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[Team Tactics] What is the best laning strategy?

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Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 01:51 AM

I list down some of the most popular Laning strategy in the world of MOBA (not only ml).
So feel free to comment about it. Or can you suggest more.

1)        Traditional 1-1-2 + jungler.
-        This strategy highly relay on teamwork and junglers. The team composition requires 1 off-lane (fighter or tank but in some occasion Marksman), 1 mid laners (mage or assasin), 2 safe-lane (composition of a marksman and a tank\support) and finally Junglers (one with jungle kits).
-        Off-lane usually equipped with arrival (TP scroll in other moba). Arrival is the key to success in this lane because you are facing the safe lane of the opponent which is the marksman backed by a tank or support, recall safely and use arrival to go back and defend your turret.
-        Mid Lane – usually mage or assasin and intended to help ganking off-lane and safe-lane because of his access to those lanes. He is also closer to mage buff or mana buff.he can also temporarily defend the side lanes whenever the laners are taking the mega jungle creeps (Lord and turtle in ML, Roshan in other moba, Dragon and Baron in other moba, and many more). Or even when they r respawning.
-        Safe Lane – safe-lane has 2 laners marksman and tank\support, for marksman they are the main source of physical damage and burst of the team , and also the most vulnerable unit, so tank\support has to back them up. Until they can sustain on their own. Tank\support also need to rotational gank in mid. Or temporarily defend the mid whenever the mid laner is ganking the Off-lane.
-        Jungle lane – usually the one with jungle kits(regardless of the hero role) for example natalia and hanzo in ml, Axe and LC in other moba, Kindred and shacco in other moba and many more), they are the heart of this strategy, (in ML) take the RED BUFF and kill the remaining small jungle creeps proceed in ganking safe lane. If success get the gold crab(let the mm and tank\support push so the gold wont split that much) , take the Lightowanderer and proceed in ganking mid. Help mid to take blue buff (you take the small statue chaser cuz it will add to your jungle item stacks) kill the scaled lizard and proceed on ganking off-lane. You are also responsible on taking the turtle and lord.  Stop farming on mid game and focus on pushing while the rest of the team is focused on ganking and creating space for you to push.

2)        3 – 1 – 1 or the Tri Off-lane strat.
       -      This is one of the most popular strat in other moba , the team composition 2 supports, 1 carry(marksman), 1 mage , and 1 durable(fighters).
       -      off-lane, consist of either 2 support + 1 carry(mm) or 1 tank 1 support and 1 carry(mm) the carry prioritize minion last hit and junglers farm while the remaining is defending or pushing. Carry must be protected by those 2 until it can sustain itself. 2 support also has to gank mid or temporarily defeb it when the mid laner is ganking safe-lane.
      -      mid lame – mage, responsible on defending and pushing mid. And also ganking side-lanes, also responsible for initiating objective (turtle\lord)
      -      safe-lane – tanky(fighters). Fighters has an incredible sustain and fairly damage capable of defending safe-lane alone. But prone to ganks. This lane also has the biggest resources because of the free jungle creep. Try to clear minion and proceed in jungle . Take the red clear the other small jungle creep and defend again. Also don’t go too far from your turret.

3)        1 – 2 – 2 or the double midlane (popularized by other moba).
-        This strat is one of the most risky strat because of the enemy midlane gold advantage. The team consist of 1 off-lane (fighters or tank) 2 midlane(mage\assasin and support\tank) and 2 safe-lane (carry and support\tank).
-        Off-lane. Fighters has an incredible sustain and damage . Defending off-lane id the too priority, taking crab and also pushing (if possible).
-        Mid laner -the mage\assasin relays heavily in hero kills for gold and suport\tank has to rotate lane for ganking and harassing opponent mid laner.
-        Safe-lane – carry(mm) prioritize last hit and push, and if possible . Jungle farm. The support\tank will stay at his s8de and take turn in defending while the carry is clearing jungle.

4)        1-3-1 or hyper Carry funnel (popularized by MLBB).
-        Currently META in ML . No need explanation.

5)        Only mid (popularized by other moba and ML)
-        And all carry team will push middle lane and ending the game fast.

6)        1-1-3 or off-lane marksman strat (popularized by other moba).
-        The team is composed of 1 off-lane (mm), 1 midlane (mage\assasin), 3 safe-lane (1mm,2 suooort or support + tank).
-        Off-lane will focus of defending and pushing and if available jungle creeps.
-        Mid lane will often go to off-lane for gank.and also helping taking objectives.
-        Safe lane, mm will focus of pushing and defending and taking jungle while the 2 support takes turn of defending and harassing the opponent. Also temporarily defending mid when the mid laner are ganking off-lane.

So which one do you think is the most effective strat?. Feel free to comment.

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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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CloudDevelic replied at 2020-5-14 04:17 PM

I personally like 131 but it's the 131 before this current hyper carry meta 4 masks strate ...

I think all mid is the worst
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Thanks for this
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