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[Share] Is Karina dead?

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By far this is the lowest Karina that has ever been in place since. As far as the difficulty level is concerned, Gusion, Hayabusa, Selena and Fanny are always on top of Karina. Apart from complexity, Karina is also one of what "pros" call her "brain-dead character" mostly because she's quick to use and Destroy Steal is where she's best known. If you think about it, Killing's not just about the war, but instead smashing towers is the main point of the game. Lights up for non-Karina users, she's the final finisher compared to any assassin. As long as its Burst damage objects are collected, it will certainly control the entire game, even only within the first 5 minutes of the game, as long as you use it effectively. Karina 's downside is weak against CC heroes, especially tanks that immobilize and stun. Item dependent hero so eager to catch kills if you have less than 3 items. In the other hand, do you think that Karina wants a buff rather than a nerve?

Karina might be one of the three leading assassins to use in lower ranks due to various quick kills and easy handling, but when it comes to a decent significantly higher level, it would be a difficult story. Well, it's all down to the user how they handle the situation. When you're with your team, well, they 're going to do their part and place their faith in you as a carry. It isn't really advisable to choose Karina on a solo queue. Then again, a lot of heroes have the ability to control the crowd. Her immunity might not be too high. I would recommend that you choose another assassin like her sister, Selena, or Gusion. Well, this is Karina's gameplay. Big thanks to Mobile Mob!

Post time 2020-6-7 06:31 AM | Show all posts
I strongly agree with this thread. Other assassins of MLBB just have a better kit in general. All Karina's kit is useful for is stealing kills or poking the enemy. Last update, the buff she received was basically non-existent. Any other hero would be more useful than her, especially in late game!
I used to be the best Karina in Canada, with 1.5k matches. However, I haven't played her in a rank for 3 weeks or so, as in Mythic people rarely make mistakes and Karina has a lot of viable meta counterpicks. Again, there are just better assassins than Karina. Also, Karina lacks a blink skill (other than her ult) to escape so once she is slowed it is basically game over for her.
I hope Mobile Legends devs can propose a better buff for her, not so much on the damage side but I think maybe a slight change on the ultimate (like a bigger range) so she wouldn't have to run right up to enemies to ult them. It's kind of depressing that they're buffing all these forgotten heroes, but they haven't buffed the first mage/assassin. Her win rate is also very low because she can't reliably push.
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Is Karina dead?

Not just Karina but the game itself already dead inside XD
 Author| Post time 2020-6-8 10:12 AM | Show all posts
Nagini123 replied at 2020-6-7 06:31 AM
I strongly agree with this thread. Other assassins of MLBB just have a better kit in general. All Ka ...

I would also recommend for a buff on her 1st skill. At least a longer hold on her immunity to increase mobility.
Post time 2020-6-14 08:53 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Stewfeed at 2020-6-14 08:56 AM

As a Karina User, she's definitely weaker than the other assassin. Let's say she is funneled and is leading the team, but compared to other assassins, She has one of the lowest damage dealt using all of her skills. Not to mention, her passive is only useful for final blow, as others like to say, Kill Secure. She's not good to be used on higher tier since the enemy can just invade the blue buff early game and after that, there's a small chance for her to be strong. Yes, she can kill weak heroes by herself, but she's very weak when it comes to tougher heroes and she only relies on her passive to deal massive damage while other assassins, like Gusion, can kill tougher heroes on their own.

For me, she's weaker, and dead (to higher tiers). Just imagine 1v1 with a Gusion.

I tested both heroes in practice and Karina deals 8382 magic damage and Gusion deals 18363 magic damage (same build, same emblem) which is a very big gap. Definitely she has one of the lowest damage when it comes to late game. My Karina needs to have a proper revamp or buff, :<
Hold On, I almost forgot, Karina can deal 10000 damage only when the enemy has lower HP and it's not a stable damage when it comes to other enemies, meanwhile, Gusion can deal 15000-19000 magic damage to surrounding enemies at once, see the difference there? Even if she gets support from her teammates, she lacks damage. Any hero with high lifesteal or magic resistance, is literally Karina's death.
Post time 2020-6-7 08:23 PM | Show all posts
She’s OK but there are def better assassins. The thing with karina is shes too team reliant, if not fed enough she would rely in her  teams damage for her to deal the last blow. Without her teammatesp chipping away the hp of the enemy, she’ll have a very hard time to constantly do her chain ultimate. She was widely used before since her ult has much bigger range, i think it was the same range that of sabers ult, if not more. The devs should probably bring that back but compensate it with lower % magic damage scaling or idk.
Post time 2020-6-8 12:38 AM | Show all posts
No, Superlor07. Karina is one of the weakest assassins. Her passive is reliant on her killing enemies. However, since her scaling is too low she can't 1v1 anyone and has to rely on dmg dealers.
Post time 2020-6-8 12:39 AM | Show all posts
I think for Karina to shine she needs more dmg to do anything.
Post time 2020-6-8 10:50 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Superior07 at 2020-6-8 10:54 AM
aznager replied at 2020-6-8 12:38 AM
No, Superlor07. Karina is one of the weakest assassins. Her passive is reliant on her killing enemie ...

Then you have not yet seen a funneled karina. Karina is a beast if she’s fed and farmed. As long as the user knows who to attack and when to engage she’s scary. Cant 1v1? i can easily do that to any basic attk based heroes as long as were on par in items and gold. I think you have forgotten that karina's first skill can evade any basic attk for 3SEC and is one of the few counter to aldous punch, alot of meta mm devastating ss (claude,wanwan, karrie).
Post time 2020-6-8 07:27 PM | Show all posts
Superlord 3 sec is not eno to outdmg any mm. I tried it before. I played karina 100 games. If you don't kill mm in 3 seconds; your fcked. BC mm with same amt of gold could practically oneshot her and lifesteal half hp bc of their dmg late game. Funneled karina is a beast. Lmao. Everyone is a beast when they are fed and funneled. Gusion oneshots u under tower with 5% when he funnel. Even lancelot could do that. Hayabusa will auto u to death under ur tower and ult like nothing. She also needs team bc she can't deal that much dmg. Why do u think everyone in mythic think karina is weak.
Post time 2020-6-10 03:18 PM | Show all posts
Karina is definitely not dead. Its one of the worst picks for solo players of course, but recently my main mage friend has been picking her. We play in trio, Im tank, there is a mm and karina. We try to give her the jungle, even the marksman is giving Karina the jungle and buffs, and She gets the kills. He is usually 10-2-5.
Now, he doesn’t do the highest damage unfortunately because Karina is a kill stealer. She is way easier to play than Gusion, Hanzo and Helcurt because you cant miss her ultimate. She just needs friends to support her.
The same thing happens with Jhonson, my and my 2 friends are still smashing the enemy with the Jhonson Eudora or Jhonson Aurora combo. People are not used to fight the jonson anymore hahaha. BUT I cant play jhonson when im playing solo, strangers never come to base to ride.
Some heros like karina and jhonson are not meant for solo players.
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