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[Item Balance] nerf/buff item when used by certain hero role/tag

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Edited by Crisis at 2020-3-12 02:27 PM

yeah... as the title said.
With the new update coming, heptaseas 150% dmg use by MM, Ouch. or maybe wear Defense Item, You're a Damager also the main core. you already the must safest hero which covers by ally. buy defense item, you making it harder, didn't you...
That includes Mage as well.
or maybe Tank with atk/magic gear, defense not offense (which is rare)(except hybrid)

the main of this post for MM (and Mage but don't know which to nerf), but decide to make for all role.

so the point: Let limit the gears for specific hero
suggest for item:
blade of heptaseas: 100% bonus dmg to all hero, but to Assa type increase to 125/150%
Endless Battle: 70% true dmg, if use of non-fighter hero = 35%
Rose Gold Meteor: Hp -30%, gain shield. use by MM, Hp -50%, gain (much more) shield
Hunter Strike: gain 30% mov spd for 3 sec. use by MM, gain 50% mov spd for 5 sec
Malefic Roar: ignore 20% to tower. use by hero with Speciality 'Push', increase ignore to 50%.
Sea Halberd: 50% reduce Hp regen. use by Fighter, 70% Hp regen reduce + skill atk also active the passive.

Woaq: all hero Role gain dmg reduce 50%, but MM & Mage 20%
Dominance Ice: 10% lower mov spd + 30% atk spd to enemy. use by specialty 'poke' 20% lower mov spd + 50% atk spd
BruteForceBreastplate: 3% mov spd + 4 phys & magic def. use by speciality 'regen or poke', 5% mov spd + 6 phys & magic def
Oracle: 30% increase shield & Hp regen. use by speciality 'regen', increase to 50%.
Blade Armor: 25% dmg return. use by specialty 'crowd control or initiator', increase to 50%.
Immortality: 15% Hp back + shield. use by non-tank, 10% Hp return + (decrease) Shield.
Antique Cuirass: 6% Phys & magic reduce. use by tank, 10% increase.
Athena's Shield: decrease shield if used by MM & Mage

Error, don't know which to customize for Mage & support.

Woaq: for example esme mage/tank, depending on the build. if Def gear > Magic gear = 50%, and vice versa. and if Mage = Def, Mage priority.
Athena's Shield: for example Roger Fighter/MM. no decrease shield cause the domain role is fighter.
boot, Jungle & Roam Item = Universal. for all role & specialty

this note includes gear that have similar requirement. (you want me to explain all? since I'm limited, how about you point out for me which)

That all that I got. is there any of you want to add?  might edit include will credit your suggest add. or any agree or disagree with this 'item specific'?

Post time 2020-3-12 04:45 PM | Show all posts

It is a great idea and suggestion to limit or boost certain statistics if used by certain heroes.

Please be sure to suggest your idea to the in-game CS!
Post time 2020-3-12 04:54 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2020-3-12 04:56 PM

I like the idea, but not all heroes at fault here.
For example, you're only allowing fighters to have 70% true damage from endless battle and other roles 30%. But the fact is, only Granger and Bruno are abusing this item, other mm like Karrie, Layla, Clint etc still using it just fair.

My suggestion is, let put the limit on the hero itself, not on the item.
Just like Lance, Haya anda Saber where they only get 30% spell vamp from bloodlust axe while other heroes may use it normally.
Post time 2020-3-12 05:00 PM | Show all posts
i think its logical suggestion. It can only increase assassin damage to 150%, but other classes will have 100% max. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2020-3-12 09:04 PM | Show all posts
Nice idea seems logical..
Post time 2020-3-13 02:29 AM | Show all posts
I like the Nerf / Buff idea but may I suggest you limit the use of Bold Format and use it only where it's necessary.
Kinda hard to read.
Post time 2020-3-13 11:00 PM | Show all posts
What if assassins use blade of seven seas
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