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Edited by Eizy at 2020-6-13 06:00 PM

Just to share 2 video from Assassin Dave why you should migrate from ML to other game and why should stay.

Why you should migrate :

Why you should stay :

Actually, the reasons he provided is so weak and debatable. Let me know what do you think in the comment below, i love debate with random online players XD.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-6-13 12:24 AM | Show all posts
Watchd both video...why do u have to pick one ? Well most of the player aren't professional or something my opinion they can play both if they like..and they don't have to be toxic about it..i agree that ml has a lot of problem to fix but people are basing for a game that even doesn't released yet lmao... This kinda remind me of time when codm  was going to released ..hahaha
 Author| Post time 2020-6-13 01:19 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Eizy at 2020-6-13 06:00 PM
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-6-12 09:07 PM

Alright then I'll start by giving off my top reasons why MLBB is still one of the best Mobil ...

If i were to list down what each game advantages :

ML > Other game
- built for mobile devices
- fast pace
- active gameplay the whole match
- numerous skins
- regional events
- a lot of national heroes
- multiple fun game modes

Other game > ML
- better overall graphic and animation
- butter smooth UI
- vast community from every part of the world
- trusted security system
- real anti-cheat mechanism
- balance meta
- fair matchmaking
- more strategic map design
- great reputation from its PC predecessor
- optimized

Im not ranting any further, but if Moonton love this game, they better at least solve all what Assassin Dave's complaint in the video. Especially about matchmaking and meta balanceness.


If mooneyton doesn't care e-sports, then M1 shouldn't have existed. They putting too much attention in Asia market, screw outside.  Post time 2020-6-13 08:37 AM
- real anti-cheat mechanism - balance meta - fair matchmaking This 3 very strong key points why Mooneyton should look deep into it.  Post time 2020-6-13 08:35 AM
Post time 2020-6-13 08:32 AM | Show all posts
Just for the thrill of it ~
Nothing  counterfeit with you ~
Just the thrill of it (Just the thrill of it) ...
Post time 2020-6-13 10:51 AM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-6-12 09:07 PM

Alright then I'll start by giving off my top reasons why MLBB is still one of the best Mobil ...

as long as i know developer and CS here are suck
Post time 2020-6-13 02:35 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Eizy at 2020-6-13 06:01 PM

hahahah why some1 need reasons to quit ML ... only to know that ML copies other game then you dont need everything else hahaha
Post time 2020-6-13 07:11 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic I have to agree with you on the controls. ML despite its bs problems; its mobility is not clunky but smooth which is why I really can't play any other mobas.
Post time 2020-6-13 08:31 PM | Show all posts
l.o.l my ping is better in the SEA server than in the server I get connected to when I host the lobby in. Also the game has some issues, during the past week, I have been match up with the SEA players (in rank, classic and brawl). One time in rank, the enemy(fanny) complains about the bad ping and having lag(I guess my better ping is what the SEA players would call lag) and they lost, their fanny was really toxic about the teamates (one afk, layla mm feeding and fanny was the one carrying with 19kills)that fanny kept commenting rubbish team(their team was n00b, except fanny, whole team depended on fanny as if she was the only one who can atk)well. Our team won of course with me as the tank and mvp (their whole team looked basic, no tank and i was thinking s5 enemy would pick tank but instead fanny)and the enemy fanny losing mvp with the highest scores. Not only that , I've been matched with Thai players in classic using Thai font in chat which I literally have no understanding(including Philipinos and Myanmar players). And I don't whether this was done in purpose or not. Since it even happened to my friend who belongs to the same region I'm in. And my best ping in my region is 89ms ping(with good network of course, network is not usually the problem with my ping), and usually reachin 92-134ms in gameplay. But in the SEA matchup, my ping reached 79ms? That's sounds a bit weird since I don't live in the SEA but only close to the SEA.


Delay-lag : am i a joke to you ?  Post time 2020-6-15 08:38 AM
I'm guessing lag issues are very rare in the SEA?  Post time 2020-6-13 08:33 PM
Post time 2020-6-16 09:59 AM | Show all posts
first, i didn't watch the 2 videos hahaha.
but for me, the best reason to stay or to leave ML is your own experience.

we can't please everybody, and we shouldn't let anybody to dictate us on what is fun or what is not for us.

so if we are not happy on the game because of negative experiences. do we need to convince other that they will experience the same experience that we had?

do we need to based on the others experience to realize if we need to leave or stay?

come on guys. stand for yourself XD
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