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[Item Balance] Lets talk about roam item (Part II)

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Edited by AZNUR at 2020-4-3 07:46 PM

In the past, i created a thread complaining about roam item nerf
but now, after the recent update in advance server, it might be forgiven.

In the latest patch in advance server, all roam items 3rd tier got 100 gold cheaper. But tbh here, 100 gold cheaper still not enough.
Tank is in a very hard spot right now. Imagine, 1 of tank major role is to absorb damage from the enemy. In MOBA, there are many kind of damage, from physical, magical, true damage, crit, HP base and much more. Tanks need to counter all these types of damage but their work got a lot harder just because they have to spend their gold on roam items instead of counter items. Thats why im a bit downed when devs  romoved devotion passive from roam items as it make obtaining gold and exp for tanks harder...same goes with obtaining counter items, all become harder.

So, even after all roam items got cheaper by 100 gold, i still think its still not enough considering how short matches end in the current meta. As a main tank, most of my matches, out of 6 slots, only 4 or so were able to completed before the match end. Imagine on how to counter Karrie full items + redd buff or Lunox full build with tank that just only 4 to 5 items completed. Only meta tanks (Atlas/Grock) were able to withstand them, because theyre unbalance....luckily they were nerfed in the latest patch.

In the end, I got a simple suggestion on how to solve this issue :
1. Reduce all roam item cost by 250 gold instead of just 100
2. Include 40 physical and 40 magical defence in all roam items 3rd tier
3. Buff Unique passive - Thriving
    If your gold and exp rank is the 5th in your team, increase gold gain to 25 gold per 4 sec (previously 20) and 45 exp per 4 sec (previously 35).

Post time 2020-4-3 08:07 PM | Show all posts
From the current state of things around tanks, i would say i agree with anything as long as its not crazy op.. seeing how little options of items tanks can pick and how they arent made to farm gold themselves..

Physical attack has its own page list of item.. so does magic attack items.. but tanks item be it physical def or magic def, only has 1 page afterall.. so yeah i give support to this..
Post time 2020-4-4 07:46 AM | Show all posts
Losing the exp and gold is already makes tanks in a rough spot so yeah I am in total agreement with you. Roaming objects in 3rd tier should give bonuses such as armor and Mr.  
Post time 2020-4-4 06:53 PM | Show all posts
not a bad idea and not a bad suggestion. After all i think buffing the 3rd tier is a good idea. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2020-4-5 02:56 AM | Show all posts
Hm.. I don't really know the whole calculations, but...
Honestly IMO, just make that so the heroes gain less benefits from the passive if there are multiple roaming item users on the team.
For example:
1 hero: 2 gold and exp every 4 seconds.
2 heroes: 2 gold and exp every 8 seconds
3 heroes: every 12 seconds.
And so on and so forth.
Something like that.
 Author| Post time 2020-4-5 03:27 AM | Show all posts
Eternalight replied at 2020-4-5 02:56 AM
Hm.. I don't really know the whole calculations, but...
Honestly IMO, just make that so the heroes g ...

One thing that ive used to with moonton and i hate it is they will never revert back any changes they made. For example, just like they removed the devotion passive, i can 100% guarantee that they will never return it back. If their plan fail, they will either make new passive or just buff till the new passive become op.


I see. That's a bummer. It feels like they often balance things in a weird way.  Post time 2020-4-7 04:34 AM
Post time 2020-4-6 10:36 AM | Show all posts
i LOVE the idea of giving magical defense OR phyisical defense to roaming masks, that would be amazing.
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