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[Item Balance] Underrated spell actually unhealthy spell. You should realise it.

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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2020-2-25 12:19 PM

Tbh, Flameshot is broken spell rn to me. Did you know why.

- All hero can use this spell. So, they can abuse it.

- I act way too better than retribution spell and execute spell, deal more dmg, has better slow effect and very long range attack.

- Any mage, tank and support can abuse it well. It make some burst mage way opier than before. If you watch MPL Indo, they just use underrated mage win against any op hero team.

- It is able to steal enemy buff from long range. Rip jungler.

- I also affected with item like Ice Queen Wand or Glowing Wand, which is quite op too.

- Knockback effect is good to escape like Lesley skill2.

- Lastly Flameshot CD just 30 sec. Ggwp

Seem like this spell is just meh but this is not what you expected in game. Abuse this spell before get nerf. Trust me this flameshot is broken. I use it many time and I always win.

Post time 2020-2-25 01:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ariefhzt at 2020-2-25 01:13 PM

This spell is good if your hero build magic item. And this spell will trigger item passive skill. With low cd cd this is like optional ult. Powerful spell in brawl mode after heal got nerf

Post time 2020-2-25 01:16 PM | Show all posts
Completely agree with you. Not only mages but mm, tank, assassin, fighters are also using flame shot.
Some heroes can't even use their Ultimate like tigreal, mino because of flame shot. A 35 seconds spell can totally kill 120 seconds flicker which is insane in my opinion. Spell does not need gold, so cd time is the only way to determine the value of the spell.
So i suggest to nerf the flame shot. Its too much right now. You can even steal jungle or steal turtle and lord with flame shot too. So no need to use retribution anymore.
Post time 2020-2-25 04:23 PM | Show all posts
Flameshot is op right now.. Event tnk are using it should increase the cd to adjust it cause 35 sec  cd is  too low in my opinion..
Post time 2020-2-25 09:03 PM | Show all posts
Agreed. Flameshot is too game breaking to be "just" a battle spell.
IMO, a battle spell should only help the heroes just a little bit.
But look at this spell. Slow, knockback, high damage, long ranged, all in 1 spell.
All battle spell should only do 1 specific thing.
It's just a waste for such a versatile spell to only be just a battle spell.
I suggest to remove this spell entirely and give that effect to a hero instead.
Layla is a pretty good candidate for this.
Post time 2020-2-25 11:23 PM | Show all posts
You can see now 3-4 flameshots in one team. Everyone saw how powerful it is and now raping it
Post time 2020-2-26 02:02 PM | Show all posts
Yeah, it's pretty broken rn. 5 Flameshot can kill a midlaner in early game. Sometimes a Higher Mythic use it.
Post time 2020-2-26 10:01 PM | Show all posts
Yeah i agree i would nerf that spell, not so much but slightly nerf would be good, i mean now almost all mages have flameshot , no one can escape pharsa with that spell and i find it really useful on cecilion who is long range mage. But if you can predict it you surely can dodge it too. I saw once in match 3 mid on enemy team and all 3 of them had flameshot, theyy dealt me small demage but they killed me with 3 flameshot, tbh it was funny and interesting how they used it to kill me :D
Post time 2020-2-27 10:49 PM | Show all posts
I think this spell should be completely taken out. This spell is basically a granger ult that knocks people back, deals more dmg than execute and has less cooldown. This spell is broken as hell and plz nerf it.
Post time 2020-2-29 04:41 AM | Show all posts
They should rlly nerf flameshot
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