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[Mod Post] Notice: Regarding Hacked Account

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There has been much confusion and false rumors going around regarding account hacking cases. Please note that so far, there hasn't been any hacked account cases caused by MLBB ID. It is DeviceID only, and you will be safe as long as you do not install any hack apps, scripts or MLBB mods as according to what developers suspected, some of the hacked apps and scripts have scripts that can get your DeviceID. The developers are also fixing the DeviceID exploit so do not worry too much.

So to summarize, it is impossible to hack an MLBB Account with just in-game ID and server ID. So for now, what can you do to protect your MLBB Account?

- Do not click any suspicious links. It maybe tempting because it says "free skins" or "free diamonds" but do not fall for those. If there is any giveaway for these, your account information such as passwords will not be asked and giveaways will be posted on official platforms.

- Do not install any hack apps, scripts, map hacks or any other MLBB related hack apps and scripts. Developers have suspected that those illegal game modifying files can grab the DeviceID which resulted inaccounts getting hacked. And as developers have checked, most hacked accounts have been detected with the malicious files.

- Bind all your platforms including Moonton account,do not leave a free platform that a hacker can bind with their own platforms.
Enable 2-Factor Authentication on all of the accounts you bound to the game. You will receive a mail regarding account switch and a popup saying your account was detected being logged in from unfamiliar/newlocation. If this happens, firstly, change your passwords of all bound platforms including your Moonton Account. Then go to your Profile > Account> Account Center > Log Out of All Devices. This should kick the hacker out of your account. If you are still getting the pop up and mails after youdid all those steps, we suggest you to send a mail to: explaining your account got hacked with your account details such as Account ID, Server ID and purchase receipts.

We hope this clears up some confusion amongst the community! Stay safe and happy gaming!

Post time 2020-5-22 10:36 AM | Show all posts
I'm okay now. My account is back. You have to accept by now that the mods here can't really help you. They'll only give you the reply they give to everybody. They can't magically remove binded poor indonesian account. Also, customer service is so slow, and will not be faster regardless of how much you spent in the game. I was hoping for a fast response. I was having a tournament on my Facebook Page that week.
I'm lucky, I'm a streamer and one of my followers helped me get my account back cause it's been 5 days and no progress from MLBB side. He just did what the mods here keep sending. Login using android if gplay is binded, and ios if gamecenter is binded, play until ML magically recongizes your account and you can finally enter your moonton credentials to remove the binded focking indonesian and finally bind yours and you can do this within 2-4 hours, if you're lucky enough that the indonesian doesn't interrupt at all or else you will have to start all over again
what's saddening is mlbb knows it's happening, but they are not explaining what happened, i saw in the MLBB forums Eizy even blamed the players for using "third party apps" when I swear I never used any. geez thanks mod.
I got my account back. but all my aurora crystals, dias, fragments, bp's, potions are all gone now. i've saved them up for so long for special things. but the hacker spent it all on useless items in game that i don't need.
and moonton can't give that back. nor will they give compensation to those who were hacked. heck, they won't even admit there was a flaw in their security enough to say a simple "sorry"


I have the exact same problem as you. They spent all my diamonds and now destroyed my credit scores. I hacked my account thorugh VK and they have bounded to their Google Account and I use iOS.  Post time 2020-7-9 09:54 AM
Post time 2020-5-16 12:35 PM | Show all posts
May I know what moonton gonna do with all the vk hacking? Just let them go free?


i too experience vk hack, what should i do?  Post time 2020-5-30 06:48 PM
i hope they get rid vk account for login I lost diamonds cause they not quick response and let hacker in my account almost going 2 weeks, but now i am trying play PUBGM again and feel enjoy than ML  Post time 2020-5-16 08:44 PM
Post time 2020-5-14 06:03 AM | Show all posts
Hi. good day. just wanna ask something about ML Customer Service. after having a long trail of conversation in email. am I talking to the same person that I talked with on day 1? or am I being handled by another CS everytime i got a reply after 3-9 days?
Post time 2020-5-19 11:03 PM | Show all posts
This is the email address of the Indonesian hacker who is trying to steal my account (Elsa?), the picture that they keep using, and the two friends that the hacker keeps inviting, so must be a close friend maybe?
Here's what happened:
I am an ios user. On our side, we bind our account using "iOS Game Center", therefore I will not see if someone has binded my account using "Android Google Play" because we don't have this option.


Now this hacker, I don't know how, but somehow he has binded and has been logging in using Android Google Play.
If anyone will ask, here are the things I've done
- I've changed my moonton email
- I've changed my moonton password
- I've unbinded my GameCenter, Facebook and VK, and put
- I've have 2FA on all of my accounts
- I changed the passwords of all of my accounts
- I've tried "Sign Out of All Devices" (which is the only thing I can really do right now)
- I have my friend, an android user, to login my account and click "Log Out of All Devices" every once in a while so they will not be able to log me out at all, but at the same time, I will not be able to do the same since it will not reach "recognized device" state.
- I have already sent an email to ML, and they've sent me a form to know which one I want to unbind. I received a system generated reply, which according to some friends, this type of problem takes 4 - 6 months before they actually respond.
- I immediately delete new friends added by the hacker, just in case they are waiting for 7 days so they can use my diamonds. Which can't really buy anything since it's only 136.

But even with all this done, since it is still binded to the Google Play account, they will still have access.
I can only unbind the Google Play account if
1) The Google Play Account is mine, and I know the password, which is not the case.
2) The device that im using is "recognized" by Moonton as a regularly used device, so I can unbind it by simply logging into my moonton account. Problem is, I don't have an android phone, so I ask my friend to help me which is really hard on her, because as she is using the account, the hacker will log in again, and she will get logged out. So we, (my friend and I) and the hacker, are both signing each other out of the device, racing to be a "recognized device"

Post time 2020-5-20 01:34 PM | Show all posts
yennybelles replied at 2020-5-19 11:03 PM
This is the email address of the Indonesian hacker who is trying to steal my account (Elsa?), the pi ...

This people are just shameless and they thought they gain the upper hand.... they are just low level hackers.....
Post time 2020-5-20 02:11 PM | Show all posts
Eat_This_Bro replied at 2020-5-20 01:34 PM
This people are just shameless and they thought they gain the upper hand.... they are just low lev ...

simply losers. my account is currently at 44 credit score i can't even play anymore. they're disgusting.
Post time 2020-5-21 07:10 AM | Show all posts
Mines been hacked so I’ve resulted to selling my hackers bum for money...

Nikko santoso available for bum fun call 60138052965 ...
Post time 2020-5-21 02:58 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 10:01 AM
yameg123 replied at 2020-5-14 05:03 AM
Hi. good day. just wanna ask something about ML Customer Service. after having a long trail of conve ...

The CS person will stay same until they closing the case.

yennybelles replied at 2020-5-19 10:03 PM
This is the email address of the Indonesian hacker who is trying to steal my account (Elsa?), the pi ...

Please send an email to along with these information: proof of purchases (first and last purchase or receipts for in-game purchases), when the account was created, last device used before it got hacked, your game ID and server ID (possibly a screenshot of it as well), and other details of what happened and use english language, wait for 3 - 9 days for their reply or more depend or their situation.
Thank You.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
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