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[Query] question for aldous pro players here

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learning how to play aldous so have some questions.

1. want to ask how many stacks should aldous get for him to be good and able to join team fight?

2. what is the effective way to get stacks?

thanks in advance.
Post time 2020-7-5 09:16 AM | Show all posts
+/- 200 i guess, but sometimes i need 300 stacks to join the team fight.
Post time 2020-7-6 10:52 AM | Show all posts
I have 300 match~ with Aldous and i already understand every skill on this hero:

1. The minimal stacks to join in team fight is 200 and up and already have item "Endless Battle", make sure when you are using Ultimate and chase the enemies, press skill 1 before you hit enemies, this way you can deal skill 1 after hit, and can cast skill 1 again with fast.

2. To get fast/effective stacks, make sure you kill enemies minion using Skill 1 and you will get 3 Point stacks, kill enemies hero you will get 10 Point stacks, and destroying enemies Turret you will get 10 Point stacks.

Item that i use is:
Demon Shoes, Endless Battle, Berserker Fury, Thunderbelt, Immortal, and Athena Shield (Depen on enemies)


thanks for the tips. didn't know turrets also can get stacks.  Post time 2020-7-6 12:39 PM
Post time 2020-7-5 12:01 PM | Show all posts
200 against assasins 320+ against any marksman. You need to 1shot any mm or else they will easily kill you. Just be careful they r often protect by tanks.


I joined team fights at 100 stacks. no wonder I got killed easily.  Post time 2020-7-5 12:32 PM
Post time 2020-7-5 04:01 PM | Show all posts
you can join at 100 little later , when enemy is 50 or 30% life :)
Post time 2020-7-8 11:59 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-8-16 07:23 PM

-Aldous is the strongest hero, BUT he needs ítems and a good team. Aldous has 2 roles, first role is jungler (early to mid game), second role is assassin (at level 5 or 6).
-He is a special kind of hero who is better played with friends, he is not a good option for solo players. (Other heros like this are Angela and Jhonson)
-The easiest way of getting stacks in early game is if your team gets the first kill mid, steal buff, rotate top to get the second kill, let you get the crab, top jungle and those 3 or 4 minion waves just for you. Unfortunately this doesn’t depend on you, it all depends on how good or bad your teammates are.
-Mid late game you are strong enough to one kill jungle monsters and steal enemy jungle.
-To get easy kills in early mid game you need to communicate with your friends. They need to tell you who is almost dead so you can kill him. They can let you kill him (they don’t need you but they want you to get the money and the stacks) or they need you to kill him (enemy is escaping but his health is less than 50%. In both cases its your team who tells you when to use your ultimate, you don’t decide it alone (that’s only in late game when you can kill everybody in one hit). That is why best spells for Aldous are flicker and sprint. These spells help you to get kills and to escape.
-Aldous can carry from mid to late game, he cant do anything in early game. He cant even kill minions!! He is so weak. If you are fighting a strong early game marksman like Bruno, who has a buff and a tank protecting him, you cant do anything. Aldous requires patience. This is why he is a forgotten hero and IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE PICKED (unless you are in a trio or a team of 5).
-Aldous is not good for teamfights, he is better as an assassin. You have to kill the marksman, mage and assassin BEFORE the teamfight starts. Or you can finish them AFTER the teamfigth but during the teamfight he is just going to die. They all target you because you are dangerous, there are 3 or even 5 ultimates plus spells and skills directed to you hahahaha.

-There are better fighters, junglers and assassins, you should try a different hero. Play him a lot in classic, maybe 5 games everyday so in one month you would have from 100-200 games but still, doesn’t matter how good you are, if your team is not doing well you cant do nothing.

There are different kinds of roles inside a role:

Fighters with high mobility who can rotate fast, like Chou. Chou, Argus and Masha are assassin 1 vs 1, but they wont shine in a teamfight. They don’t have the ability to get a Savage in 2 seconds, they need to kill the enemy team one by one. Solo fighters are a great option for solo players. Flicker, Arrival or Execute is recommended for them.
Support fighters
They are good in teamfights because of their tankiness or their ability to clear minions fast. Xborg, Thamz, Terizla. They don’t really need items, they depend more on their skills; this is why you can play them as a mix of tank support fighter. Its ok to buy mask with them and play as a tank early game. Then from mid game you can sell the mask and start playing as a fighter. I suggest purify or shield if you will play support the whole game. Flicker Arrival if you change your role mid game. You can be a tank with no damage but hard to kill, or half support half fighter who can do decent damage.
Carry fighter
He can carry you so give him all your buffs and jungle. He is going to destroy towers after killing the enemy. He will steal enemy jungle, get your jungle, get lord, get everything. You need to support him. More than a hero, this is a style. Its easy to do this with the Black Dragon because he has the damage, the healing and the ability to escape; he is a nightmare. Its harder to do this with Aldous but I just met 2 players this week who where geniuses with Aldous, they got more than 20 kills in one game and died less than 5. You can also carry with Alucard, Dyroth, Guinivere, Leomord, Roger, Silvana, Sun… Its not a hero, it’s a style. Guinivere is great 1 vs 1 and also in teamfights. Sun with items is a nightmare army… this is the hardest thing to do as a fighter so don’t try to do this. This is the result of more than 500 games as a fighter and more than 5000 games in total. To do this you also need to master the tank role to understand how much damage you can take, and the marksman or the assassin role to understand how to jungle, gank and rotate.

Assassin tank (Grock, Khufra, Jhonson, Gatotkaka, Baxia)
Don’t expect them to be your bodyguard, they need to run, jump and kill; otherwise their skills are wasted. Its ok if they get kills themselves or steal kills with their ultimate because just as the name says they are not only tanks but assassins.

Tank Tank (Lolita and others)
Focus on support and defensive items. No damage but occasionally steals a kill.

Assassin mage
The mage with the buff who is going to kill you. His team helps him jungle from early to mid, protect him and expect him to carry (Lunox, Lylia, Cecilion, Pharsa)
Support mage
The same mage who just stuns you, do lots of damage but doesn’t kill you. He will protect the marksman or the assassin, you can kill him because the tank doesn’t protect him (Valir, Nana)
Mix mage
Could be a fighter, a tank, a support… but the damage he is doing is mostly magic. Mage is his second role, he is basically fighter tank or support. He can be so good that you need magic defense because of him, you buy this when you see he has lots of money, a couple of kills and no deaths. Uranus, Esmeralda, Guinivere, Nana, Valir, Khufra, Gatotkaka.

Support assassin
He is not scary and not so strong, he only gets kills from mid game. Saber and some fighters.
Scary assassin
Natalia Gussion Hanzo Ling Fanny

Early game marksmen
Late game marksmen


thanks for the tips. which fighters are better for solo play?  Post time 2020-7-9 09:40 AM
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