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[Service] Don't allow the players to use the VPN

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I am not an IT expert to say this but if somebody use a vpn and trying to connect on our server, we're getting "LAG".  So devs, please fix this! We didnt play to match with the other countries players for lose because of lag!
Post time 2020-2-12 01:04 PM | Show all posts
people use vpn, you will not getting lag.
the lag is between vpn user ----- server.
you are not affected.

it could be your internet issue, your roomate is downloading/youtube/p hub/uploading
too many user in your surranding area, and it is peak hour.

 Author| Post time 2020-2-12 02:08 PM | Show all posts
lishi500 replied at 2020-2-12 01:04 PM
people use vpn, you will not getting lag.
the lag is between vpn user ----- server.
you are not aff ...

I would understand if I am the only one are getting lag but a whole of my team? Dude that's not normal! Oh BTW I am soloQ player
Post time 2020-2-12 02:14 PM | Show all posts
What @lishi500 said is right, your connection will not affected by VPN user.
Please check internet ping before play the games in in-game settings > Network Detection (Network Detection Tool) close all apps that using internet connection and make sure use Personal WiFi.
Post time 2020-2-12 03:09 PM | Show all posts
Not sure about this. If the vpn player from different server and you are in their lobby, you will be lagging 100%.


I think it affects only if the Player using vpn matches up in a different server and not in the same server that both players are from.  Post time 2020-2-13 05:36 AM
 Author| Post time 2020-2-12 03:28 PM | Show all posts
I HOPE @Iishi500 is right, but it exact opposite what he says on my experienced. WE are getting lag if our opponent is from different country. That's not normal because my team was from soloQ, so How can you explain that to me?
Post time 2020-2-12 04:10 PM | Show all posts
Sometimes we will lag if somebody uses VPN to connect to our lobbies. It's true. @DennisST @lishi500


I understand your predicament as I have experienced it myself a couple of times. However, we can't ban VPN as some users' net have problems having stable network despite being on Fibre/4G etc. VPN when used rightly will not result in lags of other users and will even improve the connection of the one using it.

May I suggest you to check out UUbooster? I've found that turning on UUbooster helps whenever I experienced lag or when my team/enemy crossed server or VPN to my server.
Post time 2020-2-13 03:26 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-2-12 04:10 PM
Sometimes we will lag if somebody uses VPN to connect to our lobbies. It's true. @DennisST @lishi500 ...

hahaha maybe they didn't encounter that. at least they will trust you to believe that it can happen.
Post time 2020-2-13 07:22 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-9 09:49 AM

@Sim0nKey @n4n4

In the lobby, normal game will use TCP to ensure connection between user and server. each request in TCP will have 3 handshakes (request - response - response). which is three time of your internet delay.

But in the match, to reduce the delay, server will use UDP. which server dont give a fk whether you can get the response or not. send request, and you are on your own. request may not come inorder when you internet connection is not good. that is why in some online games you will see player fly around and glitch.

So to reduce the delay in a match (make a fair match). Server will prioritily match people with similar delay (not sure about MLBB). so it is not someone affect your internet. it could be you and a vpn player has similar delay.

There are many issue can cause internet delay (as mentioned above).

Also, even you have fast internet, server might not in a good condition at that time. if server take a lot of load or other system failures, it could affect you and other people's match.

lishi500 replied at 2020-2-13 07:22 AM
@Sim0nKey @n4n4

In the lobby, normal game will use TCP to ensure connection between user and serve ...

Port forwarding is different.
Give a example of train station.

Train station is router.
Train platform is port.
Passengers are data package.
Train is the game program.

For passenger to go to the correct destination, they will need to find the time table, go to the correct platform, then get in the correct train.

Port-forwarding is seting up the correct time table. in this case, it will not affect any of your game experience. You will not get faster connection. and if you mess it up, you will not get connection.


Yuou have good points stated there, and I agree. But do you know anything about port-forwarding? I found a post and implemented that on my router but I am not very sure if it has any differnce.  Post time 2020-2-13 08:29 PM
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