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[Item Balance] Roam item should only for 1 person

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Please prevent other player from buying roam item when someone already buy it , i've played a lot of tanks and there are MANY stpd people who CAN'T farm properly , ended up being the poorest in gold & xp , blame tanks for their own fault and uses kda as irrational judgement , and uses roam item to steal gold&xp from tanks .

Please make roam item only can be bought by 1 person in the team , or ban permanently player who intentionally uses roam item to steal gold&xp from tanks and throwing the game altogether.
Post time 2020-7-9 02:34 AM | Show all posts
I think it depends. When I go to mid as a mage, I get asked by an assassin like Gusion to use mask. Gusion also need to go to mid lane as well. Like we all know, Gusion is a carry hero as well and he needs the gold and the exp. so that he could be able to carry. That makes me a support when I'm supposed to be the mage.
I'm not sure how my Gusion players here would feel if I did not use a mask and then they could not carry.

Marksman can't handle it as well if they can not if the exp and gold is shared. In a normal game, the tank follows the marksman and they get the buff.
However, I think that there needs to be a major change in this gameplay. I think that support is supposed to be accompanying marksman. We could have a tank and a support and an assassin and marksman and a mage. It makes the tank goes top lane and assassin with the support in mid lane and also that the assassin needs to jungle and take blue buff and help top lane at some times. Marksman would remain in bottom lane and try to not roam around in the bushes and then they get ganked and could not flee.

I think that support is supposed to be the person with roam item because they're support. Tank needs the defensive equipments and other than the roam item because it does not help them tank. When they cannot tank, they're just feeding, or they can't even defend the MM.
I believe that you shouldn't punish anyone for their equipment choices because every heroes equipments depends on the situation or how they play.
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Post time 2020-7-8 01:53 PM | Show all posts
Agree with your suggestion, roams are for tnks and supports to help them gain gold/exp when they are lowest in farm and help farm carries. Some people use it to gain gold when they are lowest in gold for the team. Banning permanently would be a harsh idea. Wanna hear more opinions on this.
Post time 2020-7-8 11:40 PM | Show all posts
Can we just delete this item from the game. I am sick of hypercarry meta.


Good idea . But it's moneyytoon .... asking that to someone who likes money won't work , so instead i asked this nerf.  Post time 2020-7-9 12:43 AM
Post time 2020-7-9 08:38 AM | Show all posts
If only 1 player can use mask.... and 2 of your team mate have the lowest gold... then it is useless because you cannot benefit with the roam mask.. because it only gives gold to the player who has lowest gold in team.
Post time 2020-7-10 02:57 PM | Show all posts
Well,just remove this fck mask and bring back old 2 blue buffs and no hypercarry meta. .


Agree , but it's moneyytoon ....  Post time 2020-7-11 01:23 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-7-11 01:23 PM | Show all posts
weex replied at 2020-7-9 08:38 AM
If only 1 player can use mask.... and 2 of your team mate have the lowest gold... then it is useless ...

That's how mask side effect should've work , if the mask user is not the lowest rank , the mask user should not get xp and gold until he/she is the lowest rank , but what happening in the game right now is that people is abusing the mask to boost their farm
Post time 2020-7-15 07:25 PM | Show all posts
diwang replied at 2020-7-11 01:23 PM
That's how mask side effect should've work , if the mask user is not the lowest rank , the mask us ...

You can't abuse the mask if you have the highest gold.
Post time 2020-7-22 07:41 AM | Show all posts
I don't think this is a good idea. A lot of times a team will get 2 masks. Limiting the availability of items is a bad idea imho. Plus, it opens up the opportunity to troll. If someone gets mad during hero select they can just buy the mask immediately instead of going afk so that if you lose it still counts as a loss and not an invalid match.
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