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[Gameplay] Brainless mythic

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At first, this is just classic match. I shouldnt share it since classic match is meaningless. However, I just wanna emphasize of how the report system works. I know there are already many reports just like me. So, I was forced to play marksman since nobody wanted to pick it. I picked Hanabi. I though that those nana and franco will at least support me in early game just to gain my core items. But no, nana and franco trolled. Both of them didnt want to help me even no buying that mask item to support. They played randomly and didnt play how they supposed to be. For along that match both of them just insulted me for my lack of gold. They trashtalked me and i didnt know how to survive. Everybody know that mm is very bad in early match. That franco even couldnt do hook ability and i had no idea with nana. Franco just wandered around in the base and didnt want to initiate or lead the match while trashtalking me. I played as good as I am but some of player reported me. What did I do? Did I make mistake? I got silver and my credit point decreases. I got penalty for no reason. Those brainless troller mythic such franco and nana supposed to be the culprit and not me. Why did moonton punish me? This game is so unfair. rsz_120200317_104548.jpg

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punishment system is f.. they need to change it asap...same goes for report system
Post time 2020-3-17 04:59 PM | Show all posts
the problem is you didn't know how to build your items. your opponents main damage come from eudora. you are quite lucky as only 2 of your teammates are feeding so it is still winnable. your opponents are not that good.

just keep clearing minion waves at bottom lane and push towers when there is an opportunity even if your teammates do not want to help you. slowly poke your opponents with your skill 1 under your tower. play passive and let your opponents go even if they are low on hp so you do not feed while trying to kill them. do not take turtle alone because you will be killed by other team.

buy jungle knife and swift boots then upgrade knife to nimble blade since you want to deal more damage to minions to help clear wave fast and get more experience when you jungle near bottom lane. build scarlet phantom then berserker fury and join team fights.

once franco and nana see that you are a good player, they will help you then your role as mm should be easier. push towers and take lord. should be able to win by now.
 Author| Post time 2020-3-17 05:08 PM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-17 07:54 PM
Dexter99 replied at 2020-3-17 04:59 PM
the problem is you didn't know how to build your items. your opponents main damage come from eudora. ...

You are right....the enemy is actually easy. But the main problem are the franco and nana. Both of them are trolling and didnt even help me. Franco played offside. He wandered around only top lane.

But....yeah.....whatever.....its classic...everyone free to troll.
Post time 2020-3-17 07:37 PM | Show all posts
Yeah...that Franco item is obvious he is trolling.
Mythic, epic, warrior....all the same. ML is getting suck.
Report system more like a diary of problematic players.
Post time 2020-3-17 07:57 PM | Show all posts
punishment system needs to be improved along with harder punishment for afk, troll and feeder. People are becoming more and more aggressive and careless due to lower punishment. I think its time to improve this to maintain fair gaming experience for everyone. thanks for your feedback.
Post time 2020-3-18 03:27 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-3-17 07:57 PM
punishment system needs to be improved along with harder punishment for afk, troll and feeder. Peopl ...

The problem is not lower punishment but wrong punishment. Like OP said, I can also play nana to troll, get mvp (gold atleast) & then report players who actually tried to play. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Often the toxic player gets mvp/gold & you get bronze to cover for him (defending base) & credit loss.
This is one of the main reason I do not support too harsh punishment. Not until the punishments are more accurate.
Post time 2020-3-18 02:05 PM | Show all posts
1. you were the one with the least money
2. even by just clearing minions you can be the one with most money in early game, without any help
3. if two or more players report for the same reasons, it sometimes goes thru (even if its not fair, thats a system mistake), BUT it never goes thru if its wrong (in this case you died a lot, didnt assist much)
4. Its very easy to be mvp with nana, just spam the molinas, dont die, spam ultimate and you Will have lots of assists. SHe is hard to kill because of the passive.
5. Punishments in classic and Rank are the same and are triggered by the same parameters, so it didnt matter you played classic.
6. Many players hate to play with non meta marksmen figther and mage, examples are balmond, hanabi, eudora... they automatically troll as soon as they see them.
Post time 2020-3-24 07:11 AM | Show all posts
When you play Hanabi you want to be a dickhead early game and farm. If you could get kills or look for picks such as 4v1. Then sure in early game. Your nana wasnt exactly trolling cuz she could be built as a mage. Your franco was trolling definitiely and pretty sure reported you since you were not mythic. I think you should upgrade to tier 2 knife so u could farm longer. Try to rush dmg for faster farming and since your passive gives you life steal as hanabi. You assissted a lot actually; you should have be playing farming similator more often. However, with your team comp, it was kind of hard. With hanabi, you just try to make safe plays until you have dmg.     
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