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[Unclassified] ML Hero Roles. Explanation and tips.

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Hi there.
Many people are asking what is the hero roles for. What are their purpose, why there's hero with more than one Role.

Lets start by explaining each of roles(like a basic tutorial about the game)

1) marksman. This is the most common role(they even fight for this role in lower division). Their primary source of damage is their high basic attack, they are good at tower push, free hitting, and clearing weaves. Their skill sets commonly has mobility, basick attack enhancers and long distance burst.
The best lane for marksman is in the safe-lane (bottom)  because of high lane survival and good source of resources(like the gold Crab and the purple cakroaches).
In terms of lane survival, the bush placement is good at hiding and can be used as an escape mechanism.

In short, the are mostly relay on their high basic attack and mobility from skills but mostly low on defencive traits(excluding Roger, Popol and layla. They relay on higher damage skill rather than mobility).

2) support, this is one of the hardest role in mlbb because of the lack of items intended for them.
There are 3 types of support in mlbb .
Potectors, Healers and buffers.

Protectors - they are the type of supports that mostly take the damage from enemy , their skill sets mostly consist of low cc, smal range dash, and an ability to block some damage, their defence traits are also higher than the other supoort types. Most of them has dual role of Support\Tank.

Healer- they are the type of support that grants hp regeneration and heal, most of them has slower movement speed, their skilk set usually consist of heal, cc, and self enhancement.

Buffers (devided in to 2)
Enhancement Buffers - this are the types of support that gives allied units a small enhancement, weather movement speed, attackspeed or even temporary ressurection they can also grant a cc imunity like diggy .

Debuffers - this are the types of support that can apply an negative buff to enemy heroes or even transform them in to something defenceless(like nana). Their skill sets usually consist of survival kit with burst damage and ability to decrease enemy hero traits like attacks peed and movement. Or even preventing them to use skill or make them share damage indirectly (like carmilla that can lower enemy Defense and make them share damage).

In short they are the ones who can provide a good assistance despite of the difficulty of the role playstyle. The best lane for support is in safe-lane and mid lane. They can also roam on map to assist the team mates that are in disadvantage.

3) tank. This type of heroes are the most powerful in terms of AOE cc and high durability. They are capable of initiating Ganks and taking the most damage and can survive  ganks alone. There are several types of Tanks. Ill Ill discuss some of them.

. Regenerative - regenerative tanks usually has lower defensive traits compare to other tanks but their regen are above average heroes. They are often placed in off-lane because of their high regeneration. Their skill sets usually consist of aoe aamage, Shield and low cc or even no cc.(like uranus. Aoe damage but Lacks in cc).

. Initiator - initiator tank are the most common tank. Their skilk sets usually consist of High mobility, debuff and AOE cc.(best example are Kufra, Atlas, Gatot and Tigreal).

. Durable - durable tank are the most difficult tank to use , their skill sets only has low mobility. Single target cc. And low damage. But their defencive traits are high among the rest(best examples are Franco, Baxia and Hylos).

And lastly Hybrid tank - hybrid tanks has moderate difficulty and can adjust depending on situation . They have High defencive traits and high damaging traits together. They have the ability to sacrifice defenciveness for damage. And dominate the game in both tanking and dealing high damage (best examples are Esmeralda, balmond and hilda).

Basically tanks can take any lane and can adjust in any situation, can be unkillable or unstoppable or even annoying to fight.

4) mage, mages are one of the most valuable role in ml. Almost every game has 1 or 2 mages. Their primary source of damage are their skills. They can be poke, burst or spam.

Poke - they can deal damage followed by cc in a moderate interval because of their Skill CD and mana cost are both high.

Burst - they can deal High Damage for single target or AOE. They are capable of Killing enemy in one shot combo.

Spam - their skilk damage are alettlebit low. But the cooldown are insanely low too. They can cast skill continuously because tmof its its low mana cost.

Basically they are heros who relies on skills. The best lane for mages is in mid lane because of minions weave are faster to meet and they have access to side-lanes for easier gank.

5) Fighters, this is the heroes that has High defencive traits and High Damage. They are capable of taking and dealing damage. Do CC and best Offlaners.
There are some types of  fighters ill descuss some of them.

. Spellcasters , this fighters relays on skills for damage dealing and sustain. They often use spell vams and cd reduction. Can also perform small amount of CC.

. Executioner - this type of fighters has an incredible 1 shot 1 kill or 1 combo kill ability. But requres an execution condition. Their hing damage output has a downside of casting conditions (aduos needs stacks, freya needs stacks, lapu-lapu requres multiple target to maximize his potential. And lastly Terizla that requires proper Timing).

And lastly Ability Enhancers - this type of fighters mostly relaya on basic attack with the help of his skill. They have the ability to enhance one of their traits (example alucards lifesteal, Rogers damage, leomords splash attack and many more).

Basically fighters are Tanks with Damage. And best laned in Off-lane because of their Durability that can withstand Marksman damage.

6) Assasin , assasins has the highest Difficulty heroes in mlbb. Their skill sets requres proper timing, and maximizing.
What the difference of fighters and assasins?.
Fighters = High Durability + moderate damage + low mobility.
Assasin = High Mobility + High damage + low durability.

There are 2 types of assasin.

Junglers - their skill set consist of jungle kits that enables them to kill jungle monsters easily (example, Hanzou, Natalia and ling). They are good at clearing jungle monsters and ganking.

Ambush - their skill set usually consist of High Burst damage with high mobility and ability to be imune in cc, damage or even invisibility.(Natalia, Halcurt and karina). They are good at killing fleeing enemy

Pick off - ther skill set usually has Mobility, CC and Single target Burst. They are good at haunting enemy farming in jungle.

Basically they can kill and escape easily because of their mobility and burst. The best placement for them is midlane and Jungle because of their ganking ability.

For the heroes with multiple roles. They are the ones who has the traits of 2 or more roles. Like kimmy. Shes good with magic items. And also good with physical items.

For their purpose.
Tank - taking damage, AOE cc and sometimes blocking enemy.

Support - healing, provides enhancement for allies and debuff.

Marksman - free hit, clearing lanes and push.

Mage - roaming, AOE cc and AOE burst.

Assasin - jungling, Ganking and temporarily taking cover lane. And initiating jungle objectives.

Fighters - taking damage, dealing AOE Burst.

Roles.                        Their Counters( can counter them)
.marksman    -.          Fighter, assasin.
.tank.              -.           Mage, mm.
. assasin.       -.           Mage, support and tank.
.mage.            -            support, mm and fighters.
. fighters.        -.           Tank, support.
Support.         -.            Mm.

I hope this helps you.
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Thank you for your heroes tips, this would indeed help others to understand more on the gameplay of Mobile Legends.
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