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[Hero Techniques] Luo Yi ~ Yin Yang Geomancer Guide

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On the border of Dongyu and the Moniyan Plains, Luo Yi, who always stood on the top of the mountain along, faced towards Dongyu, the place where her hometown is located, and continued observing the flow of stars. She waited for the changes in the stars and also for the appearance of someone she had always been waiting for.

Recalling the era of warfare in remote areas, the war between light and darkness had spread throughout the Land of Dawn, which unexpectedly, created disasters and destroyed many lives and property. During this period, many powerful races suffered greatly. This made the Dragon God, who loved peace, feel sorry. Therefore, he and his friend, Black Dragon, led many new and old races who didn't wish to be involved in this war, to begin an unprecedented migration. In this dangerous and challenging process, ignorant human beings became the protagonists of the migration journey and during that time, they were divided into two streams, due to their different choice of opinions.

After arriving at Dongyu, they acted independently and in opposition. Those who supported the ideas of peace and stability of the Dragon God become his disciples and focused on increasing their inner strength, while those who pursued strength and advocate using force to solve problems become warriors of the qBlack Dragon. The warriors gained the all the absolute power that they had dreamed of, and became stronger. Then, they executed a secret plan to control Dongyu by force, overthrow the order established by the Dragon God, and help Black Dragon, become the ruler of Dongyu.

In the years that followed, the contradictions between the Black Dragon and the Dragon God became increasingly sharp, and there were also a constant dispute between the soldiers of Black Dragon and the disciples of the Dragon God. To stop the impending war, the Dragon God had to force the Black Dragon down by force, and then summon his soul within the Reverse Scales and seal it in the Forbidden Soul Area, forever.

The soldiers who had relied on Black Dragon, were completely driven out of Dongyu and they evntually became homeless in the Land of Dawn. However, when Black Dragon was sealed, he wrote his will and promised the soldiers, that a thousand years later, he would be reincarnated into this country, to finish what he had started. He believed, at that time, a great change would occur in Dongyu and the soldiers would continue to fulfill their mission.

The fall of Black Dragon, made the soldiers feel very frustrated and they fell into despair. From that moment on, the soldiers surprisingly disappeared from Dongyu, and as time went on, their descendants, who too were scattered all over the place, chose life as ordinary people and did not pursue strength or let alone continue their mission. Although the glory of the soldiers had disappeared for a thousand years, there were still, a number of descendants who had survived the mission for several generations and greatly expected the reincarnation of Black Dragon; so that they could rebuild the order.

Among the decendants, were strong mages, with power from heaven and earth. Luo Yi was one of them. For as long as Luo Yi could remember, she had listened to legends that the world had forgotten with her father's strict guidance, including the overly arrogant Black Dragon, the strong warrior, Dongyu- the land full of freedom, and the war that shook the world. She also knew clearly, that the thriving of the descendants of these warriors and the reincarnation that Black Dragon was destined to have were ti occur soon, no matter what. And Luo Yi vowed to carry out this old mission, herself.

Luo Yi followes her father's will to find the reincarnated Black Dragon and rebuild her section of warriors, due to a sense of obligation for the mission that was built since her childhood and the desire for her generation of the family to return to their true home.

For this reason, Luo Yi wandered around, almost the entire Land of Dawn in search of the descendants of scattered soldiers. However, over time, these people had become weak normals, because of their lives as ordinary people. They had become numb and cowardly. Luo Yi became furious, glancing at them with disgust and decided to look for the reincarnated Black Dragon alone. The passage of time and rare failures strengthened her resolve, because she believed Black Dragon would indeed be waiting for her and return to her hometown, to continue his leadership as before.

Under the guidance of the stars, Luo Yi finally found the reincarnation of Black Dragon, Yu Zhong, a student of the Great Dragon, who traveled all over the world. At that time, Yu Zhong didn't know anything about Luo Yi's past life. She found it hard to believe that this little man, who looked nervous in front of her, was the Fierce Black Dragon who destined to become her master.

Later, Luo Yi invited Yu Zhong to travel together in the Land of Dawn, hoping to ensure his judgment in the process. The moment was a journey that had a big influence on Yu Zhong's heart. The chaos caused by the war and the peaceful Dongyu created a sharp contrast within his mind and also made Yu Zhong doubt the world. At the end of his trip, Luo Yi told Yu Zhong about her past life and the whereabouts of the Reverse Scales, persuading him to lead them. However Yu Zhong found to be evil and hard to believe, at that moment.

Meanwhile, Luo Yi saw doubt and anxiety in his eyes. "This is not the right time. You lose everything, and you will definitely come to me." "You are not strong enough right now. If you want to become a true Fierce Black Dragon, you must break the Reverse Scales' seal and bear the consequences." After these words, Luo Yi let Yu Zhong go alone, knowing that Yu Zhong was very young and immature at the time.

Yu Zhong hadn't risked and lost everything, so he couldn't break the shackles of the world. But Luo Yi firmly believed that Yu Zhong would definitely return. Because the Reverse Scales had taken root in Yu Zhong's heart, and the stubborn Great Dragon would never want to be associated with it. All she needed to do was wait calmly and make the preparations, so Yu Zhong could obtain the Reverse Scales back.

She learned that her wait had finally ended when she saw Yu Zhong appear before her once again, after surviving the disaster. Yu Zhong's imperfections and simplicity had drastically disappeared. He had been reborn, after years of torture and cleansing. The King had returned. She silently looked at him, leading the soldiers she had gathered for him to kneel on one knee and greet their exterminated king.

Since then, Luo Yi had established her life with Yu Zhong. No matter where she was, she would always be with Yu Zhong, helping him to gather strength and prepare to return. Now, the first thing she had to do was to help Yu Zhong get the Reverse Scales from the Forbidden Soul Area and fulfill her old mission to complete the reincarnation of Black Dragon...

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very nice and good can you add mee as friend
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From reading the lore, basically she's yu zhong's gf
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Not necessarily...could be just a friendship :))) or friendzone for all we know :))
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