger and the target. How do we know who wins?” Harith asked.

“Good question.” She tapped a finger to her chin, thinking of a quick solution. “I know! You need to hug the person and immobilize them.”

“Hug?” Harith gulped. A sly thought of forfeiting the challenge crossed his mind. Winning won’t get him anything, but losing would mean being embraced by her. Not a bad deal.

“Just a heads up, but I know this place inside out. I’ve eaten all kinds of mushrooms in this forest. So don’t think of outsmarting me,” Nana said, proudly bragging her skills.

“I won’t.” Harith was already thinking of ways to let himself get caught without making it seem too suspicious. If he didn’t put up a fight, would it be too obvious?

“I’ll show you that I can be feared,” Nana said, determination coursing through her veins. She quickly drank a potion that would allow her to use her skills in shorter intervals. “Start!”

Harith hadn’t formed a definitive conclusion when Nana had already begun her attack. She flung her gigantic boomerang at him, twice the size of her petite body. All thoughts of forfeiting was immediately gone. The competitiveness in him didn’t allow him to give in that easily after all.

“You can’t catch me!” He laughed, running away. What he didn’t expect was that the boomerang had all been a distraction. She had led him to run right into a spot where, not one, but at least three Molinas were waiting for him.

Harith gulped, immediately changing the course of his action to turn back. But no matter how fast he was, her Molina was always faster. The first Molina grabbed him by his feet, and soon, he was transformed into Molina itself.

“Caught you!” Nana yelled, jumping on him, using enough force to knock them both over to the floor. To secure her win, she wrapped her arms around the fluffy animal.

Within seconds, the Molina transformed back into Harith. His face was entirely covered in red. He tried to maintain his cool even though the girl he fancied was holding him as if she never planned on letting go.

“I won,” she sang cheerfully.

“Of course you would. No one can outrun your Molina.”

“Not even one of the best mage in the world,” she said, poking the tip of his nose affectionately.

She was about to get up when a sudden surge of confidence in Harith made him wrap his arms around her waist. She had no choice but to stay like that, toppled over his body.

“You keep saying that I’m the best mage, but I can’t transform other people into Molina like you. That’s something only you can do, Nana. And that is what makes you powerful,” Harith said.

She looked on in silence, all words stripped off her lips. For the first time, she was truly listening to him without being distracted by her own lamentations.

It prompted him to brush a fallen hair strand from her face as he continued. “You’ll always be the first person I would pick to fight by my side. I’d rather not fight than fight without you at all.”

And maybe, his feelings finally reached her. He saw her cheeks blossoming into two red roses, suddenly too nervous to hold his gaze. She bashfully looked away. Being so close to his chest, she might even feel the pounding of his rapid heartbeats, like the raging pulse of Minotaur’s despair stomp.

“Y-You mean that?” She asked, her voice coy and meek.

“Yeah, I’ll always choose you.”

He released her, and Nana was quick to scurry back to her feet, tidying the grass from her outfit. She kept her head low, stealing occasional glances at him. Nana didn’t know when it had started, but Harith never failed to encourage her and make her see her true worth. For that reason, she was always drawn to him, like being pulled by Franco’s hook, a force that even the amazing escapist couldn’t escape from.

And maybe, she didn’t want to escape this time.

That evening, Harith helped her straighten her perspective. Her goal was no longer to be powerful and feared hero, but to be the Nana who could stay and fight alongside Harith forever.


Yay!!! My first time writing a MLBB fanfic and this was so much fun!
This story is dedicated to Nana who always gets underestimated/so much hate when picked in rank :(
I love Nana!

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Also, I tried to add all of the hosts, but only managed to find Aly's account, so I followed her.


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The Curse of Blood

Wars between interracial species happens in this forsaken world endlessly. Accompanying the depressing atmosphere, countless sad requiems seem to indulge the hearts of people, as if healing their wounded souls with the mellifluous hummings. In this age, comedy nor melodramas don't satisfy the hearts of the masses. Listening to the tales of tragedies seem to make one individual's life worth living, knowing that there are others who share the same fate. Due to the demand, there was a sudden rise of talented opera singers. Starting as an opera singer is easy, but remaining in the industry is very difficult because of competition and lack of one's power as well as connections. The ranks of the opera singers are changing on a weekly basis. People don't seem to dote on a specific talent, thus, the faces you'll see in the opera houses are changing rapidly.

