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Edited by HoaHoa at 2020-7-22 03:29 PM

This is my favorite spell, but its not good for all heros. Definetelynot good for tanks and marksmen, its better for fighters, support and mages.

-Don’t use it as soon as the game starts, go top or bottom, clear thefirst minion wave and use it to get somewhere else. Lateley I have beenclearing mid and then arrive top, so Im already level 2 when I fight 2 enemiestop. I do this with yu zhong.

-Arrival is for 3 things, defending towers, pushing towers, jointeamfights. Don’t use it to escape, its not worth it.

-Arrival for pushing towers is the most effective way of using it, butyou need to be aware of the enemy position. If you are not careful, you willarrive and die in a second. You need to arrive, kill minions fast and destroyONE SINGLE TOWER, NOT MORE. Enemies will run to you as soon as they get thenotice of a tower being attacked, so don’t be greedy. Destroy one tower, stealthe closest jungle and retreat fast because they will try to kill you. Usuallymore than one enemy comes to protect their tower, so this means your team hasan opening to push where they are.

-I want to sher you my secret for getting between 40% and 70% of towers,this is the very best way of using arrival: Walk bottom or top, push that laneand immediately use arrival to get to the other side. Enemies don’t know whatto do because they saw you pushing one side so they all ran there (too latebecause you already destroyed that tower), and they think you will be therepushing but suddenly they see you at the other side of the map destroyinganother tower. Two towers in one arrival. You just need to do this effectivelytwo times and you already destroy both lanes.

-Of course, if there is a teamfight mid and you are winning its supereasy to push safely bottom or top, the problem is when you are losing the teamfights.In this case its even better because if you lose the teamfight mid it means topand bot are free to push. This is a style not many teammates like but I don’t careat all. The purpose of the game is to win, and you only win by destroyingtowers, not by number of kills. Today I had a game where the enemy wascomplaining about me hahaha. They said “oh this is a tower game, fking noub, I gotit” and they lost. They had more kills though but each time they won ateamfight I destroy a tower. At the end they couldn’t fight us anymore becausewe had superminions top and we were pushing mid and bot, so we were able tosteal their buffs, get lord and win. Pushing towers is a different not socommon style, your team is not used to it, enemies aren’t either but once youmaster it you will win more games than you lose.

These are all rank games. I had more amazing photos with zhask, its easier to do this with zhask. Yuzhong is not for pushing, is more for teamfights. As you can see, I also end up doing the most damage and having the most money. You just need to stay alive and retreat, no need to jungle, no need for buffs, just clear minions and you will have the most money in the game.
The best heros to do this are Zhask, Masha, Zilong, Argus. But you can also try with xborg, thamz, terizla, bane (but their ultimates are meant for teamfights, like yuzhong).
The game where i was miya was a troll game cause they were trolling in the draft pick, so i picked a third marksman and i use arrival, thats why i have no hero damage but all towers. we still won hahahaha.

Post time 2020-7-22 06:36 PM | Show all posts
I also love using Arrival especially if I'm an offlane X.Borg. Sadly tho, no one uses it compared before when it was in the meta. But it's still really good imo and really helpful in every phase of the game. Unlike any other hero spells.
Post time 2020-7-23 01:04 AM | Show all posts
I always miss it :)
Post time 2020-7-23 01:15 AM | Show all posts
ya i always wanted to do some op game plays with arrival , like arriving at a torrent and wiping all out but it always go south for me hehe, now i use it only to defend towers and fast travel,its a great spell but i fail to use it at its highest potential , thanks for sharing this with us hope it will help me hehe
Post time 2020-7-23 02:45 AM | Show all posts
5 out of 10 I always use my Arrival Spell right beside a Minion or a Tower depends what is closer on my Hero and yes it was not intentional.
Post time 2020-7-23 07:47 AM | Show all posts
I usually used arrival long time ago if i pick masha or badang, but i didn't use it again because flicker/purify are better for now.
Post time 2020-7-23 10:48 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-7-23 03:23 PM | Show all posts
Arrival was meta before it got nerfed, I used it with Leomord and X-borg to do surprise plays. It was the time where there is beacon of light when someone is using arrival.
Post time 2020-7-26 06:13 PM | Show all posts
Oh... I was using it all wrong..I always used it to get faster on my lane :)))
Just joking around...
It's an interesting change of game, players use Arrival more often now..I haven't seen too many plays in teamfights with this spell especially since you have to think really well and fast where to cast it but I did see some ganking opportunities. Good spell overall.
I tested it one night.. to be honest I was really bored, I don't even know how it worked :)) I played Miya solo top with arrival..after lvl 4 i started ganking lanes...Arrival + ultimate + pew pew dead. I won't try it again, to be honest it also depends on the comp of the enemy team.
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