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[Share] My secret for reaching MYTHIC every season

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My secret for reaching MYTHIC every season

I have read lots of complaints in this forum about toxic players, unfairmatchmaking, unbalanced heros and so on. Still, mythics always reach mythic.How? This is how I am able to win in spite of all these negative issues.

  • ALWAYSplay a brawl before playing rank to check my internet speed. If there is nolag, next game I play rank.
  • Showmy 2 main heros in draft, first jhonson with 2000 games, then khufra 1000. Agood tank is the key to an easy win. Im not only tank, I can xborg, zhask,nana, gord, thamz…. But not many people enjoy tanking and know how to tank, that’swhy I am the tank 90% of my matches.
  • Ifsuddenly I start lagging, even if it’s a little, I stop playing rank. Even if Iwon, chances are I will have lag in the next game as well, so I just play brawlor chess. I wait 2 hours and try again with a brawl.
  • IfI lose, I play brawl because I don’t want the same people in the next game. Myteammates were terrible or the enemies were too good. You need a brawl tochange the 10 players, you don’t want any of them again.
  • IfI win, I invite the mvp in both teams, winner mvp and loser mvp to play. Theyusually don’t accept but its easier to get a win streak if you are a duo with agood synergy.
  • Duois easier than trio, but my higher win rate is SOLO. Let me explain.
    -If Iplay SOLO, there is a trio or a pair in my team, most of the time they knoweach other and maybe they are in a group call (like me and my squad). If I amsolo, I ALWAYS go tank or support mage, buy the mask, and help them farm. Don’texpect people to help you if you are a solo player, not even if you have 1000games as granger. Everybody wants help, WE ARE ALL SELFISH. I have readhundreds of complaints saying “nobody helps me” “they stole my buff” “no teamwork”“stupid teammates”… well, sorry to tell you but you are no different. You don’thelp anybody either. That’s exactly why I started to be main tank and helpstrangers all the time.
    -If Iplay DUO, I do the same, I follow ONLY my partner, help him jungle, protect him…booom!! Easy win. I usually just follow him from early to mid game, once he hasan advantage of 1000-2000 I help other people.
    -If Iplay TRIO, I am in a group call with my two friends. I never play trio withstrangers or people who are not in my call. If you are not in a group call andyou are 3, you are in disadvantage because you will be playing trios like mine,who are in a group call and have more than 1000 games playing together. Still,my winrate is higher when I play SOLO, second higher winrate is in DUO andthird is in TRIO. Why? Because the other two strangers have no idea what to dohahahha. They try to steal my friend marksman buff, or die alone trying tosplit push instead of joining us. A common lose in our trio looks like this: me3-4-12 my mm friend 8-3-9 my mage friend 5-1-12 and the other two strangers0-6-3 and 2-8-5 hahahaha. This is way its easier for me to support other duosor trios when I play solo. For this I play xborg, zhask, masha, Uranus, but IALWAYS buy the mask first.
  • Masteryour heros. I strongly advice playing at least 100 classic games with a herobefore bringing it to rank. It doesn’t take that long!!! Just play 3 classic inthe morning and 3 at night with that hero, you will have it ready for rank in 2weeks.
  • Learndifferent roles. Most of the time WE ALL PLAY SOLO. I guess its an average of 80%solo 20% with one or two friends. This is why you need to learn these heros:
  • -Zhask is asafe mage thanks to his minion and ultimate, when enemies see your minion theyretreat. You can also push towers with him, he is amazing. I always use arrivalwith zhask and get more than %60 tower damage at the end.

        -Nana, she is also a safe mage thanksto her passive. She is super strong, has ultimate     stun and Molina stun.. one of the bestoptions for solo players

-Uranusis a the best option for a second tank (not for main tank), he can split pushor absorb all the damage and get full health again in less than 5 seconds. I usepurify or healing for spells

-Mashaand hanzo WITH MASK. I play them as support, I don’t touch our jungle (that’s onlyfor our marksman) and focus on towers.

-TWONON META TANKS, who are never banned or picked like Gatotkaka, Baxia, Tigreal,Hylos, Minotaur. In case you have to be the tank in your team. I suggest theseand not Khufra or Atlas because they are always picked or banned.

