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[Share] Miya,Zilong,and Eudora reworked and my thoughts on them

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Edited by Staufferboy at 2020-4-30 12:22 AM

So yeah in my opinion it seems they got better. Am going to talk about zilong first since a used to playing fighters the most.


Passive: Now instead of waiting 6 seconds and reduce the time by 0.5 per basic attack it just requires you to basic attack 3 times which I think is much quicker.

First skill: They nerfed the base damage but increased the defense reduction to 30 at max instead of 20 which is nice. Also it last 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds.

Second skill: Base damage in the late game got increased from 385 to 500 and instead of performing a quick basic attack immediately it now slows them down by 80% for 0.5 seconds. Also now it's a regular dash skill, so you can use this to escape enemys by going through a wall.

Ultimate: Ok this has some changes. For the bad now it lasts for 6 seconds at all levels, Attack speed increase is now 30%/40%/50% instead of 45%/60%/75%. Cooldown is my of an adjustment because it has less cooldown in the early game but higher cooldown in the late game. Its cooldown now is 28/24/20 seconds instead of 30/24/18 seconds. Now for buffs is that your movement speed increase from 30% to 40%. Also it only takes 2 basic attacks to activate passive instead of 3.

Only thing I would change would be increasing the 2nd skill range because in my opinion


Passive: Your attack speed still increased each time you hit someone but now you can get a clone of you which hits an extra basic attack when you reach max stacks. But the attack speed has been lowered. But since she has more damage it balance out. Also people been joking now that she is a Stand user now lol.

First skill: The same thing really but base damage has been increased but total physical attack bonus decreased from 105% to 100%. Also your clone can also use this skill

Second skill: Now it instantly traps them if they get hit in the center. But if you don't hit them in the center it shows a mark. If you hit them enought times to fill the mark it traps them like you would if you hit them in the center. This is much better because now you actually have a chance to stop them.

Ultimate: Now when you use it you reach max stacks and increases her movement speed by 35%/50%/65% for 5 seconds. At less am pretty sure its for 5 seconds not just the time your invisable I think.


Passive: Mosty the same but is improved.

First skill: they nerfed the base damage but now with the superconductor affect after a short deley it will do more damage. Basically nerfed the base damage but increase the superconductor effect.

Second skill: Now with the superconductor it spreads the stun over to there teamates stunning them for 0.5 seconds. This will be good in teamfights I bet.

Ultimate: Am pretty sure its more of a nerf now since you have to have superconductor effect to hit multiple people.

If you want more info here is Elgin explaining it better.

What do you think about these revamps?

Post time 2020-4-30 04:56 PM | Show all posts
IMO, Eudora is fine before revamped and still fine after revamped. Nothing special about her revamp. Zilong, his passive is better but I wish something new or change for his ult. Miya is amazing tbh.
Post time 2020-5-1 12:03 AM | Show all posts
Glad to see that miya is the best between 3 of them in my opinion. Most probably we will see miya once again in rank like in past(2017).
Post time 2020-5-4 11:28 AM | Show all posts
i m coming back baby !!!

"Where do you think you're going!?"
"One shot, one kill!"
"Watch your back!"
"I can hit you and let you die in a mile away."
"You can't run from my arrow."
"I can handle that!"
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