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[Hero Concept] Luane - Ashura Moon General [Lore & In-Game Voice Lines]

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The Purple Crescent Moon shone throughout the Arcapada Universe where the twins were born, Luane is the firstborn. In her childhood, she used to be together with her twin brother Martis. She is always here to support Martis' ambition which is to become a sovereign of the kingdom. They were grown into young adults with strength and determination, willing to become stronger and they already have weapons so they trained together even they sparred one-on-one as part of their training. Until they parted ways for Martis came to his quest to conquer the Legendary 3 Thousand Worlds. It's time for them to become independent.

Luane's fate has been started when she joined as the Ashura Warriors. She have several painful experiences from the harsh training and her fellow warriors can't endure any longer, they soon died. Only Luane survived for she managed to withstand and retaliate attacks from her endurance training until she got promoted as the Ashura Warriors. As she entered the Shura Barracks, her new fellow warriors are commonly the Shura men. Luane is only woman in the Ashura Warriors and she easily mingled with other warriors, having her opportunity to get herself stronger through training with them.

At the first time of her first battle with the enemy clans to conquer, Luane and her army were deployed to the battlefield which were led by the Shura General. Until the enemy army were killed in battle and overwhelmed by the Ashura Warriors that made them forced to retreat, Luane won't let any enemies to escape and killed the surviving warriors by herself. The first war was ended, they claimed the victory and it was written to the Book of Shura History. They have no time to celebrate for they have upcoming wars until they won countless battles throughout Luane's lifetime without a single defeat and their clan were feared by the other worlds thoughout the universe.

At the time that Martis arrived from his quest and entitled as the "King of Ashura", the people of Shura Clan applauded him as Luane saw him as their king, said to herself that his ambition came true. Then King Martis announced for the Mandatory Battle Arena where each warrior will compete each other to give the winner a title of "Undefeatable Fighter". Luane participated the event, effortlessly defeated many competitors and advanced to Top 5 Warriors. As she fought the other four, her fighting skills are getting sharpened as she have thirst for victory until she won the event and indeed she was entitled as the "Undefeatable Fighter" by her twin brother who is now the Ashura King. She was recognized by the people of Shura Clan for her courageousness in war despite of being a woman.

Until several years after, they encountered the enemies which were led by Gatotkaca. The Shura General and his warriors including Luane were deployed to defend Shura Clan against the invaders. The battle was fierce that the enemies overpowered the Ashura Warriors even they managed to kill the Shura General, the Ashuras were furious. That made Luane enraged, unleashed her "Last Resort" and encouraged her fellow warriors to fight back until they managed to wound their enemies that made them retreat. The war was ended, many of the Ashura Warriors were wounded. Their general was killed in battle and Luane was seriously injured for she used her "Last Resort". After hearing those, Ashura King Martis was furious of what happened to his twin sister and his men. He sought vengeance against Gatotkaca for attacking his clan so he sent the Shura emissary to Telmundo for he needed the passage to a series of worlds that lead to the land of the gods. After that, he had a conversation with Luane. Her injuries had healed up and fully recovered. Martis had his excellent remark to his twin sister for Luane risked her life to defend Shura Clan and promoted her as the new General of the Ashura Warriors. Luane accepted the promotion and she had to make sure that she will lead her warriors to victory. She used her charisma to charm the Ashura Warriors to be under her control. They addressed her as "Lady General" so they followed Luane's orders from the Ashura King. She trained her warriors in order to get stronger for upcoming wars.

Until the tragedy happened, the Shura emissary was beheaded but the worst, his head was shaved before it was arrived. The Ashura King had his instructions to the Lady General to conquer the kingdom of Telmundo so Luane had her warriors to be prepared for war. So the Ashura King and the Ashura Warriors which were led by Lady General Luane marched into the kingdom of Telmundo. As the Ashura King entered the Telmundi Court, Luane and her warriors spared no one from their wrath killing every Telmundi people resided there even the surviving ones were brutally killed by Luane's vindictive strikes of her sword and rebukes of her shield. Until the kingdom was fallen and burned into ruins, the Ashuras had completely conquered the Telmundo. They went to their homeland along with the lone Telmundi woman to serve the Ashura King Martis as long as she lived. Luane went back to Shura Barracks along with her warriors to train more as they sought strength beyond their limits for endless conquest of battle.

Several days after, Luane herself went to Shura Fortress for a visit in order to meet the Lady of the Shura Clan. She show interest on her so she tried to get along with the lady. Luane introduced herself to her then the Lady Shura responded with her gentle smile as the pleasure to meet Luane, addressing her as "Lady Luane". Then Ashura King Martis interrupt the two saying that the woman was his servant, Luane understood. It was the beginning to form the friendship between the Shura General and the Telmundi woman, sometimes Luane gave her a bunch of flowers which was the Lady Shura's comfort when she was sad. Even Luane encouraged her to conjure her "Pride" and trained it in order to get stronger. She also have responsibility to her warriors so she managed her time with them. Until the invasion is coming and the Purple Crescent Moon is shining through the battlefield, Lady General Luane and the Ashura Warriors stand in frontline while the Ashura King and Lady Shura stand behind them. The Lady Shura summoned her "Pride" to boost the Ashura Warriors' strength as Luane enters her "Last Resort" state, she let out their battle cry and charge at the invaders fighting all their might to defend the Shura Territory.


"Who needs a worthy opponent?"

"Step your foot on my territory. I dare you!"
"Risking my life to protect my clan from invaders."
"I'm incarnated with the power of the Ashura and the power of the Crescent Moon!"
"My warriors should follow my orders from the Ashura King!"
"Even we are strong, we still need protection."
"Once you face me, then conquer me!"
"Under my control, I have to lead my warriors to victory!"
"I have nothing to fear, just march forward and fight!"
"Go on and fight me! Show your self-worth!"
"Worthless cowards deserve to perish with my vindications and rebukes."
"Painful experiences, I endured them all!"

"Feel the wrath of the Ashura!"

"I deserved...defeat!"
"One defeat...means nothing to me."

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Well.. with this, Your hero concept in the previous thread "Luane" becomes more perfect
I appreciate the dedication of your time to write all of this lore about her, keep it up
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