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[Query] Team Composition.

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Hi im a mythic player. And here are some of my tips for picking , counter picking and team composition.
Did you know that some hero compliments each other and some are contradict each other.

Here are some examples of allied compliments each other.

1 , Saber and Sun- i know, iknow they are out of meta Right Now but this 2 heros can melt even the tankier enemy. How?. Because their passive compliments each other. Imagine saber can reduce your physical Defense by 7pts stacks 5 times while sun reduce your physical Defense  6% stacks 10 times in addition of the item Malific roar and hunter strike. You will take all of their damage directly, without any physical Defense to reduce the damage taken.

2, angela and baxia - angela is one of the few hero that can amplifies allied hero defencive traits. If angela use her ult with baxia, they will be unstoppable.

3, Lolita and hanabi - hanabi is one of the strongest marksman in MLBB combine her Passive with lolita, her passive will be so powerful not even blocking any cc . But blocking the damage also.

4, estes and thamuz - i dont have to explain this. This is common . Thamuz is unkillable.

5, badang and grock - badang wall + grock wall = jaill.

6, Franco and diggy - this combo is pretty old . But yet. Still effective.

7, Carmilla and wanwan\Hanabi - i dont have to explain why. Its pretty straight forward.

8 atlas + kagura and Guini - this combo is an instant win combo. Trust me.

There's still more. Just explore with your friends.

Here are some of examples of Hero contradict each other.

1 valir and Tigreal. Not only tigreal . Valir can ruin team fights.

2 popol and kupa and jawhead. odd potion doesn't work on kupa. Sometimes jawhead accidentally throw kupa in team fights.

3 diggy and gusion, sometimes diggy can ruined gusions timing.

4 Claude and Esmeralda. We know that Esmeralda transforms some portion of enemies hp to barrier. And that is bad for Claudes item combo.

5 beleric and lolita. Lolitas Passive can cancel belericks passive. Same effect when you buy athena shield with belerick. I cancels his Passive.

There's so many hero that contradict each other . Be careful on picking. Have too many meta hero on your team . Doesn't mean you will win. Some meta hero contradict each other.

Finally this part my favorite Hero counter.

1 did you know that minsitthar ult prevents yu zhong to transform in to dragon?.

2 diggy can counter almost all of the setters in mlbb.

3 belerick passive has more damage than Kimmy's basic attack. Combine it with blade armor and vengeance. If you know what i mean.

4 Uranus is nothing if you have sea halberd or Necklace of Durance.

5 Hanabi can melt down popol and kupa.

6 flame shot can push tigreal during his ult.

7 flame shot can cancel out Odettes ulti.

8 purify can help you escape sabers ult.

9 hanabi is imune to kajas ult.(even purify cannot escape kaja . But hanabi can).

10 athena shield and rose gold meteor is nothing to Esmeralda.

11 retribution deals more damage to hanzos real body during his ult.

Saber can cancel Terizlas passive.

And many more.

So nxt time try to consider enemy hero composition and try to counter atleast 3 hero using one hero.
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Those don't work for solo players Just saying....
Post time 2020-5-13 12:08 AM | Show all posts
Very useful information, especially for beginners. Thanks for sharing .
Post time 2020-5-13 11:07 AM | Show all posts
1 cookie for you
Post time 2020-5-13 04:41 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the tips, Valir is the most of ruining any combo. The second is Tigreal, although you playing with your friends and can communicate. Guin, Kadita, Silvana, and Ling are mostly the ones who get failed combo because of Valir or Tigreal.
Post time 2020-5-14 05:39 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing. I mostly see and use Badang + Grock, its useful for team fights and if initiate ganking from the bush will make enemies fearful and hopeless if they can't run from them
Post time 2020-5-15 12:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by RRQ_Jengkol at 2020-5-15 12:41 PM

The Valir and Tigreal's push lol.
I remember watching youtube stream when the streamer (top global marksman) lost a potential kill because team mate Valir pushed the target out of range. The streamer yelled "you pushed him to safety!!!"

Actually Tigreals should conserve the push skill only to detach enemy assassin/fighter from team marksman/mage. As for Valirs they should only push in attempt to escape from assassin/fighter.


And I have been using support Saber (only with players I know) where I follow marksman or fighter around and spam flying dagger.

Post time 2020-5-18 06:18 PM | Show all posts
whoa very useful info here, thank's a lot
Post time 2020-5-19 07:51 AM | Show all posts
nice!!!  thanks for the info. Im mythic too, but unfortunately i cant use most of the heros you mention. Even if I counter somebody with that hero, i dont feel confident with that hero, so i wouldnt pick him. Im not experienced with baxia or tigreal, so i wouldnt use them in Rank. Its hard to really really master DEEPLY more than 10 heros, in my case these are: jhonson, khufra, gord, zhask, Hanzo...
not even 10!!!
 Author| Post time 2020-5-19 08:12 AM | Show all posts
Additional : popol and kupa can counter kufra and jhonson. Its hard to believe but indeed . Popol and kupa can mess with them even aldous ult can be blocked by kupa.

Zhask is weak against hanabi.

And for alucard. Try oracle + hassclaw . He will be unstoppable.
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