In the heart of the Castle Aberleen, the royal family resides in their magnificent abode. Sitting a few blocks away, was the very renowned Opera House, the "Teatro di Aberleen", headed by the close friend of the current King of the Empire. The young head of the most famous opera house in the Land of Dawn is a woman. Her temperament is one like of a Goddess, you could say that she is a very enchanting beauty with a youthful appearance and promising eyes. Despite her appearance, many people are afraid to get on her bad side. Some say that she's capable of turning your fate in a full 180 degrees in one fell swoop due to her connections,  and some even say that she will drain all your blood when the full moon comes. However, these are just hearsays, with no definite proof. Most people just brush off the gossips, and the bolder ones attempt to dream higher. Many men are trying to get her hands for marriage. But all of their efforts became in vain once they knew that she already has a child. The child is looking like 7 years of age, but you can't deny the handsome appearance he possesses. The child had pointy ears and black hair. His pale face unmatched- and those dull eyes seem to be lifeless. At one look, you can't tell that they are  "mother and son", and probably the truth will not arrive sooner or possibly never. Anyway, the beautiful woman insists that she cherishes 'her Son, Cecilion'. Cecilion is a very quiet child, often seen in the backstage of the Opera House together with his mother during rehearsals, quietly gazing at the opera singers they take in. No one can fathom what this small child thinks, probably not even his mother.

The beautiful woman dotes on Cecilion very much, and thinking that he's probably bored of the opera house, she thought that bringing Cecilion to meet other people would help him blend in with the humans.

Year 168, Day 677. The House Ansaac invited the head of 'Teatro di Aberleen' to give regards and as well as to talk about business. Mrs. Ansaac is very fond of operas and therefore, she became one of the VIP guest. Her opinions and suggestions are highly regarded so the beautiful woman decided to come shortly after. Holding Cecilion's hand, the mother and son strolled down the city to find a calash available for renting. On the way to the House Ansaac, the journey was very peaceful and they hardly encountered any mishaps. This isn't the first time the woman came over but it is for her son. Cecilion just blankly gazed at the window, looking at the oblivion. As a mother, the woman is very worried. The true nature of the Blood Demons is supposed to be hidden when they are in the Human Realm, or else war will taint this small land. 7 years ago, not even considering Cecilion's feeling, she forced Cecilion to live a life of that of a human, hoping that eventually he will forget his true origins. She's very afraid that her own son will come to hate her for restricting him. However, what she doesn't know is that Cecilion is a very intelligent child, capable of understanding complex matters even when young. He is very gifted on all fields, that's why he lived like he doesn't care about the world. The world doesn't concern him, and therefore, there was no meaning in fussing over things. Being alive is good enough, and probably living for another millenium is fine as well.

'There's just no meaning to live eternally in this awful world.'

As soon as they arrived in front of House Ansaac, the smell of flowers wafted in their nose. It seems that the House Ansaac is very fond of gardening, placing hundreds of plants, flowering and non-flowering in tow with each other in the sides. The beautiful scenery is just too surreal, one can probably say that Cecilion's also moved with this sight. The woman secretly noted this in her heart. Anything that puts her son's mood in the right track must be remembered!

A lady wearing a light blue dress adorned with golden lines welcomed them with a smiling face.

"I'm glad you made it here! Please come inside. I prepared snacks."  Mrs. Ansaac said while escorting the pair.

Mrs. Ansaac glanced at the small child walking side by side with the woman. Cecilion's eyes also met with Mrs. Ansaac. He bowed slightly and turned his gaze away.

"I didn't know that your son is this big already. Perhaps the deal is off, don't you think?"

"Hahaha! We wouldn't know for sure. A 7 year gap is nothing when it comes to love!"

The pair of ladies giggled as they chatted. Cecilion paid no mind to his mother and her friend, despite knowing what they are talking about.

'An arranged marriage in this day and age? Will the Young Miss accept and love a monster? That's definitely a no.'

Yes, they are thinking of marrying their kids into each other. Even if the other kid is still in Mrs. Ansaac's womb, still in a deep slumber. It's scary how people can just control other's lives and predetermine their fate even when they were not even born. It's definitely 'human nature'.

