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Author: izaidi
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[Query] How to catch up after 1 year of not playing?

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Edited by IZxCOLD at 2020-5-24 08:18 AM

As for 5Q in europe in the 600++ mythical glory tier the meta for every lane:

Sidelane: esmeralda, pharsa (the only 2 mages that are used right now because they have sidelane potential)
Jawhead,chou,leomord,Thamuz are the best sidelane fighers right now
And the best sidelaner is by far uranus. This hero can hold the lane easily and is the top pick as for sidelane in the high tier

Midlane: bruno, karrie, claude..yeah nothing much to explain here...these 3 adc’s are very strong in the current meta and they can farm midlane like crazy and pop off after with their double buffs

Tanks/supports: khufra,grock,lolita,atlas,rafaela,diggie,hylos

The line up currently used is 131:  2 fighters in the sidelane (or esme/pharsa/uranus) and an adc mid that takes the red buff and the blue buff with 2 tanks or 1 tank and 1 support

Further i did not mention assassins but if you like assassins, they can potentially replace the adcs in mid, currently the OP assassins are:
Natalia, lancelot and hanzo tho hanzo is pretty easy to counter he could be used in some situations

But theoretically and hero mentioned above, is a possibility to buy just see which hero fits you the most

Also the blue buff has not changed but the energy reduction on it increased from 20% to 25%

And the red buff is a totally diffrent buff now which only the carry (adc or other midlaner) takes which grants massive amounts of true damage based on your physical damage
 Author| Post time 2020-5-24 01:52 PM | Show all posts
The current meta is so boring. I saw 2 mm line up and still manage to dominate opponent "balance" line up. I hate mm farming meta. I prefer aggressive meta where team always looking for fight
Post time 2020-5-27 02:25 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-5-28 04:41 PM | Show all posts
I am a newbie in this game. But I have a workable method. I am also playing CS: GO and I watch CS Go team rankings and then watch the video with their participation. It helps me to see some tricks.
Post time 2020-5-29 08:05 AM | Show all posts
I couldnt read all the answers, so maybe some of the things I say someone else already covered them:
-In Japanese server we are banning ALL assassins. First ban is Hanzo, then Natalia Helcurt. From there people may ban Atlas (one of the best tanks now) and Khufra. Last people ban Valir or Selena because of their stun. Ling might be banned too.
-Most games are 1-3-1, giving double buff to the carrier who is usually a Karrie, Claude, Granger, Bruno.
-Top lane means being first kill cause you are fighting a mm with red buff and his tank. Sometimes one or even 2 more enemies go to assure the kill. So top lane is hard as hell. I ve been trying as Argus top and I can barely escape thanks to my ultimate plus flicker, but if my mid laners don’t come to help, I die fast.
-Its hard to tell you who to buy, can you play all roles? I guess the best fighters to buy right now are nobody cause there are revamps coming plus 2 or 3 new heros. You should save that money until the new one or two heros are released. If you are desperate to buy someone then:
Khufra Atlas for tanks (but usually banned). Uranus but he is not pure tank, more support fighter than tank. Grock (he is rarely banned), Baxia (never banned and great mobility).
Assassin Natalia (she is a monster after the revamp, but usually banned), Hanzo, Gusion, Helcurt.
For offlaners the best is Chou, no doubt. Never banned but sometimes the enemy gets him first. Silvana is never banned but almost always picked. Xborg but he is better in mid lane for the teamfights.
Mages Cecilion, super strong but he needs protection because he lacks flicker skills. My zhask is always a great option, he can push towers, fight one vs one, and teamfights, a very complete hero.
My suggestion to you is to play tank or Nana, and support the mm until you get used to the new heros, jungle, masks and everything. It wont take you more than a week, then you can go back to play the roles you played before.
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