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[Hero Balance] Please add this buff for Alpha because he's desperately need it

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Edited by TheLtCaptain at 2020-6-24 11:19 AM

More things that need to be add and adjust for Alpha again since he's still "not good enough" to be on par with meta and new revamp heroes
Passive : Add 30% slow effect
You probably ask why ? well the things about this passive is "it's very lackluster", the true damage is good but it need to have control effect to it which is literary all meta hero currently have and 30% isn't that high either

Skill 2 : Increase the base regen HP by 100 in early game but in late game it will stay the same
Reason -> As an offlaner for this in theory he is good especially with AoE skills and self health but actual fact ingame it's literally very small and in level 1-3 or even before Bloodlust Axe it's hardly call a healing, you still can die and get out performed by other burst or cc hero easily

Ultimate :
1. Make the skills have 2 phases which are when the skills hit a target, it will immediately become small knock up like Chou skill 1 which is happening when he's travelling towards the enemy
2. When he's finally in the circle or the end of ult than it's a correct time to show the stun, a good example is like Franco skill 1 where it have 2 CC which is Stun and Hook, for alpha his ultimate should have knock up and stun

Also please increase his base armor and the growth because it's so small and he's very squishy, he need to be tankier as an offlaner and not depends on his self health especially in early game and even then it's also very small and the magic dmg to increase it is an insult like who the frick buy Magic items on core build for Alpha in current meta, that's just will never work

Post time 2020-6-24 03:11 PM | Show all posts
For me, you need to look at the whole picture first.

Alpha passive : no problem (maybe a slight buff needed)
Alpha 1st skill : useless
Alpha 2nd skill : core skill/ great
Alpha ulti : no problem (maybe a slight buff needed)

From this, its pretty clear that his 1st skill is the one that need to be revamp or a massive buff. His 1st skill is so useless aside for just to activate passive. They should add something more unique to it.

And his ulti should be bigger in size or just make the knock up longer.


I already cover skill 1 in my previous post and I know it need a change too but it's just idk what massive thing that can be change in this without making him too OP  Post time 2020-6-24 07:50 PM
Post time 2020-6-24 12:16 PM | Show all posts
I support on buffing stats for this hero, there is only few players using him, currently MLBB revamp some old heroes, hope they will also revamp/buffing old heroes, Thank you for suggestion.
Post time 2020-6-25 12:48 AM | Show all posts
Bro you know what....Alpha just got buffed in advance server. And yes they make his 1st skill has a unique pupose (but I never want they to remove slow from his 2nd skill T^T)
Post time 2020-7-17 01:06 AM | Show all posts
Here is my idea for alpha's buff.. His 1st skill should provide him with movespeed buff for a short duration for him to be more successful in landing his skills. Also will provide him with an escape skill aside from his ultimate..
Another thing people don't really realize is that alpha's 2nd skill will heal more with better magic power stats.. However it is pretty useless details in his skill.. Here is what I suggest for his 2nd skill adjustment.. Since alpha is a robot he's not affected by magic much.. Instead of Magic power increase his heal from 2nd skill.. Change it to magic resistance instead.. Magic resistance Stats will increase his heals from his 2nd skill.. This Will make alpha a unique hero that obtained late game benefit from a magic resistance.. I know Johnson gain bonus damage from physical resistance and he's unique for that.. For now there are no hero obtained any stats benefit from magic resistance.. Hope that alpha will be the first. Maybe add to the lore as well that alpha created by his owner that hates magic.. U know the eruditio vs magic academy thing..
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