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[Item Balance] Buff tank items,bec. You cant counter anything with items anymore

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Edited by debmarcley at 2020-6-2 10:11 PM

These Are my Recommendations:
Twilight Armor : 20% Crit Dmg Red. ---->>50-60% Crit Dmg Red.   (You cant even counter  Berserker Fury +40% CRID )
                       Defiance: can't exceed 900 physical , CD 4 seconds ---->> CD 1.5 Seconds (why? it's useless How many attacks can an MM dish out? in                         4 seconds?, You are literally dead even before that) was this supposed to counter Aldous? you can only block 1 of his attacks, and he                             can do more damage.
                      Alternate Defiance: for 3 seconds Physical damage cannot exceed 900 ,3 Seconds CD.  (useless against True dmg and fast attack speed)

Blade Armor: +90 armor, Vengeance 25% physical Return Damage ---->>+110 armor,  35% magic Return Dmg.  (useless You cant even tank anything with this & when MM picks up Immortality)

Dominance Ice: Arctic Cold 10% MS & 30% AS reduction  ---->> 15%MS & 40% AS Reduction (Why? it's supposed to be a counter item, kinda useless at it's current Stats)

Cursed Helmet: +25 Magic Defense ---->> 35 Magic Defense

Tough Boots:  MD +22 & Tenacity 30% CC time reduction ---->> MD + 30 & 35% cc time Reduction.

Oracle: Bless +30% Heal/regen ---->> +40% Heal/Regen (NOD or SH, and youre useless as an Item) ,
                                                        Alternately Bless is cancelled by NOD or SH, Only the =30% Heal/regen is cancelled.

Post time 2020-6-3 10:31 AM | Show all posts
Agree. Im main tank and its super hard to tank. In a recent game as Uranus, I had no mana items, ALL PHYSICAL DEFENSE ITEMS, but still, the enemy granger killed me really fast at minute 3. By minute 5 it was impossible for me to get anywhere near him.
So many bad things for tanks right now:
-masked got nerfed
-Tanking items getting nerfed
-Tanks getting nerfed
I guess they do it to finish the games faster, basically the team who is successful in the first clash wins. 3 enemies mid, sometimes even 5, kill the 2 teammates mid and steal our buff (because some people still don’t understand 1-2-2 is weaker than 1-3-1). Pro players (like assassin dave in ALL his videos) keep complaining about how simple the game has become, no strategies, same heros…
Anyway, these are my last days in this games, as soon as the new game comes out im gone. Developers don’t care about the game, they just want money. Its all about new skins and heros. Maybe even a new game mode hahahaha. We just need balanced heros, more items, lag and matchmaking.
Imagine how fun the game would be if instead of a new hero every month we had a new item!! It would be so fun to try crazy combinations (in a fair matchmaking game hahah)
Post time 2020-6-2 11:29 AM | Show all posts
Current Advanced Server, Defense item got price reduced and prioritize on Tank role, keep notice on new updated Advanced Server, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-6-2 09:10 PM | Show all posts
This post , magnificent , this is what i was looking for the whole time , if only i have milions of dollar to buy mlbb , i would kick everyone in the hero balance section and hire you to balance the game . I really can't understand why mlbb developer that have experience on developing the game , can't even balance the game , while this kid suddenly came of nowhere , appear with solution that can drastically make the game more balance .

Oh wait , i think i do know why , ah money , yeah money , it always about money , and they can do this toxicity because they can , nobody can beat mlbb game (yet).

But don't worry , mlbb monopoly era is coming to an end , wild in the rift is coming to kick mlbb down so mlbb developer can eat their own toxicity.
Post time 2020-6-2 09:58 PM | Show all posts
Buff all item .

Like +10 dmg wtf is that.
+100hp? Srsly. It's lower than Hero HP gain per lvl
 Author| Post time 2020-6-2 10:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by IZxCOLD at 2020-6-5 01:11 AM
diwang replied at 2020-6-2 09:10 PM
This post , magnificent , this is what i was looking for the whole time , if only i have milions of  ...

I play all kinds of games, Played them all, Game c , game A, Game D , Game e, game f, Game C, lel, Game A, now MLBB. ( console games you name it.).
Yeah as soon as lel + (they change the game into "lel+" what a toxic forum)comes out, I'm out of here.
I've been suggesting good balances for almost a year now, I dont think a Single Thing went through, except for the Badang Change on his dash skill(Cd reduction when no one is hit).

On june 6 It's time to relive my Master Tier days in lel
Post time 2020-6-2 11:56 PM | Show all posts
MLLB devs earned so much money that they don't give a fak for +. When they see thousands of players removing MLBB and starting to play another MOBA, they will just disappear.
Post time 2020-6-3 08:27 AM | Show all posts
Guys, didn't you notice how these Devs are working hard now?
1. Before, If we request a balancing then we will have to wait for like 5 or more patches with Random effects without connection. Now, if we "Strongly" request it, then we only wait 3 or less patches and this time, these patches are now connected to what we request though still Random effects.
2. Free Skins! Every Patch!
3. More etc!
Only because they really consider "+" as a real THREAT!
Post time 2020-6-3 11:18 AM | Show all posts
ryans46 replied at 2020-6-3 08:27 AM
Guys, didn't you notice how these Devs are working hard now?
1. Before, If we request a balancing th ...

Because of me triggering everyone in the forum and make them agree that mlbb balance is so broken and inviting them to quit and move to wild in the rift , they censored wild in the rift and |ol .

But i'm just saying the truth , i didn't lie when i say mlbb balance is broken (except miya , yeah i admit i lied in some part when asking miya nerf) , but even with me and tons of people complaining about mlbb balance , devs keep repeating their mistake over and over when balancing the game to the point that quitting the game is the only option that player have.


Funny how they turned W R into a plus sign.  Post time 2020-6-4 03:07 PM
Post time 2020-6-5 08:59 PM | Show all posts
I do think your buffes are kinda weak. You have to buff most of these items more. Cursed helmet should be 45 Mr at least. Blade armour should be 120 at least. twilight armor should have a cdr of 1.25 seconds and should decrease crit rate by 40% as well as can't exceed dmg over 800.
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