The two ladies first talked about business, the new talents and the future plans for the opera house. Knowing that the conversation would last quite a while, Mrs. Ansaac told Cecilion to hang out in the garden. Cecilion's eyes shimmered and quietly walked towards the garden.

The garden full of flowers gave off a very relaxing scent. Cecilion's mood seem to be  very excellent. He laid down in the space between the flowers and closed his eyes. 'Maybe this is what they usually call bliss. It's a very profound feeling.'

Unknowingly, a few hours already passed by. Cecilion's Mother and Mrs. Ansaac have finished their conversation and went to find Cecilion. They didn't expect that the child is sleeping so openly in the middle of the flower field. He probably enjoys the flowers too much!

Upon hearing footsteps drawing near, Cecilion reflexively opened his eyes, looking at the direction where it's coming from. Seeing that it's his mother and her friend, he stood up and wiped off some of the leaves which hanged on his clothes.

"Cecilion, you seem to enjoy flowers very much?" Mrs. Ansaac asked curiously.

"Yes, Madam. They are very beautiful and gives off a feeling of serenity."

Mrs. Ansaac smiled wider. "This child really have a temperament of a calm adult! Not like a certain someone~"

"Hey, what do you mean by that?!" Cecilion's Mother retorted.

The two bickered for quite some time, disregarding how they must've been in Cecilion's eyes. Two distinguished ladies  bickering in broad daylight! Where's their manners?

Suddenly, the wind blew hard. A pink flower petal danced in the air, swinging a few times before landing in Mrs. Ansaac's tummy. The petal seemed to carress the sleeping child inside. The child inside seemed to be awoken by the movement and became overjoyed with the received affection, eventually kicking inside her mother a few times.

"Ouch. This little one is very feisty!"

Mrs. Ansaac complained endlessly even citing the disadvantages of being a woman rather than  being a man. She probably has a grudge deeper than anyone's! She blames fate for being an individual capable of nourishing life! orz

"Do you not believe me how it really hurts? The kick feels like my tummy is being stretched very hard! Come and feel it! Ouch!!"

Mrs. Ansaac hurriedly held Cecilion's wrist and placed his hand over her tummy where the last kick was. However...

10 seconds..

A few minutes...

10 minutes passed without anything happening. Just what is this child playing at?

"She's playing favorite in an early age! What a child!" Mrs. Ansaac complained.

The truth is, there really are no kicks. However, a blood demon can sense the blood essence of a person near them. The child inside is very much alive, and seemed so innocent. Cecilion thought that being innocent is the most valuable treasure. Ignorance is truly a bliss!

"She's very lively." Cecilion commented. There's a trace of a small smile in Cecilion's lips.

Mrs. Ansaac stared at Cecilion for some time. Before saying,

"Cecilion, how would you like to name my child?"

This question shocked Cecilion's Mother even more than Cecilion. "Hey, isn't that going too far? Name your own kid on your own!" The young mother refuted.

"But.. I think this child and Cecilion shares a bond even without seeing each other. I just feel it, you know? A mother's instinct~"

"What mother's instinct? You actually just asked an outsider to name your own kid out of the blue!"

"What outsider? He's my future son-in-law!"

Cecilion knows that when they started bickering, it'll take some time before it cools off.
He didn't notice that he was still holding on Mrs. Ansaac's belly. Inside, the kid made a little movement, raising her hand and touching the surface just where Cecilion's hands rest above. This made Cecilion feel warm and comforted. It's a feeling he never experienced since he came into this world.

A life where you have to run away and be secretive of your origins forever, it's a curse. Cecilion never thought that a human child could comfort his wounds.

After some time, Cecilion spoke up.

"I can give her a name. I don't know if Mother and Madam will like it."

The two stopped bickering and stared at Cecilion for a bit. Then at each other.

Cecilion's Mother sighed in surrender. "Do as you please. You can tell us your thoughts."

Cecilion paused for a while, seeming to think very deeply. "This garden will be her sanctuary from the day she'll be born and up to many years to come. It'll be an important part of her. Therefore, I'd like to name her Carmilla. Carmilla means garden which definitely suits her."

