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HELP!!! i need help from the game dev. my account have been hacked by someone from indonesia. They bind my account with their google play. I only play mobile legends using iphone so i cannot remove their linked google play account. So, right now they can enter my account and i have seen my history they play ranked and classics which i am not. Also, i have lost 5k diamonds because of this situation which i recharge to buy the lesley legend skin. They send the diamonds to their main account. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. Please remove the google play linked account from mine. I have already emailed the game customer service for 4 days straight but yet to get any response from them. I have all my details to verify that is my account. PLEASE I BEG U. I'M REALLY DESPERATE RIGHT NOW
Post time 2020-5-1 09:28 PM | Show all posts
You have to wait patiently for a response if you have contacted regarding your hacked account. There is nothing we can do beyond this point. We hope you can get your account back. Also, I don’t think they can send diamonds yet. They must have purchased something or maybe sent gifts to someone.
Post time 2020-5-2 08:52 AM | Show all posts
Yes send to the email and wait forever.
My advise, dont bother listening to the Admins here, they dont know shit unit Moonton comes out with a discovery. You do all the screen shots, send to the police as a report on hacking and possible identity fraud and that Moonton is not help or bother to help with regards to security. It seems that there is a huge backdoor to Moonton’s MLBB. They know it but they are not doing anything much about it. Also send this to Apple/Android on a possible lack of QA on the game’s security and that why are Apple/Android allowing them to post the game up with this lack of QA. Is Apple/Android not even doing their job to ensure security is one of their top priority? Or are these just surface talk.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-5 11:21 AM | Show all posts
That’s the problem. I have reported everywhere from the MLBB community to Google and Apple community yet still none of them even respond. I really hope someone make a petition to put this game down for good for a while. Cause these type of game manufacturers attitude brings the game down in the past.
Post time 2020-5-6 05:17 PM | Show all posts
Diamonds don't share between OS. It means, if you have diamonds in iOS, and then you open your account on Android, it will not transferred to your account on Android. It will stay in your iOS. And vice versa.
And, you were saying you lost your diamonds? And how do you know the hacker is from Indonesia?
Post time 2020-5-8 04:32 AM | Show all posts
SAME problem, my account got hacked by Indonesian and she kicked me out from my own squad that I worked hard to grow. Are you guys deaf on this?
Post time 2020-5-10 10:44 AM | Show all posts
They are not deaf. They just cannot be bothered or they are part of it. Because the security is a total flaw. As long as they have your id and server they can just do an account retrieval through their in-game retrieval which is so stupid. Anyway can just answer the questions there and get your account anywhere.
Post time 2020-5-10 06:41 PM | Show all posts
I agree so much with the lack of support and their security issues. I was hacked as well, but I was very lucky that the hacker was unable to bind my accounts as I have binded them all.

What happened to me was, I was on Hiatus for around 8 months, and suddenly my friends say they were kicked out of squad. I logged in, and my in-game user ID was changed - bastard use my one and only free name change card.

After logging in, even after changing my Moonton email address and password + changing my google password, he was still able to log in. I received an attempt to log in to my Google account, from INDONESIA, and I blocked that attempt. He is still able to log in after a while. I even created a new Gmail, and bind my game to the new Gmail, and he was still able to log in! Which is why, I think there is a serious problem with Moonton's security team.

At first, I thought after binding to a new Gmail, the hacker should not be able to log in. So I went to buy Diamonds to change back my ID.

The hacker was able to log in though! And even spent my diamonds. I did complain to Moonton and the reply was damn slow. Until one day, there was suddenly an option to "log out of all devices" and since then, the hacker was unable to log in anymore.

I emailed the team regarding a refund because the hacker changed my In-game ID and I have to spend money to buy the name change card and also the hacker spending my diamonds away. Till now, there is only one reply - for hacker issue, email to Otherwise, please use the in game Customer support, WHICH IS USELESS.

So Moonton, please get your act and improve your security! I agree with the petition to temporarily take down the game until they solve their security issue. There has been so many complains on hacking in this forum, Reddit, Discord, etc, I am sure Moonton knows about this problem but they just can't be bothered.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-12 09:44 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 11:19 AM

Yeah, how did i know the hacker was from INDONESIA was because of google login notification which pop out of blue saying i’m logging in from there. I know there’s a possibility that the hacker was using vpn while hacking, but ther is one instance that i managed to kick the hacker out of the game while he was still choosing hero in the ranked mode, and which he was playing with his friend which is an INDONESIAN. The major loophole of the security was that u can login on new device without needing the moonton acc n pass. The third party link should supposedly can be used to login on verified platform not on the first time login of the new device. REPAIR YOUR SECURITY BECAUSE IT IS SOO DAMN WEAK AND VULNERABLE. Btw, i still didn’t get my acc back after 3 weeks

iri replied at 2020-5-6 05:17 PM
Diamonds don't share between OS. It means, if you have diamonds in iOS, and then you open your accou ...

I’m saying i lost the diamonds due to the hacker send gifts to their main account (i think because otherwise why would he). And i saw the gift sent history my profile all of the transactions he made. Also, i was in a group so it shows everything that the hacker has bought using my rare skin diamonds which i had around 1k something
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