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Trolling onpurpose or just unskilled??

Today I gotangry, very angry. I lost 3 ranks because of trolls or unskilled players.

-I playedsolo and we were 4 legends 1 mythic versus 4 mythics 1 legend. We lost 3-20.

-Roger 2000games, he is only roger no matter what (we had 2 mm). He ended up with 1-6-0,zero tower damage, least hero damage and most money in our team. He tried to gankmany times but didn’t kill anyone.

- Inanother game our carrier tried to push alone late game, so she died. All theteam followed her after she died, I was tank, at the base. I said “ retreat”but the 3 of them decided to push, eventhough they were 3 vs 5. I was runningthere too, but because I just respawned I was at the base when they were at thecenter of the map. The 3 died and 2 of them said “stupid tank” “report tank”hahahaha. Hello? Im dead and Im running to you while repeating “initiateretreat”. Whatever.

-I waskhufra, first pick. I asked them “who marksman?” because they all showeddifferent roles but no marksman. At the end we were khufra, lancelot, xborg,nana, gord. The enemy assassin killed nana and gord (who decided to gotogether) many times. Xborg died top too, so 3 times we were just lancelot and me,the other 3 dead. Worst game ever (of course, they blamed me, the tank hahaha).Funny thing is that Gord was last pick, and he was main moskov… whatever.

-Brawl, Iwas hanzo, getting all the kills, I was 7-0 and I needed to heal, suddenly mytank teammate, full health, last hit the jungle… he was 0-7. They killed mesoon after that, killed the whole team and got our base. Why do people stealjungle in brawl? Its so stupid!!

-Vexanafirst pick in our team, but we were lucky to get khufra. She was 1-13-10. Mainother roles and heros, no Vexana. She had less than 10 games with vexana…  Somehow we won, epic comeback, but the reportdidn’t go thru. She was popol and doggie next game, did the same thing, fed andran solo randomly around the map. Credit score 110. Her previous games shetried other heros, randomly and did the same.

Are thesejust kids trying their brothers game?? Are they the brothers, just enjoyingmore the trolling than the game itself?? I guess its fine… The only game whichwas not fine at all was the 4 legends vs 4 mythics. That shouldn’t happen.

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happens to all of us take a break if you are tilted that helps really , rather than offence
Post time 2020-5-22 02:07 PM | Show all posts
sad hahaha
Post time 2020-5-22 03:28 PM | Show all posts
I feel you. I had my main account with 10 losing streaks in a day. That is where i stopped and went over to my smurf. 2 days later decided to go back on my main but the losing streak is still with me. I gave up on pushing my main. Dropped from level Legend 2 to Legend 3 straight.
Post time 2020-5-22 03:53 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-5-22 07:34 PM | Show all posts
First, you might want to take a break from playing the game. Second, try playing main roles even though there's no tank. Lastly, don't play when children play, play when its midnight. For me I have no loss streaks I have 20 Win streak now and 19 MVPS and 1 Gold so, my recommendation that don't overdo yourself play if you feel you like to play and you will win. Cheers!
Post time 2020-5-24 02:43 AM | Show all posts
Such things happened to all of us, just take a break, tomorrow will be better
Post time 2020-5-25 12:37 AM | Show all posts
Blueazkaban replied at 2020-5-22 07:34 PM
First, you might want to take a break from playing the game. Second, try playing main roles even tho ...

Second, you might want to take a break from playing the game forever


That's a good pun {:6_155:}.  Post time 2020-5-25 12:45 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-5-26 11:00 AM | Show all posts
update. Im in a winning streak. yeeeeee
Post time 2020-5-28 12:52 AM | Show all posts
HoaHoa never lucky. The life of a solo tank player in rank. Cries.
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