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Author: Turmeric
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 Author| Post time 2020-5-14 04:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 11:20 AM

So, here is the update after a span of 4 weeks changing emails with the developer, i can conclude they are TRASH, USELESS AND NON HELPFUL AT ALL. After all of my explaining about my situation, and providing all the details they requested, the reply that they give me was saying that they will unban my account which in the first place my account was never on ban at all and they end the emails thread at there and told me to start over again on a new email conversations to lodge my complaints. So, u guys can keep on playing this game at your own risk about your privacy cause i’m out.

Stolas replied at 2020-5-13 12:57 PM
So a hacker somehow managed to get his way on my account, I tried all possible ways of preventing hi ...

The sign our all device option is just to remove the moba account that have been logon to play. It doesn’t help when the hacker have binded theirs third party platform on your account as they can still manage to enter it by putting in their third party platform details. Unless, u have binded ALL the third party platforms available there :)
Post time 2020-5-22 10:39 AM | Show all posts
I'm okay now. My account is back. You have to accept by now that the mods here can't really help you. They'll only give you the reply they give to everybody. They can't magically remove binded poor indonesian account. Also, customer service is so slow, and will not be faster regardless of how much you spent in the game. I was hoping for a fast response. I was having a tournament on my Facebook Page that week.
I'm lucky, I'm a streamer and one of my followers helped me get my account back cause it's been 5 days and no progress from MLBB side. He just did what the mods here keep sending. Login using android if gplay is binded, and ios if gamecenter is binded, play until ML magically recongizes your account and you can finally enter your moonton credentials to remove the binded focking indonesian and finally bind yours and you can do this within 2-4 hours, if you're lucky enough that the indonesian doesn't interrupt at all or else you will have to start all over again
what's saddening is mlbb knows it's happening, but they are not explaining what happened, i saw in the MLBB forums Eizy even blamed the players for using "third party apps" when I swear I never used any. geez thanks mod.
I got my account back. but all my aurora crystals, dias, fragments, bp's, potions are all gone now. i've saved them up for so long for special things. but the hacker spent it all on useless items in game that i don't need.
and moonton can't give that back. nor will they give compensation to those who were hacked. heck, they won't even admit there was a flaw in their security enough to say a simple "sorry"
Post time 2020-5-23 11:43 PM | Show all posts
I also had same problem, some indonesian hack to my account and out from nowhere bind to vk account

I do some research bt my own how it can be done,
The hacker can load your ml profile using jsondeviceid that you will find in your ml scripting in your phone, let say if you already unbind the hacker account they still can get in to your account by using the jsondeviceid

I had bind all the 3rd party platform and activate authenticator for all platform

But seem for security it not safe yet because the hacker still can access the profile and do.some damage

It seem like montoon doesn't pay attention to this security issue where it is most sensitive information, I think montoon should probably know about this sort of information leakage but doesnt take responsive action to make it more securely instead they responsively introduce more skin and heroes

I was emailing to mlbb if can migrate the account to new id because it already compromise

Just pointing out mt opinion
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