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[Account] Account hacked, asking for ransom

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Hi, I hope game developers give the decency to hear out the concerns of the players since most of us are spending too much diamonds.

My account got hacked a little over 4 days now. It had given me such stress. I have no idea how my account got hacked, i don’t even share any information of my account online except for those facebook post regarding match results. The hacker was able to bind his vk account, but with some tweaks i was able to unbind it. I thought everything was fine, but the hacker was still able to log in to my account. So i thought maybe he was using an android device and i an right. He was able to bind google play account with my game account. I was able to borrow an android phone to my cousin and check. But i cannot unbind his google play account since i am not using my original phone in playing mlbb. I have sent email and various requests to mlbb’s social media accounts. Even sent an email to montoon itself but no luck. Now the hacker is threatening to have my account banned by installing “cheats” not unless i pay him or her. There is a big flaw on data protection here montoon. Please fix this or i will file a case to appropriate government agency here in the Philippines. Please fix this!
Post time 2020-5-12 12:32 AM | Show all posts
Please do so and file with the government agency there as a lot of players have been hacked and cannot do anything about it. I have also gone to the Police here in Singapore but the police here can’t do anything as Moonton does not reply to them at all. A lot of people will back u if there is a chance to go against Moonton with the lack of security and integrity.
Post time 2020-5-12 04:10 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 10:19 AM

Moonton has the same kind of security as many other games. Hackers can get in almost anywhere. Moonton will respond, just be patient. If the hacker gets your account banned, that might be for the better. You can submit an appeal for banned account and if they run a system check and find nothing on your device, you should be free. If you go to the government, instead of contacting moonton, contact Google play. If he has linked your account to his Google play, than shouldn't you be able to see it? Give them that email, explain the situation, and between Google play and the police, you may be able to track the hacker down and get him arrested.

No matter what platform you are on, it can be very difficult to disconnect a hacker. Moonton has the best security they can have, but some times it doesn't matter what it is, it just isn't enough.
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Post time 2020-5-12 07:16 AM | Show all posts
Yess replied at 2020-5-12 04:10 AM
Moonton has the same kind of security as many other games. Hackers can get in almost anywhere. Moont ...

Are you sure the security is the same? Do u know that the hacker can just retrieve your account without a password?  Or you are just oblivious to that? Whatever password or 3rd party account you have linked is useless. They dont need your password once they hack once. Why not you try it?
Google won’t bother so much because they will just ask you to contact the developer. Well if you get the authority to send an email to google for the IP address and logins of your google account when the hacker started hacking. That’s all they will be able to assist.
Post time 2020-5-12 07:59 AM | Show all posts
I myself login my account to another device without prompting my email. xD what security is that? Other games sends you an email where if you authorized this device to access your account but ML does not, and the hackers just being asked some elementary questions about skins and stuffs.
Post time 2020-5-12 10:46 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Paroo at 2020-5-12 10:49 PM

ye mine got hacked too about 1-2 hours ago. never shared account information with anyone (i mean why, its a mobile game nobody should be interested in hacking).

At first i got the message that someone logged in my account (funny thing is i have been connected through Moonton), changed my Moonton password, relogged and came to the screen where i have to make a new username.

I mean, i didnt follow any strange diamong hack shit sites or anything (just before you accuse me to). I guess there are some data lacks from Mobile Legend or Moonton itself.

In fact, that game died for me. especially im not the only one who got hacked with the same situation. This game is just unsafe and so are your data. so yeah, have fun until your account is gone.

Wild Rift will release this year btw and Riot Games manages a better safety for your account data as it seems.

Edit: isnt is strange that theres a 'safety' thread about account data released today? After SEVERAL accounts got hacked this way? Think about it. Seems like ML and Moonton only care for your money you had put in. They hope youre going to make further accounts and buy some diamonds on there. Nice game provider guys.

Post time 2020-5-13 06:34 AM | Show all posts
Is there anyway to sue the company??? How bout we asked for refunds they dont do shit anyways to the situation.
Post time 2020-5-14 02:07 AM | Show all posts
I dont think so. Ofc, a lot of people cashed a lot of money in that game whose prodider doesnt give any shits about their costumer and keeps on telling us that WE are the problem.

They keep telling us the same explaination again and again, we installed any apps or clicked any links or gave our account details to someone who got into our account and changed the data.

With these statements they wont bind any players to them and they will see that soon.
Post time 2020-5-18 04:15 AM | Show all posts
Moonton has SHIT security they DONT have good security at all, if they did it wouldn’t take a simple change of script to log into someone else’s account. They are just putting our game id’s into the coding of their apps and that’s it. I used to play a game in 2010 where you could hack the game by changing the number of your speed or fire rate , and they’re just changing numbers but moonton won’t do anything so fyck Moontoon, you can report the app to google store or the App Store and once enough people report them they’ll get fined and have no choice.
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