  • Sadly,there are more than enough marksmen players. I know you fell in love with thatrole and you have been mvp a couple of times. You might even have manylegendary kills and a maniac in your stats. In your 200 games as mm you feelthat you will reach mythic if you keep going that way but guess what, 4 otherteammates want to be the marksman hahahaha. Your second option is mage becauseyou feel very strong early game and you like attacking from the distance, guesswhat, again…. The 3 players who didn’t get the mm want to be the mage hahahahah.So that’s the thing, WE DON’T NEED ANY MORE MARKSMEN OR MAGES.  We need tanks, fighters and assasins, in thisorder.
  • Thebest tank in the 2 teams will win the match, this happens to me 90% of thetime. I know because I always check everybody stast after the game. My easiestand fastest wins are against an enemy tank with less than 50 games as thattank. Then he checks my stast and sees I have 2000 games as jhonson, 1000khufra, 500 uranus, 200 grock hahahaha. Easy piecy!! Those poor tanks are firstkill because they don’t know how much damage they can do and take. Its so funto check the enemy stats and see none of the 5 are tank players hahahaha, theywere all main marksman and mage. Well, my team too, but fortunately they had meto be the tank.
  • Addthe best players in your team and in the enemy team. Play with them, get usedto them and get to know each other. Play together many days and many games,little by little you can get several good reliable friends.
  • Changeyour mind set, from “nobody never helps me”, don’t be selfish and egocentric,even if you are not MVP, not even gold. The goal is to win. Adopt the new style“ I always help everybody”.
  • Youcan still be the marksman, assassin or mage, but you need to show your stats first.Usually nobody will switch with you because they want that role, AND IT IS OK, don’tinsult them. Don’t say “gg” or “wtf” just because they didn’t switch you. Becool, let it be, pick Uranus or Nana, it will be ok. If you pick before them,SWITCH THEM, even if you show your stats, if you don’t switch with them theywill insult you and feed hahahaha, so don’t join the toxicity, be the cool guy.Before picking mm ask the other 2 mm if its ok for you to be the marksman. Ifthey say yes, go ahead, if they say no, be the tank.
  • Under no circumstance be the guy who prefers to be the MVP in the losing team than bronze or silver in the winning team. That’s just sad and stupid.

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Some really good pointers out there, It'll really help people reading this. And to say,its really ture; Tanks are the ones who either win or lose the game for you. A good tank can really make a huge difference.
Id like to say a few things from my experience at my current rank:
1- Trio for me is so much better than duo. From this current season, I have been pushing rank quite a bit and I mostly see a trio team with a duo when getting matched up. And at Mythic, there are so many people who adjust right now that its really surprising to see. Going solo and with the possibility of getting more randoms than trio; its just really worse anyway no matter how good one can be.
2-Tanks, This role has really been the hot meta role rn. In 5q, Hylos always First pick, Khufra Banned, Atlas is okay and needs good communication for good plays, Grock popolarity is going a but down cause of the recent nerf. I suggest you try hylos, He is much better than grock rn considering I was pushing for top 500 Global Grock but even with that, I am now focusing more on Hylos.3- Toxicity- It plays a huge role when somone says something bad, others follow and just throw the game easily. The best solution is just to ignore it. Some words ain't gonna make you play bad or lose the game easily, its when people tend to follow up with responding to those toxic players. Ofcourse, not everyone has good games everytime but it's just a matter of experience.

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I achieve mythic by only using MM.

As a marksman . I only join team fights if my team has an advantage weather in position or in pick. In not ill focus on farming gold and pushing turrets.

The best mm for me so far is popol and kupa. Popol and kupa has everything. I can still farm without the help of my team. I can even solo turtle and lord. In terms of pushing that's his specialty. In gank. Popol can gank alone. Starting at lvl 4 he can start killing enemy . Just pick the most vulnerable one. If ever possible use his ult to push. The best emblem is jungle emblem. Additional 50 gold per retribution is a big advantage.
Kupa also inherit popols item.
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i swith my role as mage damage dealer to suppor mage this season as solo quee.
even im trying xborg and tigreal this season. not regret it tho.
Post time 2020-5-14 06:47 PM | Show all posts
These are all nice suggestion how to improve, but we have to find our own way that tends to fit our play style, example I dont love to be tank if i am going solo, but with trio team I am usualy going khufraand I like your idea for checking ping, I never used it but it might be useful, sometimes i have big ping and if i ignore it, I might be main factor for that lost game, Thanks for ideas, keep sharing useful advices
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