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[Ranking Tips] Big PP vs Fast Finger

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Edited by Kathey at 2020-5-28 07:36 PM

First of all..I'm not trying to make sexual inuendo here. I'm just trying to reach out to some Pewdewpie floor gang here.

I'm talking about is high inteligent (big PP) vs high dexterity/skillfull (fast finger). I consider my self to be slightly above average players. Not because I'm very skilled, but mainly because I understand the gameplay. Being smart is what makes me slightly better then average.
I think my low win rate on Fanny proves how bad my dexterity is. Playing fast hero that requires constant move and split second decision is not in my blood. Which is why I'm not a pro and having trouble playing at higher tier since many of the players are smart and skillfull.

I have an insight about what makes me able to win consistently in this game at lower lower (below mythic). And maybe can help you better understand what happen in the lower tier. Also why the lower tier is like 'hell' for solo players.

1. Good map awareness and enemies movement. I'm not talking about simply noticing team fight occurs and joining the fight. I believe most players (at least epic and above) will help in team fight when it occurs near them.
I'm talking about predicting enemies next move after you notice them missing from the mini map (or after they just clear the wave). In order to be the best at this, you need experience and also the know how on what the enemies would do in the situation.

Also, if you should either join the teamfight or push the lane. If you should chase the enemy or retreat in fear of ambush.

Having good map awareness trancsend any other ability you have. Which is why people using map hack are forking asrehole. They literally rob the one advantage I have.

Another reason for my high win percentage with Hanzo. Some people said Hanzo doesn't have high escape spell. My counter to that is Hanzo have enough escape spell. If you are aware of you enemy movement, you can escape easily.

2. Team cohesion. This is about how do you work as a team. I saw lots of players fail to do (emphasizng on the lower tier). I would like to remind you that this is a team game. Your ability to win 1v1 doesn't matter if you lose the teamfight.
Your ability to understand your teammates is just as important as being skillfull. Another reason why I'm good with solo play 99% of the time. When many peoples tend to play with premade team..I excel in solo.
The main indicator how bad they are in team cohesion is when they scream "1v1 after this" in all chat after losing the match. You know what I'm talking about.More annoying is when they try to add you for the purpose of 1v1 (which I will reject everytime while spouting some insult at them).

This is why my most pick role in rank is support, tank, or mage (with skills that excels at teamfight). This role is best for players who understand the important of team cohesion. If you understand my playstyle, you will know that my least played hero is Karina (the KS Queen).

When most newb practice with high skill hero like fanny, gusion to name a few in order to excel themself..I would prefer for them to try many different hero in order to have better understanding of the playstyle. Try playing tank or support role more since it is the best way for you to understand the game.
Just because you can dominate the enemy with your favourite carry doesn't meant that you can win the game most of the time. Too many times I saw lot of carry blaming other players for feeding/noob/etc when they themself chose not to help their teammates. Or they themself die then blame the other players for not helping.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that this is a team game. Being smart brings a lot to the plate instead of just being very skillfull. Learn to play as a team and understand enemy's team behaviour.

P/s: Understanding how to play as a team also helps me to be a good at other MOBA. Which is why other MOBA is arguably the 'most balance' and popular MOBA out there. There are rarely 'a player or hero that can carry the whole team' nonsense which occurs in MLBB and most MOBA out there.

Edit: lel..just as I finish writing this..I found Assassin Dave video explaining what a support do. Which why I love Assassin Dave video because while he played, he also provide some insight on what to do. A very good video and somewhat explain what I'm talking about here.
You can check it out from this link here
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Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-10-12 03:30 PM

I do understand your point @izaidi. Like you said supports, tanks who are good are those who understand the macro of the game and could control the good. However, I think it is extremely important to have both. The micromechanics are the ones that could lead to the macro plays. In other words, if you land skill shots or dodge skill shots. You could use that to make the bigger plays. The big plays are useless if you could not land the small plays.

Yes and No. I do not think one is more important than the other to get the win in lower tiers.


I'm not saying the other is not important. I'm just saying that being smart (understand the playstyle) will get you more win than just being skillfull. At least in the lower tier  Post time 2020-5-29 12:39 PM
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