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[Service] [For HACKED] Shut down indonenesia servers for 24 hours

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VERY FAST SOLUTION FOR THOSE WHO WERE HACKED BY INDONESIANS: Let's petition for ML to close their servers for only 24 hours! That's not that long. It is enough time to retrieve your account using the robot reply they send to everybody:
1. Please turn on your location
2. Give mobile legends the permission to access your location
3. Clear your cache
4. Play matches until you're able to use 3rd Party Account Disconnect Self-service without receiving the error. (It usually takes 5 - 10 games but please continue if you still encounter the new device/region prompt).
You see, there is a slight flaw in this solution: It is impossible for some of us. Some accounts are logged in by multiple indonesians. And we can't go straight 5 - 10 games since we keep getting kicked out.

A LOT OF HACKING HAPPENED LATELY. And I am 99.99% sure all of it came from Indonesia. I hope by now MLBB would just issue a public apology. It's not like you can hide the flaw forever. If they announced it now, a lot of us would bind our accounts to avoid future hacking.

I'm okay now. My account is back. You have to accept by now that the mods here can't really help you. They'll only give you the reply they give to everybody. They can't magically remove binded poor indonesian account. Also, customer service is so slow, and will not be faster regardless of how much you spent in the game. I was hoping for a fast response. I was having a tournament on my Facebook Page that week.
I'm lucky, I'm a streamer and one of my followers helped me get my account back cause it's been 5 days and no progress from MLBB side. He just did what the mods here keep sending: Login using android if gplay is binded, and ios if gamecenter is binded, play until ML magically recongizes your account and you can finally enter your moonton credentials to remove the binded focking indonesian and finally bind yours and you can do this within 2-4 hours, if you're lucky enough that the indonesian doesn't interrupt at all or else you will have to start all over again
what's saddening is mlbb knows it's happening, but they are not explaining what happened, i saw in the MLBB forums Eizy even blamed the players for using "third party apps" when I swear I never used any. geez thanks mod.

I got my account back. but all my aurora crystals, dias, fragments, bp's, potions are all gone now. i've saved them up for so long for special things. but the hacker spent it all on useless items in game that i don't need and moonton can't give that back. nor will they give compensation to those who were hacked. heck, they won't even admit there was a flaw in their security enough to say a simple "sorry"

So yeah. Close the damn servers for only 24 hours. Let us, the legit players of MLBB, take back control of our account. And to the poor bastard indonesians who have nothing better to do in their loser of a life. Play fair. You are only bringing shame to your country and to the honest people of Indonesia.

Post time 2020-5-22 04:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-30 02:39 AM

I finally figured it out how they get the device id , the hacker just need to open your profile and then your device id is in their game log , lel security 100 , i'm so tempted to hack account right now since i know how and i know it still work (i haven't hack , just tempted to do so) . And also it's not just Eizy that blame player for their own fault , remember the in game mail regarding hacked account few days ago ? HAHAHAHA the devs officially blame all player for devs's own fault 101% best dev ever .

I'm so tempted to hack top global player account , should i do it guys ?!?!?1
Edit :
they won't even admit there was a flaw in their security enough to say a simple "sorry"

it's obvious the devs plays politic in a virtual game , fighting against their own player to defend their pride LMAO i hope they will still have that pride when other moba is out .
Post time 2020-5-22 05:44 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2020-5-22 04:17 PM
I finally figured it out how they get the device id , the hacker just need to open your profile and  ...

device id as in our game id?

how do they unbind our moonton account with just the id?


about that , i personally still haven't know yet how the hacker unbind the game account , i will update this if i finally know how .  Post time 2020-5-22 06:01 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-5-22 06:08 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2020-5-22 04:17 PM
I finally figured it out how they get the device id , the hacker just need to open your profile and  ...

what??? it still works until now??? oh my, do you mean even if everything is binded already they can still hack it??


yes but i'm not sure if they can unbind , so far only able to login  Post time 2020-5-22 06:18 PM
Post time 2020-5-22 07:43 PM | Show all posts
Edited by RohitBK201 at 2020-5-22 07:45 PM

interesting post i wish if it was so easy the measures would have been already taken, but there is thing called VPN and fake location apps which makes it impossible this way, not to mention that your id can be accessed from anywhere in the world so shutting down a particular area would not solve this and you are being very rude to say that the all hacker in the game are Indonesian i guess they have better job to do than just hacking a random players acc from a random game company for a random reason, i am sure moonton will come up with a better plan and i hope they don't tell us about it so hackers wont know what hit them
Post time 2020-5-22 10:12 PM | Show all posts
The DeviceID leaked due to malicious 3rd party app that inject game data such as map hack, drone view, and skins unlock and send them to developer of that app.
The DeviceID cannot be taken by just simply open other players profile and get them.
For now MLBB noticed this issue and please Bind your account to all social media, FB, VK, Google Play Games, Game center and Moonton, that way the hacker cannot bind your account to his social media.
Post time 2020-5-23 11:31 AM | Show all posts
The hacker could use any way, not just from 3rd party apps. Just remember :
- NEVER use any 3rd party apps (except the official apps from Moonton)
- NEVER share any information anywhere, especially your personal email
- NEVER tempted to cheap diamonds, discounted game voucher, etc.
- NEVER CLICK ANY LINK (I cap this because most people still can't sense some suspicious links)

Well, I play online games since 2010s, but I'm enjoying hacked-free game life. I'm very strict with my account security. And btw, I'm still using my email which I created on 2007. How? Because I NEVER fall into scams
Post time 2020-5-23 03:29 PM | Show all posts
Used to play games more than 10 but disconnecting 3rd party apps using montoon account still not work and complains that im in a different region shit montoon account


try log out from all device first after u done play 10 ranked games  Post time 2020-5-24 02:18 AM
Post time 2020-5-26 11:10 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2020-5-22 04:17 PM
I finally figured it out how they get the device id , the hacker just need to open your profile and  ...

hack some pro player ID and share it here for proof please
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