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[Share] Trolls, win rate, smurfs, mute system and much more

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I saw new patch is coming and ofcourse not a single word about 2 biggest problems: matchmaking and punishment system. It's official that those 2 things will never change. I support showing 3 main heroes on draft but on the other side it can be useless. You can put there 3 heroes you want to practice etc...
Now some tips and advices how to survive in this troll madhouse.


Main reason for this topic. I couldn't believe with my eyes what I have faced in last 3 days. In about 20 games I've played in last 3 days and today, there was 1 or more trolls in about 12 matches, that's more than a half and that number will be bigger. Star lost already on Draft. Don't let famous youtubers lie to you how you can win game even if you have troll or feeder in team. With feeder maaaybe, but with way. He will steal all he can steal, he will never fight, he will just walk around doing nothing and even have patience to that more than 30 minutes. Is there a solution to this? Well, yes and no. Since there is no option to report troll, you can also turn into troll and wait for game over or, if you have luck, ban Nana and make him earn silver medal very hard. The latter leads us to next topic.


This thing became popular once again. Whenever someone decide to troll because of some most idiotic reasons, he will just pick Nana and do everything I wrote in text above. Just walking around doing nothing, spamming 2nd skill for assists and using ult whenever is a chance for low hp kill. Is there a solution for this? Ofcourse. Devs just need to nerf Nana's passive and problem will be solved. Since that may happen in couple of months and maybe never, just ban Nana if you see someone is gonna troll.


Let's start from the end to the beginning. Four of us are facing one player who wants to practice hero on rank, who wants to troll or something like that. Already on Draft, four of us are talking about potential report of that person. How the game progresses and how we slowly lose tower by tower, battle by battle, REPORT HIM! is being written more and more because that player is the obvious reason for our defeat. Game ends, problem finished bronze with amazing 3-14-5 score and guess what? No one reported him except me. I guess, except from being so lazy you can't press 4 buttons one by one, main reason why players just shout and never report is useless punishing system. Deducating points from credit score won't force that person to stop doing that. Novels have been written about the weakness of the punishing system on this forum, so I will not go deeper into this problem, which MAY BE resolved on the day when a lot of players switch to another game. Solution? Don't bother yourself with typing or reporting, that won't get your star back.


I stopped believing in win rates. Why? Because I saw millions of Grangers, Lesleyes, Lancelots, Helcurts with really good win rate which is actually "fake". In the 2/3 of those victories, player was actually carried to victory. I played with many 70%+ marksmen/assassins players who did absolutely nothing during game. Not even destroyed tower or try to push.

Don't trust so called "smurfs". Many of them are ordinary liars, children who dream of being part of Mythical Glory. If you trust them, you will finish with "smurf" Claude like this:

Because of one youtuber, I can't play my main hero Hanzo anymore. I couldn't believe that one person has such influence on many players. Ok, he is top global Hanzo or were, I don't know now, but let's get this straight. Hanzo had his first " i-will-steal-your-jungle" skill since he was introduced in ML and was squishy and realy easy to kill than and now. He gained a little buff and with help of youtuber, he is now top ban hero. But let me ask you something. Have you ever seen a pro youtuber posted a video of game where he was defeated? Ofcourse not. Almost every famous youtuber has a whole team playing for him so he can be MVP and show us all how good he is. Well, my dear SoloQ player, you will have a whole team playing for you in 1 of 20 games. Your Hanzo body when you ulting will be exposed and you will be dead so fast you won't even see that. This is not just about Hanzo, it is about any damage dealer you saw on YT videos carring team. Trust in your own skills, rely just on yourself, make a build appropriate to enemie's line up and you will feel much better.


This new acquisition is complete bullshit. I was warned for inpropriate chat because I wrote: don't practice hero on rank, do it on classic. And punishmet of 2 hours is amazing. Ok, mute me in game, I will be always toxic to trolls and players who practice heroes on rank, but come on, I can't even show my WR or MMR on Draft?! Shameless. If Moonton can make this kind of punishment because of chat, what prevents them to do even harder punishment system at the end of game?

 Author| Post time 2020-6-7 07:02 PM | Show all posts
izaidi replied at 2020-6-7 03:19 AM
I just quit trying to carry in Solo q and I have to tell you that it is easier to play tank/fighter/ ...

