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[Item Balance] fix/Optimize Item Progression to balance the game.

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The major Problem which makes the game so unbalanced and make specific heroes the meta right now , lies behind the Items
Ex:Gusion,Granger, chou,Bruno,HC, etc. these heroes Rely on skill damage, Not really the attackspeed, makes them OP from Early to Late game
Because they can Dish out tons of damage even without  a completed Item.
Other heroes on the other hand... needs to complete a specific item first, EX: DHS, GS, Endless Battle, They are very expensive and you need to farm first before anything else.
So how do you fix this problem?

Since I'm feeling generous and I cant play because I feel dizzy now...
The fix is simple,
#1 make item progression better, Having a half effect of the final item , in one of the components.
  Best Example here is Cursed Helmet:  Passive Burning Soul : deals 1.5% of Max HP of nearby enemies  as magic damage. One of the Components of Cursed Helmet is ::::>>>> Molten Essence : Deals 1% of max Hp of nearby enemies as Magic damage.
You can see there that the Molten essence has a Reduced Effect of the Final item Being Built here.
#2 Make most of the components Combinable ex: Endless Battle , instead of having 3 different items to build, make it into two, combinations with the two higher tier having the reduced effects of the Final items. in Endlessbattle +5% movement speed will come out of Nowhere...
dont be lazy moonton, you are raking in big cash here...

SO Here's My suggestions:
#1 Endless Battle, Divine Justice: deal 60% of Physical attack as True damage, Make one of the components like (AZURE BLADE "endless battle" stats into>>>> Divine Justice(lesser): Deal 40% of Physical attack as True Damage. This will make Item build up more balanced and you can now pick other Heroes.

#2 Wind talker, Typhoon: every 3 seconds , basic attack deals 150-362 magic damage  that hits 3 enemy units , Here Make one of the Components Like>>>> Rogue Meteor: Typhoon(minor),  every 3 seconds , basic attack deals 90-150 magic damage  that hits 3 enemy units . This will make these items more useful early game, We will have More hero/item Diversity, Unlike a Granger which only needs Physical attack items and nothing else.

#3 Necklace of Durance & Sea Halberd: Life Drain, Reduces HP regen/heal/spell vamp by 50% for 3 seconds, Ability & basic attack Respectively>>>>Life Drain: Dealing damage or using CC skills ("vale Ult CC" does not apply this effecr or assists if they escape the damage part) Reduces HP regen/heal/spell vamp by 50% for 3 seconds.
>>>>Also Make  the Necklace of Durance similar to the item build path of Sea Halberd which is  Deadly Blade, NOD should have 1 component (cheaper) to get the Anti Heal, It's annoying for mages because it takes a long time to build the damn thing, before you know it you get dominated by Healer Enemy heroes (Xborg, Thamuz, Hylos, Estes, esmeralda, Uranus).

#4 Scarlet Phantom, Item build should be changed, Where the hell did that 30 phyisical attack came from? , Instead of Rogue meteor and Javelin>>>> It should be Rogue Meteor and Dagger. (it make a lot of sense this way)

#5 Berserkers Fury, Make the components from 3 to 2 items >>>> one Legion Sword and One new item which : combines two Javelin = +16% crit chance and  +20% Crit Damage.

#6 Corrosion Scythe: again the lessor version of the final item's Skill >>>One Regular spear: Impulse, Increase Attack speed by 8% up to 2 times, & the other Regular Spear: Corrosion, Basic attack has 25% chance to Slow enemy unit.  (combine both and it will make sense and make the game better)

#7 Demon Hunter Sword: Make one of the components like Regular spear>>> Devour(minor):Basic attacks deal 4.5% of targets Current HP

I did not touch the Mage items, Because they dont need it, they are OP as hell right now.
I also made a Tank item suggestion.
Damn Moonton... I'm doing this for a better & balanced game.
Post time 2020-6-3 01:40 AM | Show all posts
Item dependent hero always good when Late game, defender can always protect carry hero until core item purchased, keep notice on Advanced Server for latest adjustment, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-6-3 03:03 AM | Show all posts
This is best suggestion of the year.This must be implemented asap. 3 years of ml. I dont play tank because Chou and Kadita are op and can support better than any tank early game with tank emblem.They can cover whole map in few seconds.In classic I sometimes use john and franco but in rank if mm dont have above 70% win rate or high mmr its risky and waste of time.Better enjoy classic rather than getting angry and teammates in rank.Diggie can counter atlas and if u are paired with full mythic 3,4,5 team u can lose cuz they didnt bought diggie(it happens).Same for khufra he can support but with chou I can babysit low players better.I am telling u this because in low mythic tier there are more trolls than in epic tier.And carmilla is op early game I wait for her new skin this regular is trash.Give chou and kadita new skins these heroes are most used in rank high tier.Kadita special skin was just so so.And cocnlusion if u dont implement those above I will continue to use just these 3 heroes expecialy on start of the new season.
Post time 2020-6-4 01:08 PM | Show all posts
there has been major jungle gold adjusts and cheapen tnk items in the adv server and i like it now coz items are cheap for tanks and support and jungle gold is reduced which makes the mms to farm more now for the gold, check it out in adv server
 Author| Post time 2020-8-10 10:02 AM | Show all posts
RohitBK201 replied at 2020-6-4 01:08 PM
there has been major jungle gold adjusts and cheapen tnk items in the adv server and i like it now c ...

We dont need Cheaper Items...
What's Needed is Better Item Progression
similar to Deadly Blade
It's really difficult to counter item/hero
now we have another OP regen hero called Yu Zhong
It might be easier for MM to counter by buying 950 gold Deadly Blade (Severly impacting DPS output and item build progression) but not as much as the Mage/support version.
For Mages or support, you need 2k, and that takes too much time,
You already lost the match just by buying Necklace of Durance first. (and with the ridiculous funnel strat... Oh hell you have higher chances of losing the game because you need Necklace for Uranus, Yu Zhone, Esmeralda, Thamus, Ruby, Guin, silvana, Khaleed and the List Goes on...
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