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Author: Asrieejz
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[Share] Are all mythic players this toxic?

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Post time 2020-5-26 02:13 PM | Show all posts
Has_been_slain replied at 2020-5-25 10:51 PM
Mythic V paired to play with Legends...Man what a toxic trolling spoiled kids...They think if they r ...

So from legend 1 *5 to epic? Hahaha that must have been infuriating omg xD well same with me.. so cheers xD
Post time 2020-5-26 07:20 PM | Show all posts
Asrieejz replied at 2020-5-26 10:48 AM
Maybe I could have gone for Badang or Leomord . Suck thumb that I got reported for nothing other t ...

These kids never adapt so I adapt by tanking for them or playing support. RIP. They all feed.
Post time 2020-5-27 12:51 AM | Show all posts
Toxicity is something tha cant really be stopped and that goes for any and all online games. It all depends on the players mind and behaviour. This is why MLBB have been putting up alot of effort in the punishmnet and chat sensor features and it is improving.
If you want ot avoid toxicity, here's my simple advice. Play with people you know. This helps greatly in my experience to get rid of anyone in my team being toxic to each other which sometimes results in an auto-Loss.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-27 06:45 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 08:32 AM
imAldric replied at 2020-5-27 12:51 AM
Toxicity is something tha cant really be stopped and that goes for any and all online games. It all  ...

Thanka for the advice.
HoaHoa replied at 2020-5-26 01:14 PM
Well not only mythics, I guess legend and epic too. They are toxic and nubs from several re ...

Wow. This really makes me think that I should probably reflect alot. Thanks. I decided to give it a rest haha.


My pleasure, Hope your're having a great day^^  Post time 2020-5-27 06:02 PM
Post time 2020-5-27 12:58 PM | Show all posts
Yep. Mythic rank is incredibly toxic and they themselves at the same time are trash at the game. I've encountered many toxic players who blatantly banned my main which is Fanny and their excuse was they were 'scared' because I would be darat, classic wr, etc. Even after showing my MMR which can only be obtained in ranked. So we gotta deal with it no matter what. This is extremely tiring.
Post time 2020-5-27 04:26 PM | Show all posts
Low point Mythic's are toxic but take it in my perspective I am a Mythical Glory 869 points and it's less toxic there we have good team combo and we do funnels and this is solo Queue. Cheers! (I am aiming for 2x Mythical Glory so my second acc will be glory too 9/10 placement game 1 loss and 1 game to Mythic IV)
Post time 2020-5-28 08:13 AM | Show all posts
Because of this stupid matchmaking system, it pairs Mythic 2 with Legend V. After the Mythic loses a good 12 points because the Legend V couldn't carry with his mm the whole game, the Mythic is in a bad mood. Then, he/she gets teamed up with other Legends, which causes the Mythic's mood to worsten.

Long story short, they're only toxic because of this stupid matchmaking system.
 Author| Post time 2020-5-29 01:39 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-4 08:33 AM

I had a week break from mythic placement match. Trying to figure out where I went wrong. Took me a game to realise how wrong am I trying to push turret in the early game. The mythics mostly are either stealing buff or ganking at low level as a team. I learn it in a hard way. Won two placement matches
Blueazkaban replied at 2020-5-27 04:26 PM
Low point Mythic's are toxic but take it in my perspective I am a Mythical Glory 869 points and it's ...

Took a short break after whatever I faced previously. Figured it out where I went wrong. This is challenging yet interesting.
Post time 2020-6-20 01:36 AM | Show all posts
Mythic players are full of trolls.

If your hero doesn't have their expected win rate, they troll

If your hero matches is less than their expectation, they troll

If you take their favorite hero role, they troll

For no reason, they troll


lol  Post time 2020-6-21 11:23 AM
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