"It's not a bad name. I'm sure she'll be delighted receiving the name. Thank you, Cecilion."

"My pleasure, Madam."

The mother and son pair soon bid farewell to Mrs. Ansaac. Upon stepping outside the gate of House Ansaac, Cecilion saw a vision. A Blood Demon's powers are very extraordinary. They can see a small glimpse of the future but without a definite way to trigger it. Or else, the balance of this world's powers will collapse.

What Cecilion first saw was a gory scene of a garden filled with blood and the House Ansaac burning halfway. The next scene showed a little girl being left alone by a group of girls. Afterwards, the scene shifted where a young girl was sitting in the VIP seat of a big theater and watching a golden haired man singing in the middle of the stage in awe. The final scene portrayed a  lady walking down the aisle with the golden haired man with a genuine smile on her face.

Cecilion knows what this means. The child's future is not very bright at first but later on she will achieve happiness. That's how the law of this world go. One must experience an exact same amount of happiness and also the exact same amount of grief as well in their lifetime. If not, the Gods of this world will be deemed unfair and unjust!

Carmilla's future is originally not entwined with Cecilion's. They should not have met when she was 20. They should not have saw the flames of love in their eyes 20 years from now. They should not have faced the criticisms of the Ansaac Family's new mistress and Master, hurting Carmilla deeply. Carmilla shouldn't have slitted her wrist to die for a very unfortunate romance. A romance that is unsightly, and will never be accepted by everyone.

However, Cecilion and Carmilla's love isn't so shallow as others thought it was. No one can ever be the judge for the two of them. Two lonely souls will still love each other eternally, until the destruction of this forsaken world.

Cecilion's mood relaxed. A small smile appeared on those stiff lips.

"Why do you smile like that? Did you remember something funny?" His mother asked in confusion.

"No, Mother. I just thought that, ... living eternally is not so bad."


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I'm sorry if this is too lengthy! I also used characters such as Mrs. Ansaac and Cecilion's Mother which has no story in the game but I know that they definitely exist(except for the background I provided w/c is purely fiction)! I really needed them for this work that's why I used them xD I love writing stories that's why I joined this event. Good luck to all participants!
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A girl named Nana was eating a big slice of watermelon in the garden of the land of dawn.

Few minutes later a boy named Diggie sat next to her.

Nana looked at him and asked "What are you doing here?"

Diggie just smiled and said "Can I taste it?"

Nana said "You're kinda creepy but yes you c--"

She was cut off because Diggie kissed her!

Nana blushed while Diggie smiled again and said "Oops.. But hey it's better than the watermelon"
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One day,nine criminals was said to rob a bank.The two Lead Detectives,Khufra and Esmeralda paired up together to solve this crime.The two went into the bank to try and search for fingerprints or clues.The two did not manage to find anything related to the crime.They were disappointed.Esmeralda walked to open the door.She pulled it,but it didn't open.Then they tried to do it together but still nothing.They panicked.That was until a stranger pulled the door from the outside.Khufra slipped and accidentally got on Esmeralda.He quickly got off her.Both of them brushed hardly.The stranger said "What a cute couple!". That was apparently the start of their relationship.They always bring it up on their date.They were happy ever after.

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(Just search for my ID since my IGN use special characters and I'm using a computer)
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Valentine's day in the Land of Dawn.Some of our heroes are lonely and desperate like Hanabi.Some of them are happy in love like Hayabusa and Kagura.But it will all change one rainy day.
Hanabi was standing alone in the rain for hours.And it just happened Kagura was passing by.When she saw lonely and sorry figure she couldn't help but to stop in tracks for a second.Hanabi saw through tears girl with umbrella stopping nearby,and after a moment walking towards her.She knew that figure,even in dreams(more like nightmares),she could see her with her lover.Kagura have seen in spite of rain that girl in front of her is crying.She took her umbrella and covered Hanabi with it saying:,,Here I can't share your pain,but I can shoulder you from rain".Hanabi exploded in tears and hugged Kagura,but these were tears of happiness.
Sorry for grammar english is not my native language.I look forward to more couples in the Land of Dawn.



We're not grammar nazis :3 Even if we appreciate a well written story, we understand we're all part of different regions.  Post time 2020-2-6 07:42 PM
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