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Author: Cyter0726
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[Unclassified] Account Recovery Guide (Hacked Accounts)

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Post time 2020-6-6 05:42 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 08:43 AM

just as a note, he actually binded the account with Google Play Games but not VK.. yet. I havent binded VK acc yet cus i dont want him to know that Im still trying to do things, or should I?
 Author| Post time 2020-6-6 07:12 PM | Show all posts
MnabilYaser replied at 2020-6-6 05:42 PM
just as a note, he actually binded the account with Google Play Games but not VK.. yet. I havent ...

If you have ample time to kick him off, you can start the procedure to unbind his accounts. For as long as your Moonton is binded, the account is yours. I stayed awake for 20hrs just to kick my hacker off my account
Post time 2020-6-8 11:50 AM | Show all posts
Cyter0726 replied at 2020-6-6 07:12 PM
If you have ample time to kick him off, you can start the procedure to unbind his accounts. For as ...

Oh wow that's one alternative for me to try however it's not easy for me since hes always online.. like most of the time in casual Asia region. for me, I think that we have to play the game for quite some time is actually a prove of how bad the security system of the game is. I mean if u really own the Moonton acc so should be able to take full control of the account by yourself as long as you have access to the account email even if u have or have not binded with other third party accounts. In my opinion, I think the third party accs binding is almost like a waste and a troublesome especially to the victims of account hacks. Every single time when Im thinking of the CS, I wonder if the owner or the lead dev even knows what the CS is doing because that kind of behavior just makes me not wanting to play this boring game anymore. I am pretty sure most of them realizes the weakness the security and they shouldve tried to solve this issue long ago or they just dont want to care.
Post time 2020-6-30 01:38 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 08:46 AM

Thanks for sharing this. I was able to unbind the hacker’s account. However he was still able to access it. Moonton security is breached.

I have played 11 consecutive ranked games but still am unable to unbind the hacker’s Google account. Please help!
 Author| Post time 2020-7-2 10:39 AM | Show all posts
Karla replied at 2020-6-30 05:07 PM
I have played 11 consecutive ranked games but still am unable to unbind the hacker’s Google account ...

Keep repeating the step, it's because he is logging in in-between your games that's why it resets your consecutive gameplays to ZERO. How was he able to access your account? VK, FB or Google? Have you secured your Moontoon by changing emial and pasword?
Post time 2020-7-9 01:40 AM | Show all posts
My account has been hacked pls help me
 Author| Post time 2020-7-10 04:49 AM | Show all posts
Kimleng replied at 2020-7-9 01:40 AM
My account has been hacked pls help me

Read and follow the guide, it's pretty straight forward already
Post time 2020-12-6 09:16 PM | Show all posts
does it have to be ranked games?
Post time 2021-2-1 04:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by SenseiTumblweed at 2021-2-1 05:10 AM

Having just had this problem I can give you my experience which will cut out a lot of the headache. Regarding this whole section:
Step 4:
Go to Account Settings > Account Center > Sign out all Devices. You'll be fighting for access and control in real time with the hacker. Make sure that he won't have a chance to open or play on your MLBB. Keep doing this and take note of the time on every attempt he's trying to log you out as well (So that you can kick him off when he is asleep).

Always repeat this step everytime he logs in. For me I stayed awake for 20 hrs to kick him off. Or else he'll deliberately ban your account by using map hacks, cheats, etc.

Step 5:
Try to unbind the hacker's account by going to Account Settings > Account Center > 3rd Party Account Disconnect > select account > Enter Moonton account to Disconnect. Follow the validation procedures as stated.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to unbind those account immediately but if you're not, you'll receive this System Message "Dear Player, You're logging in on a new device or a new region. For your account security, please contact Customer Service to continue"

Step 6:
"The trickiest part" and it takes a lot of "perseverance". The System Message you received has a backdoor process. You need to play ranked games, it does not matter if you win or loose. Invite friends to help you out. It will take about four (4) to nine (9) "CONSECUTIVE" rank games. If your hacker logged in inbetween your play, your count resets to ZERO as your region is changed again from where he is.

Every after ranked game you finish, it's important to try and repeat Step 5 until the System Message is gone.

I found an easier way to expedite this process.   I first requested a password change for my Moonton account.  I didn't actually follow the steps to change it yet but in my experience sometimes emails to change passwords have to be requested a couple of times to get them and I had that happen on this occurrence.  I next found an easier way to change your location.  If you go back to your profile page, underneath the settings button there is a location.  This is the location the hacker/ person that bought the account is playing.  If you tap on it it will ask you to allow them to find your location.  I clicked allow, it determined my location and told me I had to play just 1 ranked game for it to update my location.  This was good as I noticed the hacker liked playing around this time. I played a match, but note that I still haven't changed my password for my Moonton account. After the match I got an Offline Notice that someone had logged into my account, and it gave me the option to reset my password via my bound email address.  I didn't need to request a new email as I already had the password reset email.  So I then changed my password. Logged on and signed off all other devices.  Then requested emails to unbind the 3rd Party apps.  Once I got a new password it took 3-5 minutes to take care of the problem. That's with loading.  It's the next day and I haven't had any issues except he added all his friends and they want to play.

So a short list of action steps:
1. Request Moonton account password reset and keep the email.
  • 1a. You may also request emails to unbind their 3rd party accounts.  I think you're fine waiting until that step comes.
2. Tap location button in profile section.
3. Allow MLBB to get your location.
4. Play how many ever games to change your location.  
  • 4a. Mine was 1. Maybe because I've never changed location before. Or maybe because I was in the U.S. not Indonesia.
  • 4b. You may want to check when the other person plays before enacting all these steps so you can do it when they normally aren't on.
5. Change password to Moonton account.
  • 5a. I was sure they didn't have access to my email.  I used the same password for a lot of things for a while and it was a compromised email/password combination I use for games but my password to my bound email is a different password with 2 way authentication.
  • 5b. If you think they have access to your email then you should secure that first.  Just change your password and/or add 2 way authentication.  Then they won't have access to do any funny business.
6. Sign out all other devices.
7. Unbind 3rd party apps.
  • 7a. I think signing out all Devices first is better as after you change your password they have to play several games/ tutorials and you easily have the time to unbind their accounts.
8. Request to remove secondary verification.  Unfortunately you have to request Moonton to take this step.
9. Enjoy your account again and any extras they gave you :) or losses :/.
Post time 2021-2-6 05:50 PM | Show all posts
I got back my account without the help of moonton cs by following the steps in first page. have to keep signing out all devices many many times and keep playing 15 ranked matches. after that enabled secondary verification and pin then bind vk, google play and change moonton, fb accounts. so far for past 3 days the hacker did not log in.

does this mean that my account is back?
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