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[Hero Concept] Flerov - Will of the Spear [Lore & In-Game Voice Lines]

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In a small civilization in Hietala Grasslands, the Wildsand Clan was once peaceful. A young maiden named Flerov is a daughter of the assistant clan leader. The leader and assistant leader are best friends so they helped each other to rule in the entire grasslands. Flerov have a good heart, willing to help her people who are in need so she was blessed, having her weapon which was her spear. It has the ability to switch its form either used in melee combat or used as a throwing weapon. Flerov was used to join the Dhamu Tournament where the spear fighting competition was held. So she trained hard to improve her skills until she mastered them all. She competed the other competitors until she reached the championship and faced the final opponent. He is the prince of the same clan who have an occult skills in spear fighting. Their competition was getting intense for both are strong, they used up their skills until Flerov ended up losing to him. She showed her sportsmanship to her opponent, hoping that they will meet again. Until next day, Flerov practiced her spear throws. In third attempt, the stray spear overtook hers and pierced through the target board. It was the prince as she looked back then he introduced himself to her. His name is Moskov, the Wildsand Clan leader's son. It was her pleasure to meet him again, sharing each other's passion for what they are fighting for and soon they quickly have their sparks on their hearts like a spear of destiny. They trained together even Moskov taught her the piercing spear throw techniques so Flerov learned those from him, spending the memorable moments together. Moskov got impressed of her courageousness in fighting, also the good deeds that matches her beauty and soon he fell in love with her. As for Flerov, she got impressed of his sincerity and his strong-willed nature so she also fell in love with him. For the long years have passed, they confessed each other for their feelings and soon Moskov courted her to become his betrothed, Flerov accepted his offer. When the leaders of the clan knew that their children are soon to be wed, they were happy. The leader of the Wildsand Clan made his son Moskov as the chosen leader of this clan and since Flerov is the assistant leader's daughter, he put the trust on Moskov to take care of his best friend's daughter. Then the assistant leader agreed of the leader's suggestions so he held the preparation along with his people for the wedding.

Their love story didn't last long, the tragedy happened when the preparation was ongoing. Moskov asked for Flerov's permission to go out for hunting along with his tribesmen. Flerov agreed, making sure that he will come back after hunting. She was assisted by the female servants to fix for her bridal clothing and she looked gorgeous with her garments. Until the preparation was done and the wedding ceremony will start, but Moskov and the other tribesmen were not arrived yet. Suddenly, the Thornwolf Clan invaded their clan and massacred its people. They killed the leader and Flerov's father who was the assistant leader of the Wildsand Clan. Flerov couldn't bear to watch her people die, she decided to take her spear and fought them alone. In her rage, she killed half of the Thornwolves' army. The enraged Flerov faced the khan to fight but the khan was too strong for her to defeat and Flerov ended up fatally wounded by him. Then the khan ordered the remaining army to track down Moskov and his tribesmen, the wounded Flerov struggled to gasp out of her breath uttered Moskov's name, prayed silently for his safety until she died defending the Wildsand Clan. The Thornwolf Clan set the civilization on fire...Moskov and his tribesmen arrived, saw the horror of their clan. He approached the bridal maiden's corpse and he saw that it was Flerov who have been killed. His tribesmen were forced to surrender in fear, ended up impaled by Moskov's spear and he left his clan in despair. He sought vengeance against his clan's enemies for murdering his people and Flerov's death, he chose to fall in the Abyss in order to get stronger. Meanwhile, Flerov's soul saw Moskov fell in the Abyss...she suffered heartbreak and sorrow. She was comforted by the Lord of Light said that since she was a good soul, he will give her a second life then sent her soul back to her body in her homeland. The miracle happened, Flerov's soul entered her lifeless body. Her wounds were healed, she was resurrected from death. She opened her eyes, saw the tragic fate of her homeland burning in flames, her people were annihilated. Flerov have no choice but to save herself, picked up her spear and escaped from amidst of burning homeland.

Grieving in despair as she wandered throughout the Land of Dawn until she was saved by the Moniyan Empire's knights. Flerov was completely recovered, she saw the faces of the Lightborn members. They introduced themselves to her and she responded back at them. So she made new friends and started her new life again, served the Moniyan Princess. Until several years of Flerov's service, the Moniyan Princess made her a Right Hand and given her a title of the "Will of the Spear". Then they have conversation between them, the princess asked Flerov of what she sought for. Flerov told her tragic past in her homeland, she told her that she sought justice for her clan and to save her beloved from the darkness. The princess felt the same, her brother was fallen in grace and served to the Lord of the Abyss. Later on, the Moniyan Princess gave her a new vestments with traces of Flerov's identity. Flerov thanked the princess for treating her as one of the Moniyan citizen, blessed her weapon to seek justice in the name of the Lord of Light. After that, Flerov set her own goal and set off her journey.

As her journey went on, faced the formidable demons and fought them all by herself. Flerov decided to reconcile with Moskov but before that, she was surrounded by several abyssal demons. With her spear, she managed to slain them in one swing and killed more of them with her piercing spear throw. Meanwhile, the notorious "Spear of Quiescence" recognized the piercing spear throw. He went outside all by himself and saw Flerov who is now sided in the Moniyan Empire. At the same time, Flerov saw that Moskov who is now sided in the Dark Abyss. She realized that he's still alive, convinced him to go back to his old self. Moskov didn't listen, started to attack her...Flerov's tears crept down to her cheeks, using her spear to defend herself. She decided to defeat him even though that she loved him dearly so she faced the notorious "Spear of Quiescence" to battle.


"I sought justice with two forms in one spear!"

"Fight for justice or for vengeance?"
"The tragic fate in the past torn us apart."
"I got hit by the spear of destiny, as well as my heart."
"I will find you in the Abyss, Moskov!"
"The light seek justice while the dark seek vengeance."
"I am resurrected from death by the Lord of Light!"
"The justice shall prevail!"
" the only thing I am sought for."

"My fate...fell in the Abyss..."
"The light's getting dimmer..."

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finally you're done with this, I appreciate it
Have you submitted this along with the concept of her in your previous thread to in-game cs as a suggestion for a new hero?
 Author| Post time 2020-7-24 12:05 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2021-1-30 02:08 AM

not yet for I really need further review for checking...I don't need to rush

Since Moskov will be revamped in the future update, I will revise the few parts of her lore. It's sad to say
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