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I was ableto get Yu zhong, my new favorite hero, but my team went for Gusion, then Chang,Popol and last pick Ruby. We were all mad at Ruby for not picking a tank but Ichecked her stats and she had 150 games with ruby and less than 10 games withother heros, so she was main and only Ruby. It was her fault for not sayinganything when other people were picking.

I told themI would tank, I had the tank emblem, bought mask and support gusion, but I wasfirst kill. Fighters have the lifesteal but if they are stuned they are dead.Even if they use purify. Tanks are able to survive because they have more HPand more defense stats. Maybe that worked before with heros like Chou, butfighters are not meant to tank. Their skills are for dealing damage not fordefending, even if you put the tank emblem and buy only defense items.

I was ableto get an amazing 35% tanking but I died 5 times and only killed one. I didmore damage than that newbie Ruby of course…

Thismatchmaking is killing me, I really hope it gets fixed soon as they areadvertising it (but have you notice that its still unbalanced?? One of the twoteams is still stronger than the other one hahahaha, The Harpers are glowing,meaning they are stronger, and there are more glowing Harpers in one of theteams hahaha so I guess they are just improving it a little hahaha not to much;we wouldn’t want to have a balance match of course).

Post time 2020-7-13 11:56 AM | Show all posts
I agree with the fact that fighters shouldn’t be given a tank sub-role when they just have a pretty decent life-steal ability, but can’t take damage. Ruby was given a Fighter/Tank role, but sadly I have used her without a tank emblem or a support enblem, I can’t even tank. I mean regardless, I did not get tank build because I used my MM emblem. I got spell vamp and life steal equipments and didn’t really help because Ruby can’t tank.

But however, are you sure that Ruby did not pre-select or show Ruby? I may be wrong for saying it because we all know that Yu Zhong is a must pick hero and perhaps an also must ban hero. If I was using my main hero in all rank matches, I would immediately show or pre-select it. But if that Ruby did not show, it is certainly his fault for not showing. But if I did show or pre-select, it would kind of make me mad that teammates are blamimg me for the game lost because I want to use my main hero to rank since I am trying to reach Global like everyone else would.

Matchmaking is going to be fixed soon. Just wait for the update. They promised that there will be less cross-rank matchmaking, it is significantly reduced by 80%.
Post time 2020-7-13 03:47 PM | Show all posts
Dont know what really happend but if ruby pre selected that she/he is gonna pick ruby and u guys still picked other hero not tank then i dont blamer him/her ..but if she/he didn't show anything and pickd ruby anyway then she is to blame 100% ...and about fighter being tank..i fully agree with that
Post time 2020-7-13 09:38 PM | Show all posts
ruby as a tank is like saying vexana is a fighter xD. she doesn't tank anything shes basically food for everyone unless she gets fed early
Post time 2020-7-14 09:43 PM | Show all posts
ruby can not tank unless u buff her stats. She could be played as a tank but that's only in late game.
Post time 2020-7-15 11:48 AM | Show all posts
sure, fighters can't be a tank.. but we still have a chance to win with fighters even we have no tank roles in the team. just need to adjust the gameplay
Post time 2020-7-17 08:33 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Eizy at 2020-7-17 08:35 AM

Ruby can't be a tank, she's too squishy. At that time, Popol should be the main Tank & Chang'e should be the support, Gusion (with Purify) & Ruby should be offlaner, and finally you should go Mid with Hyper Carry strats. If you tell this strategy earlier to them, you could have chances to win that game.
Post time 2020-7-23 01:21 AM | Show all posts
Agreed. I know we're losing when someone picks a Fighter/Tank hero to be Tank. They basically do a bit more damage than a Tank but don't have the sustainability and CC that a Tank should have
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