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Author: jonxunhe
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[Query] Kagura Suck??

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 Author| Post time 2020-4-30 08:32 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-5 03:34 AM
Kathey replied at 2020-4-29 10:59 PM
She can force enemies to avoid directly attacking the turret because when you can use her first skil ...

I see, well think my problem is
Every time i use first skill, it didnt hit but enemy rush toward me, i cant flee.
I cant blink toward and i cant pull my umbrella back.
Even if i press ultimate, They dont have blink, they just walk away like it nothing

I think playing kagura, you need to calculate where enemy will move

Blueazkaban replied at 2020-4-30 11:10 AM
Hard??? She was like my fourth hero to use in rank (Layla, Kimmy, Fanny and Kagura) I have 78.9 wr ...

As you say, you legend.
I dont think i at your level
Post time 2020-5-1 02:43 AM | Show all posts
jonxunhe replied at 2020-4-30 08:32 PM
I see, well think my problem is
Every time i use first skill, it didnt hit but enemy rush toward m ...

I usually get close to enemy if it was only one or two people and use first skill on them. You can run away if enemy is rushing towards you and then you can use your second skill when the umbrella disappears and you get the shield (you know, her passive). Because Kagura’s skills has two modes and you can use the skills two times, one on each mode. The normal mode is when Kagura doesn’t use her first skill or second skill. During this time, you can use first skill or second skill to activate other mode. If you use first skill, you have a cooldown on the other mode, but you can use second skill and there is no cooldown on the other mode. This is why I recommend a skill combination of first skill, ultimate, second skill first skill and second skill and then second skill + flicker to flee. I think you should try this combo, I tried this combo in practice mode and it works a lot.
Post time 2020-5-1 04:21 AM | Show all posts
She is not op but she is good. I personally think she needs a buff.
Post time 2020-5-1 08:40 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2020-4-29 02:03 PM
Currently, Kagura skills got some bugs so i dont recommend to use her now. But bugs aside, she is a  ...

Gosu Hoon: Yes MASARAP ~
Post time 2020-5-1 12:12 PM | Show all posts
jonxunhe replied at 2020-4-30 08:33 PM
As you say, you legend.
I dont think i at your level

You can be a God in Kagura if you just practice always. I hope you will be great someday, keep practising. Cheers!
Post time 2020-5-1 12:46 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-5 03:35 AM

I recommend you to watch my kagura montage! Kagura is secretly in the meta right now. She's only a hard hero to master that's why she's not on the spotlight that she deserves. In addition, you'll only need to carefully think about where to throw your skills and the mobility that she gives from her skill set is a perfection.
BD007 replied at 2020-5-1 04:21 AM
She is not op but she is good. I personally think she needs a buff.

well I think she's balanced atm. No need to touch her since a buff might give her a shine and then we know what's next...a nerf.

Post time 2020-5-1 05:43 PM | Show all posts
When using Kagura i recommend you play with Tigreal/Minotour since it can make up for the lack of stuns in your Ultimate that way when you use your Ultimate they won't run away. I used to main Kagura and it was awesome i would often get MVP playing her in the mid lane. Also i recommend you reach lvl 4 after the 2nd minion wave and then steal 1 of the enemy jungle while roaming to top lane that way you can get to lvl 4 and you can try to kill their Marksman in the Top Lane. Kagura is good for early game and also its good for late game since it has very high Damage you can easily kill the enemy marksman if they don't have and kind of escaping spell/skill.
Post time 2020-5-2 08:11 PM | Show all posts
Kagura dosent suck bro...its just a bit hard to control
Post time 2020-5-8 03:24 PM | Show all posts
maybe you are forgetting 2 things:
1. jungle advantage. You need to have 1000 or 2000 battle points more thant the enemy in order for her to dominate.
2. Gank. she is more efficient when attacking by surprise
3. Combo. She can kill fast, but you need to do the combo correctly.
4. You dont need to be a killer with her, just a póker with lots of damage at the end, even if you dont get many kills.
Post time 2020-5-17 05:31 PM | Show all posts
pastichka1 replied at 2020-4-29 04:42 PM
i smashing rank with Vale, try it lol its so fun mvp mvp

Vale looks so cool so I brought him and also have the (only) skin. But when I started the battle after understanding all his skills, I was totally disappointed. Yeah, he's got damage, stun but everything is so slow that enemy can dodge them easily. Comparing to the current meta hero, Vale isnn't a very good choice.
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