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[Complaint] Why nerf Uranus!

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Edited by lufasa at 2020-5-9 12:08 PM

This is just unfair. It's just ridiculous. I am truly baffled that a hero like Uranus is getting nerfed.  I mean, why would you nerf a hero like Uranus, like ever? For those who don't know already, Uranus' base physical defense is being reduced from 20 to 14 and let me tell you why it's actually unfair. You guys might be aware of this already but Uranus is the tank with the lowest base stats of all tanks and that includes his base HP and both his base physical and magical defense. As a matter of fact, his base defense stats are already weaker than even freaking Nana. He needs a buff rather than a nerf. So you see, how does that make sense and much more, how is a nerf on the base physical defense justified on this hero? It's just non sense in my opinion especially when you consider the fact that Badang is being buffed at the same time when he already is an OP hero. You see what I am taking about.

I could say more but then the post would be too long so I am leaving it here. I honestly don't think Uranus should get nerfed and I am sure many more players would agree with me. Please Moonton, consider taking back this nerf and let Uranus be who he is. I hope you will listen.

Post time 2020-5-9 11:09 PM | Show all posts
First time ?
Welcome to a game where kid's cry and complaint is more important than actually balancing hero in the game . Just look everywhere kid is always talking about uranus having unlimited health , that they don't even bother learn how to counter it and directly submit nerf request in CS in the game .
Post time 2020-5-9 09:52 PM | Show all posts
Truth to be told, I think nerfed him bc of his laning substain and his early game bullying. He is one of the few heroes in my opinion to walk under a tower lv1 and deal massive dmg and then get away bc of his passive.
Post time 2020-5-12 08:37 AM | Show all posts
all tanks need buff!! nerf marksmen!! we need more tanking ítems.
So sad about uranus man, one less tank i can use. I stoped using minotaur because flameshot cancels the ultimate and now uranus....
i guess i can only pick khufra or grock now.... maybe baxia??
Post time 2020-5-9 08:56 PM | Show all posts
yep nerf and buff on unnecessary heroes..

and those heroes that when you pick on rank, your teammates trashtalks you didnt receive any adjustments.
Post time 2020-5-9 08:27 PM | Show all posts
He is balanced in my opinion, he is the only tank without any cc skills and can be easily countered with anti regen items. And its exchange, he supposed to be durable....but i dont know the reason with the recent nerf, moonton literally just nerf his only purpose of existence in ml, that is being durable.

I think anti regen items is the one that need buff, not nerfing regen heroes and items (fyi, endless battle lifesteal also reduced)
Post time 2020-5-9 02:10 PM | Show all posts
Dev's many time adjust heroes who have high pick rate.

Practically if you see, there is no reason to make changes to Uranus. Since last mlbb tournament uranus got famous for offlaning and pushing and more and more players started to play uranus.

Before that tournament, i hardly saw uranus pick, even during stream of 'Assassin Dave' before that tournament i seen his team guy raise question over when someone picked uranus in team.

Now after tournament many content creator started to make videos on uranus.

Now the question is - uranus with same stats was low pick before and now getting more pick with same stats, there is no reason to nerf him.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-9 04:35 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 10:34 AM
Mr.Tank replied at 2020-5-9 02:10 PM
Dev's many time adjust heroes who have high pick rate.

Practically if you see, there is no reason t ...

Exactly! Uranus doesn't need a nerf just because there has been a surge in his popularity. It's not like he has become OP or anything. It's just that people are realizing his true potential now which has led to him being picked more often. And that's it really. It doesn't warrant a nerf just for this reason. And really, no one complains about uranus being op either. So that's also not the case. Moreover, I can name a couple of heroes which  have a high pick rate and yet they are untouched by nerfs. So yeah, this nerf isn't justified at all.

aznager replied at 2020-5-9 09:52 PM
Truth to be told, I think nerfed him bc of his laning substain and his early game bullying. He is on ...

He does have sustainability but that's how it's supposed to be because of his lack of any CC skills. He is an offlaner rather than a proper tank. Because he cannot protect his teammates, he has to absorb all the damage and disrupt the enemy heroes. It's not an OP thing to do. He can be easily countered even if you know how.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-5-10 08:16 PM | Show all posts
I agree with you; he is one of the most useless tanks late game. However, his early game and the ability to bully people is what makes moontoon nerfed him. Given the fact, that tanks got nerfed hard by roaming objects; it means tanks and supports that did well with less items tends to shine more. AKA uranas.
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