Look dude, I didn't say anything wrong about his gameplay, skillness or teaching other players, he is indeed good at that. That wasn't my point. My point is how one or two videos of some "famous" youtuber can have so much influence on thousands of players. Hanzo got his buff long before his "one-shot-kill" videos and I remember very well that no one was bothered to ban him. And suddenely, he became top ban even there are atleast 3 better assasins at the moment. That's a fact. And my question for you: Why not a single youtuber ever posted a video of game where he was defeated? Players want to learn from their or their teammates mistakes also. Why they never posted a video where they weren't MVP?
As for Hanzo, I am not crying because I can't play him, I am giving you facts. And about your first text. I can play every role, I mastered 3 heroes in every role long long time ago. But when you playing solo, in 75% of games you are going to be a tank. And I am sincerely very tired of tanking, especially for this new-old wave of "just-want-kills-and-mvp" kids.
Post time 2020-6-7 02:00 PM | Show all posts
"Trust in your own skills, rely just on yourself, make a build appropriate to enemie's line up and you will feel much better."

This is such a bad advice. "Rely just on yourself"?? Are you kidding me? How old are you? No success ever come from relying only on them self. Learn to work with your team. If you feel that playing with random is hard..go for premade team.
Go ask some successful people out there. No one ever told that they get to where they are now relying just on themself. If they said they are, most likely they lie or unappreciated of the help that they get.

The more I read into your post, the more I realize how childish your behavior.
Post time 2020-6-6 09:32 AM | Show all posts
Nana is not a troll hero anymore. She is the most annoying hero if you ask me, plus high damage for a support.
Post time 2020-6-6 10:26 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2020-6-6 05:16 PM | Show all posts
iri replied at 2020-6-6 09:32 AM
Nana is not a troll hero anymore. She is the most annoying hero if you ask me, plus high damage for  ...

Nana is still the only hero you can troll with because of passive. And if someone pick Nana without showing anything, I know he will troll. She needs a NERF on her passive and she needs it soon.
Post time 2020-6-6 10:12 PM | Show all posts
The main problem of this game is match making and punishment system

Solo players are not interested in playing rank games anymore. Most of my friends are saying "I will play rank only with 5 member team". Because this stupid match making system matches solo player against a 5 member team.

Its not easy to carry 4 nob players in solo rank.

Also there is no punishment to trolls and idiots. Due to idiotic actions of some player, I am losing many stars everyday
Post time 2020-6-7 03:19 AM | Show all posts
I just quit trying to carry in Solo q and I have to tell you that it is easier to play tank/fighter/support in higher Mythic (I'm mythic 3 currently).
Most of the troll that happen in my games comes from them not able to play carry (mainly mm or ass). I'm someone who can play multiple role, so there is no problem for me to pick the role that they don't want to play.

Regarding the not being able to play Hanzo, should know that there are many other hero to play with. You are like those kids that can't play with their favorite toy then start crying and screaming while there are many other toys to play with.
Meta are changing every time..get used to it. Some hero will get ban. I use to play Haya back in the day but suddenly Haya are ban in rank most of the time. Then the Grock I play got ban. Then Helcurt. It is just the meta. No need to keep on playing the same hero over and over again.

I think Hanzo is op but I never learn to play it properly. Thanks to that youtuber (I think you meant Ass Dave), I learn to play it like a pro and destroyed my enemies. I really think that Hanzo is op for solo q player. In solo q, players rarely communicate with each other and that make Hanzo hard to find and kill. And since players know how to play with Hanzo (thanks to AssDave), teammates are also better at protecting Hanzo which makes him lot harder to kill. While you seems to hate on the youtuber for showing how good Hanzo is, many of us are thanking him for that knowledge.
Also, if my teams let Hanzo slips in draft (which rarely happens), 99% of the time I lose the game. I think I only won once when the enemy took Hanzo. Contrast to that, I win 100% of the time I get to pick Hanzo..which only happen twice. My 80% winrate with just around 50 matches (mostly from classic) is enough for my team to let me pick Hanzo..lel.

One more thing, AssDave has a streaming channel where he play Hanzo multiple time. Most of the time, he is winning with it. So it's not just a random clip of him dominates the enemy with Hanzo. He has multiple of them and many other players watching and learning from it. Plus his video is not just some random clip of him dominates the game..he actually teach player and also give insight of his thought during the game.
Post time 2020-6-7 12:15 PM | Show all posts
Indeed thats true.. i spotted many troll nana and even i do it myself... thats why i always want them to make nana passive is useless or change it.. nana can trash talk, troll and just walk around like the map is a park, and all while dying 20 times and only 2 recorded as death bcs her passive alone..

I always troll if my team pick nana.. even if its someone i know, i wouldnt risk my hero wr with a nana in my team..
Post time 2020-6-7 12:58 PM | Show all posts
Well for now. Tank is the hot pick in my mythic account. Most of the games. No one wants to play mm anymore. They prefer tank. Fighters and assasin. So here i am. Thinking how can we push if we didn't have any marksman. Ps they always think 2 tanks is essential for winning rather than a Ballance team.
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