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[Lineup Strategy] My guide on Magic Chess

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Magic Chess Guide

Magic Chess is a fun arcade mode enjoyed by many players. Its strategic gameplay is enjoyed by many players in Mobile Legends.

For the most part of the magic chess games, it doesn't matter how many three star heroes do you have or how many heroes do you have deployed in the battlefield. The most important thing is the synergies you have activated in these games.
Now, there may be some OP heroes in the game as well like Martis, Chang'e, and Ling. But they come from different factions and roles and they don't help you with the synergy part which is most important. I don't think it would be easy to win a magic chess game with no synergies activated.

Basically synergies are the factions and roles in this game and you need heroes on the faction or the role to activate a synergy.

I think there are some synergies that can be very good and OP. I think some synergies worth activating are Western Desert, Empire, Weapon Master, and Summoner.
There are some combinations of synergies which I think would be a perfect match.
Celestial and Empire would be good synergies to have activated. I think that having the increased basic attacks by 25% would be good for Empire heroes that would reduce enemy heroes Mana by 24 and recover 4 of their mana. They would never be able to use their skills if the Mana is constantly being reduced.
While I think this might be a good lineup, others might not think so, since there are Northern Vale heroes and Western Desert heroes that pretty much counters Empire heroes.
I also think that the Weapon Master synergy should not be underrated. Weapon Master synergy is a good synergy composed of fighters like Martis and Alucard.

There are also equipments that we should take a look at. I think for any Fighters, Marksman, and Assassins should get the physical equipments, except for Gusion and Karina. Magic equipments should be exclusive to Mages and Supports, with an exception to Karina who uses true damage. Defense Equipments is exclusive to tanks.
For any Marksmans and Assassins, I would typically use Berserker's Fury, Blade of Despair, and Demon Hunter Sword.
For any Fighters, I would use Rose Gold Meteor, Blade of Despair, and Sea Halberd.
For any mages, I would use Arcane Boots, Enchanted Talisman, and Glowing Wand.
For any supports, I would use Necklace of Durance, Glowing Wand, and Feline Blade.
For any tanks, I would use Blade Armor, Twilight Armor, and Immortality.
I think for the equipments, it really depends on the situation. It isn't necessary to apply equipments like how I would do because not everyone can get these equipments through creep rounds. The equipment choice also depends on the hero you have and that can also be important because many of them have different skills and different equipments that can help them.

Commanders can also help when you're on a game match.
Everyone has Harper and I typically use Harper's Initiator Ability because it gives us gold.
The more gold you get, the more heroes you can purchase and upgrade, and you can level up more to deploy more heroes.
There are many Commanders and each of them have different abilities and passives.
Remy is also a good alternative to Harper for getting Gold if you depend on Gold.
Eva is perhaps most used amongst top players because of her abilities.
Benny is also a new commander that is pretty special in terms of his abilities. Benny's abilities include setting a freezing trap, summoning creep, and a copying trap which adds the hero to your stock so you can upgrade. I would mostly prefer to use Eva and Benny compared to the rest of the Commanders.

In the beginning of the game, I would pick the last number because when you are last in order, you get to pick first in Fate Box round. It goes in order depending on your HP.
I would also check recommended lineups during the beginning because you want to start to activate synergies as fast as possible.
I typically start to use the lineup that I have the most heroes on like if I have one hero on this lineup and two heroes on this lineup, I would start to use the lineup with the two heroes because it has the most.
Activating Synergies are very good headstart to ensure a win, picking the best synergies would be a bonus.
Using the right Commander and the right ability would benefit you in the game as well.
Upgrading your heroes is also good as well, do not just focus on leveling up to deploy more heroes. I think that you should consider level up when you have a hero upgraded to two star that you have not deployed.
If you use the Harper Iniator ability like me, you would typically want to have 20 golds and above. You should also take note of your gold count after purchasing heroes or leveling up.

(I remember that I once got matched up with Gosu General in my Magic Chess game and I was shocked that I would get matched up with a pro player.)
Feel free to share your opinions and gameplay in Magic Chess here in this post! ~ Cheers.

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I played Magic Chess only once (in January 2020) and I won with 100/100 hp, but I played more times Chess TD in December 2019.
I care about doing well these arcade modes, but I need a lot of time to understand them very well.
I have only Harper as commander (I have been interested in buying Eva and Benny for months, but I'm spending battle points to upgrade emblems and to buy heroes) and I always used Shield ability both in Magic Chess both in Chess TD.
In my single match of Magic Chess, I used Assassin, Elf and Cyborg as main synergies.
I always try to win as many rounds as possible both in Magic Chess both in Chess TD.
In Mobile Legends website, I found recommended synergies only for Buss, Eggie and Benny. I'd like to know for other commanders.
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