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[Item Balance] New Tank &Support Item Suggestion

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So these new item suggestion is for Tank and Support purpose, but maybe also suitable for Fighter too

Time Glitch Mirror

+1000 hp
+10 armor
+25 magic armor
+15% crowd control time reduction
*Passive : Time Glitch - when you get crowd controlled you gain 1 stack, you gain time glitch shield when you have 3 stack, time glitch shield will negate any crowd control effect such as stun/immobilize/horrified/hex for 1x time, and then you also gain 5% of your max hp as shield.

Jar of Life and Death
+850 hp
+50 hp regen
+10% extra movement
*Passive : Life and Death Power - when you have 70% or more of your max hp, you will not gain any regen or heals but it will be stored to the Jar which can contain max up to 30% of your max hp, this effect will stop untill the storage full.
.when your hp goes below 20% then the Jar will heals your hp equal to 1x of stored regen/heal plus 5% of your max hp, you will also get another extra 20% movement for 2 second.

Cube of Enchantress
+1400 hp
+35 hp regen
+25 mp regen
+30 armor
+30 magic armor
*Active : Enchanting Spirit - activate to release enchanting spirit in the spot, it will last for 25 second, it will beep on the map when there is enemy hero around there. Cooldown : 60 second.

Radiance Heart
+1500 hp
+20 armor
+20 magic armor
+40% healing effect
+5% movement speed
*Passive : Radiance Fear - enemy hero in a large area who have max hp 25% or below will be revealed.
*Passive : Radiance Heart - every 3x times you deal damage to enemy you will release radiance wave to ally around which heal your hp and allies equal to 1.25% max hp.

Spiked Crystal Armor
+900 hp
+15 armor
+35 magic armor
+10% cooldown reduction
*Passive : Crystal Reflection - everytime you get crowd controlled you will deal  magic damage equa to 100 plus 3% of your max hp to enemy who controlled you.

Memento Orb
+750 hp
+10% damage amplified to your attack and skills
+30 mp regen
+5% damage reduction
+12% movement speed
*Passive : Memento - your soul will stay in the place last for 10 second whenever you die, your soul will grant your ally with an area of sight vision in that place.

Robe of Necrokeep
+950 hp
+25 magic armor
+5 armor
+20% chance to avoid enemies attack
*Active : Necrokeep Aura - activate to make you untargetable to enemies physical attack last for 3.5 second and you will deal magic damage every second equal to 50 plus 2.5% your max hp to nearby enemies also heal your 3% max hp for every unit dies nearby. Cooldown : 45 second

Erudito - Chrono Device
+1150 hp
+15% crowd control time reduction
+15% respawn time reduction
+15% cooldown reduction
* Passive : Time Manipulation : cast a skill will give you 1 stack, max up to 10 stack, use all stack when you die, each stack will give you 0.75 second respawn time reduction.
*Active : Chrono Blast : activate to release a wave of choro blast in a large area which deal magic damage equal to 9% of your max hp and slow 90% movement speed and 10% attack speed last for 3 second. Cooldwon : 60 second

Erudito - Clone Device
+1050 hp
+30 hp regen
+30 mp regen
+10% movement speed
+100 point of choosen stats
* Passive : Clone Device - when your hp goes 30% or below then you became invisible last for 2.5 second with extra 50% movement, at the same time you leave 1 illusion of yourself last for 3 second. Cooldown : 60 second
* Active : Flexible Core - activate to switch the 100 point of stats bonuses from this gear, you can switch between 100 point of physical damage or 100 point of magic power. Cooldown : 0 second

Erudito - Storage Device
+1250 hp
+650 mana
+20% reduction on skill hp cost
+30% reduction on skill mana cost
* Passive : Storage Energy - when you kill or assist you get 1 stack of storage, each stack will give you 150 point of hp and 100 point of mana, max up to 10 stack.
* Active : Damage Store - activate to grant you 1000 point of shield last for 5 second, all the damage taken while duration will be recorded, at the end of duration you will get an extra point of max hp and max mp equal to 10% of recorded damage. Cooldown : 60 second
Post time 2020-4-12 11:54 PM | Show all posts
Very very great Idea even though some still need adjustments but still i like all of it.

But one problem to remind is, in ML there is too many items and heroes damage is based on max hp so all your suggestions with high hp might not be helpful in helping tanks in the current meta. I wish there is a tank item specialized in physical and magical defence, dont care if it has hp or not. Or just make a combination of armor blade and dominant ice to make a next tier physical defence item. And of course, a specialized magical defence item too.
Post time 2020-4-13 01:07 AM | Show all posts
Truth to be told I wish a lot of items you made allows you to use them as actives to help ur teammates like a support and tank should for some of them. I like your ideas tho it will make it unique. I have to agree with Aznur getting hp really doesn't did a lot since many tanks and heroes need armor and magic resist.


Yeah me too, but we already have them( armor) but we don't have super magic armor item, maybe in the future the dev should made those item, and also the next tier item too  Post time 2020-4-13 03:06 PM
Post time 2020-4-13 09:46 AM | Show all posts
Awesome ideas dude!! Thanks and congratulations.
BUT you exagerated the defensive stats.
Its ok to have ONE ítem with doulbe defense, magic and physical, BUT ITS NOT OK TO HAVE MANY ITEMS WITH DOUBLE DEFENSE. That would make both tanks and fighters unkilable.
Only one double defense ítem is enough, otherwise every tank and fighter would buy the 2 or more ítems with double defense first, then build whatever the enemy Carrier has.
So im against double defense ítems, Im totally up to more magic defense ítems and more options for physical damage.
 Author| Post time 2020-4-13 03:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-5 09:20 AM
AZNUR replied at 2020-4-12 10:54 PM
Very very great Idea even though some still need adjustments but still i like all of it.

But one pr ...

Agree that...actually at first i am going to make those item with no hp bonuses like dominance ice or armor blade, but we already have those two, or maybe it could be the next tier item where dominance ice is the ingredients...

HoaHoa replied at 2020-4-13 08:46 AM
Awesome ideas dude!! Thanks and congratulations.
BUT you exagerated the defensive stats.
Its ok to ...

Yes we already had physical defence item, we lack of magical defence item, but maybe if the double defence item created then it should be the next tier item like maybe dominance ice+some ingredients maybe?
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