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[Query] question for player who do 1 vs 1

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Edited by Crisis at 2020-7-14 02:43 AM

I know what you thinking. this is MOBA, a team fight game where should be 5 vs 5.
I'm asking this cause I need help to get rid of my stubborn sister and neighbor, mostly ask (be specific, force) me to join their game. since I'm not in a mood (+ a solo), I reject but they keep attempt me. the attempt will not stop unless make a deal. so a duel deal.

since they scare challenge me alone, a 1 vs 2 battle. ofc not fair, but their reply, I'm the best in the house. tch
if not enough, they add rule that no fighter, mage, marksman, or any dmg dealer for me (which in support & tank role), but they can use mm or any dmg dealer.

I have no problem challenge them in terms of gold & lv. but as time pass, man their dmger keep up with me.

so for those who play 1 vs 1, how to set them? any tips? or maybe rule like:
*no farm/push top & bot lane rule
*buy roam item if on alone side
or any?

a̶n̶d̶ ̶r̶e̶g̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶B̶D̶,̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶c̶u̶r̶e̶d̶?̶
Post time 2020-7-14 04:37 AM | Show all posts
Awww...That's kinda cute if u ask me xd..anyway how to set up mm thats hard but there are some op tank and support right now like lu yui .gatotkacha etc which are very good as 1 v 1 what u do tell them mid only ..u buy roam item ..he/she can buy it ..this way u will have a lot of gold what u can do u can ambush him/ he pickd mm and taking buff..when she/he is low just ambush and kill..if u kill him 2-3 time like that there is a very small chance of him/her winning...victory is yours pretty much..xd
Post time 2020-7-14 06:34 AM | Show all posts
Try using Lolita with MM build or Johnson with Mage Build. I have personally used Lolita with a MM build and damage is high. Johnson with a Mage Build is also very good as well, they can’t fight back and then they die pretty quickly. I’d add one simple rule such as no ganking or hiding in bushe.
Post time 2020-7-14 08:47 AM | Show all posts
Hey, everyone forgot about Belerick? He is an mm killer.
Post time 2020-7-14 10:52 AM | Show all posts
Uranus with cursed helmet ang a full HP regen build is ok too.
Post time 2020-7-14 03:25 PM | Show all posts
I did the 2nd most damage in Rank today using Rafaella hahahah. Basically any hero with the ability to jungle or push towers is ok, even a nana or rafa with mm ítems. You should also get arrival instead of retribution because you get more money from minion waves than jungle. And maybe another rule could be 2 vs 3 (you get a tank or whatever they want you to play, but you get 2 bots) or 5 vs 5 bots.
Or just let them win man hahahaha who cares who wins in custom.
I do custom brawl with my Friends, its super fun.
 Author| Post time 2020-7-14 04:40 PM | Show all posts
lolita with MM build? never tried it... but if you said so dmg is high. as for john, that what my sister always use when pair up to fight me.

before. now he's just a gamble. not to mention dhs to drain his hp.

same with above, additional drain item. (as they ban me from using him)

it not a fun match, it's a dare match. I lose = play rank with them as forcing me. if add bots, ofc they ignore me and chase toward them. but ok for the Rafa tips. (ban me from use nana)

luo yi? if in the category, she's only a mage (if can, I could trick them). Gatot, tried but never in 1 vs 2. have a doubt when get CC/slow, died before kill. but if you said strong, ok, I'll give him a try (+the new heal passive). thx for the tips
Post time 2020-7-14 07:57 PM | Show all posts
Uranus is the best option for you, no one can defeat him in 1 v 1 situation except Esmeralda.
Post time 2020-7-14 09:04 PM | Show all posts
Crisis replied at 2020-7-14 04:40 PM
lolita with MM build? never tried it... but if you said so dmg is high. as for john, that wh ...

Hm, if your sister uses Johnson, you could also try Gatotkaca. The new Gatotkaca is surprisingly good.
Post time 2020-7-14 09:39 PM | Show all posts
Akai is one of the best tank to actually use in your situation having massive dmg and clear lv.2 he is a threat. It sounds weird to use but it works if u build him like a tanky fighter. The thing is that he falls off late game and wow that must be cute for u sister to challenge u. :)
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