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[Query] Where are FIGHTERS in this game?

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Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 01:56 AM

Ok Moontoon, we all know why you purposely created this so called "funneling marksman era" and it looks like end is nowhere near. You did it to attract more and more kids. Kids don't know that the point of game is to destroy towers and base, that objectives are priorites, not kills and MVP. But kids are investing a lot of money on skins and events that may give them rare skins. Like there is MVP before objectives, so it's money over players. But why did you decide to erase fighter role from game? Through mine whole ML career, I played a lot of games with fighters and I enjoyed it very much. These days, fighters are nothing more than support. No one is fighting for fighter on draft, it's all about MM or mages. Only fighters that are highly picked on draft are X.Borg, Chou, Leomord, Jawhead and sometimes Aldous/Freya. Actually, only Chou and X.Borg survived this turnaround in the game. I don't want to mention Guinevere, Silvanna and Kaja, because they are mages and support. And what about: Bane, Lapu-Lapu, Sun, Ruby, Argus, Minsitthar, TERIZLA, Martis, Badang, Dyrroth, Thamuz?? Why are they left in dark?

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Others are actually really good, it's just that, people today are so reliant with what is the META as of now instead of thinking of strategies by picking up different heroes and combining their skillsets with one another for a perfect combination. These are the things you'll usually see only in the tournaments sadly that's why. Although, Fighters are still viable but I also believe some of them need a revamp due to their poor skillset not being on par with the other heroes or some lacking in some part.

Feel free to post your suggestions here and also send it in our customer service in-game with your hero revamp ideas.
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Many confusing points there, funneling strategy still a thing? Well.. at least the Mythics in SEA server its literally over now, Assassins are dominating.

However, Funneling strategy do requires Fighter, sometimes 2 Fighters used, as 2 Offlaners are needed to do funneling. Only Assassins is being left out on this strategy. Plus you already mentioned half of the "viable" Fighters, based on your counts i guess its fine then since the amount of Fighters were too many, half of them being used is already good enough.

If theres any role that should raged about Funneling stategy its Assassins, as you can't have a buff or carrying the game, resulted in no one pick Assassin (besides Selena) at all.
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IjamRex replied at 2020-5-14 09:54 PM
Many confusing points there, funneling strategy still a thing? Well.. at least the Mythics in SEA se ...

Put yourself in a position of Fighter in todays META. You have "no right" to take any buff, blue is for assassins/mages/marksman, also red for marksman. 80% of jungle is for marksman. Turtle is for marksman. Fighters are like 2nd tank in team, many players today are forced to have tank build in fighter. You are used as a live meat and punching bag. Two years ago wasn't like that. Fighters were scary for any role.
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Has_been_slain replied at 2020-5-15 07:25 PM
Put yourself in a position of Fighter in todays META. You have "no right" to take any buff, blue i ...

From Day-1 Fighters were never meant to take buff anyway, and it is not necessary for Fighters to get kills & carry the game. You really need to study what does Fighters really need to do. I'm sorry but you're points were overall invalid. Since season 1 - 3 Fighters were meant to be tanky,  took damage and clear the way for the carry, while able to dealing some damage (or as we called it, a bruiser). Back then even Balmond & Freya's recommended build have some Tank items, and Bane were defined as Pusher. There were no such thing as "forced", its literally you're trying to start a new culture.
Post time 2020-5-16 10:51 AM | Show all posts
ya fighter are very weak in early games in the current meta but devs are starting to notice this so we are getting  adjust in fighters on adv server after ruby, balmond , hilda lets hope they will focus on other fighter too
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