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[Hero Techniques] Kimmy Guide

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Kimmy Guide

Kimmy is an unique hero who can be both a marksman and a mage as well.

In this guide, we will go through how to properly play Kimmy.

Emblem Choice

For new players, I would recommend playing Kimmy as a Marksman.

The Custom Marksman Emblem along with the Weapon Master talent.

For the first row of the talent tree, I would level Bravery to level 3.

For the second row of the talent tree, I would level Doom to level 3.

Weapon Master helps increase physical damage from her equipments.

For experienced players, I would recommnend playing Kimmy as a Mage.

The Custom Mage Emblem with the Impure Rage talent.

For the first row of the talent tree, I would level Flow to level 2 and also level Agility to level 1.

For the second row of the talent tree, I would level Observation to level 3.

Impure Rage helps deal more damage along with Kimmy's skills.

Why does Kimmy need to be played differently based on experience?

* A Mage Kimmy is more difficult for new players to use because you would need to learn how to aim your chemical ball so that you can deal damage to the enemy.

* A Marksman Kimmy is more easier for new players to use because with a marksman build, you can still deal a lot of damage.

* With a Mage Kimmy, your damage is mostly based on your ultimate because you can deal a lot of damage just with your ultimate as a mage.

* A Marksman Kimmy is pretty easy to use as you just need to hit the enemy with your basic attack and you can pretty much kill the enemy in less than 10 seconds if your basic attacks hit because using a Marksman build can deal a lot of damage like other Marksman players.

Equipment Build for Kimmy
Kimmy is a Marksman/Mage so her equipments depends on what you want to use her as. A Marksman or a Mage. (She is mostly regarded as a Marksman)

For Marksman Build:

Rapid Boots, Berserker's Fury, Blade of Despair, Haas's Claws, Scarlet Phantom, and Blade of Despair.

My concept for this Build:

Rapid Boots would increase her movement speed more than other boots. She can assist her teammates and kill enemies pretty quickly.

Berserker's Fury would help Kimmy get Crit Chance, so that she would still be able to make Crit Attacks and make Critical Damages. She also receive additional Critical Damage with the equipment.

Haas's Claws would help her regain her HP when she is low in HP.

Scarlet Phantom would also help increase her Crit Chance. Crits would help increase Kimmy's attack speed with this equipment.

Blade of Despair is mostly adding damage to Kimmy's basic attack. It would help her with two Blade of Despair, you would expect killing enemy heroes pretty quickly.

For Mage Build:
Raptor Machete, Arcane Boots, Blade of Despair, Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, and Genius Wand.

My concept for this Build:

Raptor Machete is needed because Kimmy needs to be both a Marksman and Mage in this case.

She is a hero that uses energy when she is using her Chemical Ball. It takes a few seconds of basic attacking minions/creeps/enemies to get her energy back.

Raptor Machete helps with her basic attack when she can't use her Chemical Ball to deal magic attacks.

Arcane Boots helps add 15 points of Magic Penetration and Magic Penetration helps reduce Enemy's Magic Defense, meaning you can deal more damage.

Blade of Despair also adds the damage to her basic attack when she can't use her Chemical Ball.

Glowing Wand helps Kimmy with her Chemical Ball. When you manage to hit the enemy or hit an area near the enemy, the effects of the Glowing Wand would be used and deals damage to the enemy.

Ice Queen Wand helps slow down enemy when you use her Chemical Ball, you could say that it would be hard for enemies to come close to you with Ice Queen Wand that slows down enemies.

Genius Wand helps dealing more damage because it adds 15 points of Magic Penetration to Kimmy. It would also help reduce enemy magic defense, making enemies vulnerable to your skills.

Not to mention that Kimmy's skills is dealt with Physical ATK and Magic Power. It would increase her skills' damage with Raptor Machete and Blade of Despair.

How to play Kimmy

* Marksman heroes does not have a specific combo. Kimmy is a Marksman/Mage hero, but she does not have any skill combo.

* The way you want to play Kimmy depends on what you feel like doing with her attacks.

* I personally like to poke enemies by using her first skill basic attack. Her first skill attack has a longer range compared to her basic attack.

* When enemy is retreating, I use my ultimate and try to estimate the location of the enemy.

* When enemy is charging or ganking, I would use second skill to try and flee.

* For Marksman Emblem + Build, I would use the Flicker Spell.

* For the Mage Emblem + Build, I would use the Retribution Spell considering how one of the equipments is Raptor Machete.

* Kimmy needs to get the red buff first. She would always need to get it because she needs to farm. No matter what build or emblem you are using, you must get the Red Buff.

* It is not necessary for Kimmy to take Blue Buff, unless no one wants it.

* Always go to bottom lane even if you're using Mage Emblem and Mage Build, unless there is an another MM and no Mage.

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