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[Ranking Tips] My observation on Legend players

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i am a mythic player that has 200 stars when the star system was still a thing, and also a 1.1k+ points in previous seasons. but still even we sometimes get matched with legend players. And while playing with these players i kinda get frustrated on how they do certain things and sometimes also their vision about the game. So for you legend players i thought i'd show what exactly keeps you from going higher up in the ranks (if you are stuck in legend only)

**quick note**
this is more for legends that have never reached mythic before and that struggle to understand the importance of some things that are very simple for most older players. This is also not made to rank shame legend players

ill just right away start with the biggest problem most legends have

Drafting is right away the issue of alot of legend players. they have a certain "meta" that is kinda diffrent from mythic players and generally the drafting they do is not bad but they tend to still ban oudated bans. a good example in the current meta would be cecilion..i am not sure why he is still banned by some legend players but please he is not even close to be broken and its just a waste of the ban slot...also last patch i noticed some zhask bans which actually surprised me ALOT since hes not even picked ever. But it doesn't just stop at bans, also picks is an issue it seems like usually

- Lesley
- Zhask
- Irithel
These are the kind of picks that are always picked by them for some reason. and i will be honest it usually doesn't work. and yeah every hero can work if played right but try to pick more meta heroes would be always a much better option

Emblems & Spells
This is more to the adc's in legend, but usually you see them using inspire for example instead of purify, flicker,flameshot which is bad since if you are off position wich i expect to happen alot as a legend being you'll need these kind of spells

And i see alot of legend players generally not caring about their emblem and just picking something out which is not a good idea at all

Map awareness and no knowledge about the current rotations
Alright this one might be slightly understandable but its still something important. so the most basic rotation right now is:
050 at second 1 until the mid fight is over with potential invades and then gank then 131 with the midlaner ganking the toplane. Now the problem is alot of legends doesn't seem to understand that after they go to their lane they will get ganked by the midlaner and will say something like "mid why no ss" while you can just expect the enemy coming since its the most basic rotation in ML right now. you do not need to defend your turret its more important to not get picked off by the midlaner so get out of your lane once you realize they are coming

Teamfighting is more important than farming apperantly?
no its not, as an adc being you have to get the gold advantage before you fight, toplane and mid will fight it 4v5 or 4v4 but don't fight as well. just farm until you get your core items. as for the midlaner or top they shouldn't fight too much in a disavantage

yesterday i had a legend saying "all mythic players are boosted, we all have the same skill level" in my team, personally you are not focusing on getting better at the game if you make such statements because there are in fact diffrences between mythic and legend and the gap is pretty big. So focus on improving and stop thinking your a god
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I agree with you that mythic and legends are different players. However, I saw a lot of bad mythic players and good mythic players on my team. I seen so many mythic that give me aids and cancer combined that I think they are boosted. I am legend player who solo ranks for most of the time and never reached mythic but I play better than some mythics arguablly. I know how to control the game and get my team fed. However, supporting for these teams who never want to tank and who can't carry is painful. There is not much I could really do if I tank and my mm or carries are garbage. I don't mean to say mythics are bad but some are good and some are warrior level that it makes one wonder if they are boosted.


  Post time 2021-4-11 11:01 PM
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aznager replied at 2020-4-24 07:13 PM
I agree with you that mythic and legends are different players. However, I saw a lot of bad mythic p ...

People that are in mythic for their first time or hardstuck mythic v-iv are also the same but i think decent players are at mythic III+


  Post time 2021-4-11 11:01 PM
Post time 2020-4-26 07:31 PM | Show all posts
And this is where matchmaking would take part. They should change the matchmaking so player below mythic cant be match with mythic players because the playstyle of each division is different. Lets say some legends dont have enough
Knowledge about strategies and rotation. So if they tweek the matchmaking a lil bit it would make a big difference.


  Post time 2021-4-11 11:03 PM
yeah matchmaking is also a part of this issue probably  Post time 2020-5-4 06:32 PM
Post time 2020-4-30 06:43 AM | Show all posts
Very good initiative by my fellow colleague and really appreciate it.
It is true many legend players just not aware or have sufficient amount of knowledge about current meta. It will help them a lot.


  Post time 2021-4-11 11:03 PM
  Post time 2021-4-11 11:03 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-5-4 06:32 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2020-4-30 06:43 AM
Very good initiative by my fellow colleague and really appreciate it.
It is true many legend players ...

yoo thanks brudda


  Post time 2021-4-11 11:04 PM
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