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[Item Balance] Need new mage counter item

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Post time 2020-8-24 07:53 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by ciaociao at 2020-8-24 07:53 PM

The reason why Esmeralda is in meta because of lack of counter magic item. Athena shield is useless against her because she can absorb it. There are also fighters and assassins that are magic based.
I suggest to create a new defense item with the following stats:
HP - 800
Magic Defense - 70
Mana regen - 20
Unique: When receiving damage, lowers move speed of attacker by 15%

Thank you!
Post time 2020-8-24 08:11 PM | Show all posts
Definitely, we need more magic defense items. There are always different counter heroes to play but Items are a core part of the game aswell. Thanks for your new item suggestion.
Post time 2020-8-24 09:47 PM | Show all posts
Esme's counter item are anti-heal items such as necklace of Durance and sea halberd because even her shield will be affected. I hope moonton will add items dedicated for fighters/assassins that are magic based like Gusion, Guinevere, karina.

Item 1
+40 physical attack
+30 magic power

Item 2 (dedicated for tanks/fighters who does not use jungle item for defense)
+20 physical defense
+20 magic defense
Post time 2020-8-25 05:33 AM | Show all posts
haise_kaneki replied at 2020-8-24 09:47 PM
Esme's counter item are anti-heal items such as necklace of Durance and sea halberd because even her ...

I think your item 1 also helps Kimmy who uses half Mage and half Marksmab equipments.
I think for item 2 that maybe mostly tank players need it, but not really fighters. Besides the defense stats are kinda low for this equipment and I don’t think really anyone would use it.
I think it would be a wise idea to put down a Unique Passive so that we can know how would this equipment help us.


I'll try since it is not easy to come up an idea.  Post time 2020-8-25 09:12 AM
Post time 2020-8-25 08:19 AM | Show all posts
100% and I would like to get more tank and support items.
Post time 2020-8-25 05:49 PM | Show all posts
Sorry, Esmeralda is very easy to counter, and she is utterly useless in high rank games.
at least in the hundreds of games I played ,SOLOQ and 5-man, I can easily Counter her.
Some heroes have early game advantage,
You just use your head by not engaging and buying Life-drain Passive passive skill.
And counter pick.
The Item Oracle is quite good, and the Magic resist Boots will do
 Author| Post time 2020-8-25 07:14 PM | Show all posts
Why do people still ban and use her if she's useless in high rank as you say? Yes she can be countered by anti heal items but oracle and  halberd/necklace doesn't really help at all to a fed Esmeralda plus considering her other mage support such as Valir, the magic defense items we currently have isn't enough.
Post time 2020-8-26 02:26 AM | Show all posts
Baxia is a excellent counter against Esmeralda. I love it when enemy picks Esmeralda, I will just take Baxia and have my support/mage buy extra Necklace of Durance.

I do agree there is a need for more mage defense item, especially for magic burst damage from heroes such as Lylia, Guison, Chang'e, etc
Post time 2020-8-27 04:17 AM | Show all posts
I think only defense item that has no anti-healing effect than physical attack and magic power items and would be better if there were additional new defense item for it
Post time 2020-8-27 03:46 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-10-12 03:03 PM
haise_kaneki replied at 2020-8-24 09:47 PM
Esme's counter item are anti-heal items such as necklace of Durance and sea halberd because even her ...

yes, it Works but as a tank, for example, you wont buy that just because of her. Maybe if you are a magic tank but how about the ohters.

im main tank and life as tank sucks. There was a game where i was still level 1 and the enemy marksman was almost level 6 or 7.... i was like "WTF!!!"  he had a triple kill i think and jungle well, his tank had the mask, he was able to last hit our buff...
so you have the long level 1 issue, plus only 3 sad and poor magic defense ítems... and esmeralda.
tHIS tanking ítem sounds great, thanks.
Oh by the way, did you know that there are only 12 defense ítems and 16 attack ítems options?? it sucks.
There should be at least one new ítem every season, to make the game more variety. I dont really need any more skins. One hero per season (not 2) and 2 new ítems every season oh yea.
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