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[Query] how bad are moonton... doing with the game?

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just as the title said.we all know that moonton mostly focus on new & popular heroes, as 'screw them' toward low hero. stupid (what most you said) instead nerf hero, nerf gear. act on their own instead listen to players (mostly). focus gain money from skin on popular heroes instead of balancing every hero include forgotten one. false accuse. endless sun & odette on... draw. all known matchmaking & connection problem. DMG rule, go pew pew on DEF.
and... what next...

so, how bad are they compare to other MOBA developers/company?
RIP I asking about thing outside ML. I not breaking anything, right

additional question: all comparison
are most new heroes mostly near to OP in every MOBA game?
besides this, are other MOBA also have forgotten/low heroes?
and lastly, Balance on hero and gear itself this to other MOBA?

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Edited by imAldric at 2020-6-4 06:01 PM

Fixed the customer service and it will be fine (not great..but just fine). Hire an actual professional (preferably English speaker/writer) to help design your customer service. The amount incompetent involve when trying to reach the cs is what makes me (and many other players) believe that the company just don't care about complaints/reports and reaching the players.
Particularly the form that you need to fill in order to file complaint. Too much hassle to file a simple graphic bug problem I notice in the game. Too many inconsistent (sometimes unnecessary) detail I need to fill to file a report.

Stop introducing new hero/skins every month..sometime every week. First of all..fixed some of the hero. I'm not talking about the nerf or whatever. But fixed some of the bugs occur during the match/gameplay.
Most recently I found that sometimes Atlas ult stuck without able to unleash it until the time run out. When I try to file a report..same bullshit I have to go through in order to file a report.

Which is why I wait for Game A to release in order to have some decent developers managing the game instead of this bullshit Moonton. They might be worse..but judging on how Moonton treats their players, the standard are pretty low.
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Edited by imAldric at 2020-6-4 06:04 PM

All games got their own problem, especially a moba games. I used to play GAME B on my phone and LeL on my pc. I tried to play GAME C but I gave up because it is so hard in everything.

But what make me so dissapointed with ML  is because they got a great revenue each month but just how much they spent on improving the game every patch.

I can assure you that there is no game yet that charge a price of a skin more expensive than a price of a standard game except ML. Imagine how many games can you bought with the price of a lucky box epic skin. Moonton should be grateful that there's still a lot of players still bought their low quality skins even though it price like shyt, but then what did they do with the money? The tournament cash prize arent that much. I just assumed they used up all the revenue to pay for more copyright fines and the remainder were finished at pubs.

They at least should convince us that there is always something great they're trying to working on. In term of graphic, up until now, ML is nowhere to rival Game A and even Game B graphic quality and animation. In term of hero design and skillset, ML always take it from other moba instead of reviewing our suggestions. In term of experience, ML is by far the worst.....this is due to optimization. Even the lucky shop didnt get any new update, matchmaking suck, negative players still were punished lightly etc.

I always dream of a day where in the patch notes, Moonton said "we have fixed an issue in matchmaking where players can match with or against a player of totally different league" or "new skin is coming to lucky shop" or "3 new defence items". All these dreams were just too swert and knowing moonton, it is impossible.

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Edited by imAldric at 2020-6-4 06:07 PM

Game A was the first moba i played. i played it for more than a year and switched to mobile legends.

the reason i switched was because Game A movement speed was ultra slow without boots and long match, but their graphics is really impressive. They did not bring new heroes one after another, all new heroes were always balanced.

They also had card system, without spending any money i got 2 heroes tier 1 skin which you can say "epic skin" if compared to ml. Just by playing certain hero they gave random cards and when you had enough, you could unlock expensive skin for free.

Touch controls were very impressive.

Their ability to control AFK players was impressive, i rarely met AFK players in that game in more than a year duration.
but in mobile legends i can get AFK players streak. Sometimes i ask during hero selection "So, whose turn to go AFK?"

Game A controlled AFK players by karma system, if player go afk for 2 or 3 time, they straight get ban for a day, if go afk again then ban for 5-7 days.
I also got banned there for 7+ days because i went afk few times.

ml Team can consider these comments as feedback to improve.

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Edited by imAldric at 2020-6-4 06:09 PM
Mr.Tank replied at 2020-5-28 07:27 PM
VG was the first moba i played. i played it for more than a year and switched to mobile legends.

th ...

Moonton: what is matchmaking, that is not on our dictionary. Our dictionary is to conquer and gain popularity among SEA region (Indon main income source, 2nd pinoy, 3rd msia/sg, 4th myammar laos etc)

Game A ? screw that, until it release then we shall talk or else 515 baby still on ~ *celebrate mode*

Pinoy be like: goodbye ML, Game A coming to my country
Indo be like: do I even care ? lel
Msia/Sg be like: mixed feeling
Myammar/Laos etc be like: what is Game A? I-ish nuub.
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